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Nuclear Christmas, false flag in America to blame on Iran

Nuclear Christmas, false flag in America to blame on Iran By Gordon Duff Contacts within federal law enforcement indicate that Romney may well have faced arrest for a wide variety of charges tied to narcotics, money laundering and organized crime until investigations were shut down by the Bush administration after 9/11.” There are strong confirmations […]

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Pam Geller says, “If Iran attacks, Israel should nuke Europe”

  Żydowskie nawolywanie do ludobójstwa.   Poniżej są dwa linki do artykułów, w których jest mowa o żydowskim nawolywaniu do aktów ludobójstwa przeciw Europe I jej społecznościom – poprzez użycie izraelskich ładunków nuklearnych. Do takich aktów  nawołują prominentni żydzi – USA i Europa. Sprawy te są powszechnie znane w szerokim świecie.   Do podobnych aktów terroru, […]

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The Real Enemy of the Jews

“ ‘Prime Minister, I want to be sure that I understand what you are saying…You are saying that if ever Israel was in danger of being defeated on the battlefield, it would be prepared to take the region and the whole world down with it?’ Without the shortest of pauses for reflection, and in the […]

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Źródło tego tekstu jest starannie usuwane z internetu

Źródło tego tekstu jest starannie usuwane z internetu.   OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Noted Israeli military historian Martin Karfeld stated that Israel could find itself one day forced to exterminate the European continent using all kinds of weapons including its nuclear arsenal if it felt its demise neared, stressing that Israel also considers Europe a hostile […]

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