CCTV footage has captured the moment a Palestinian teen was apparently forced into a car and driven away, shortly before he was murdered, his family claim.

Mohamed Abu Khdeir, 17, was purportedly taken by three men outside a mosque near his home in a suburb of East Jerusalem. Police later discovered his charred body in a forest on the city’s outskirts, and suspect he was targeted in a revenge attack for the killing of three Jewish teenagers, themselves kidnapped as they hitchhiked home.


CCTV footage purports to show the moment the teen was abducted

His family say the new footage from outside the supermarket in the area of Shuafat is proof that the boy got into the car unwillingly and did not know his kidnappers. Khdeir is seen sitting on a wall, moving only slightly.

The footage, shot at 3.45am, shows how the teen was sat alone, that a car approached, stopping at the lights before then reversing down the road.


The car can be seen reversing toward the teenager

Two figures approach the teen as he sat on the wall, and the car appears again, pulling past the trio as they begin to struggle. The final shot at 3.51am shows the boy sitting on the wall has disappeared.

The footage comes at a time of significantly heightened tensions, as Jerusalem’s Arab community prepares to bury Khdeir.

The editor of a Hamas affiliated newspaper Al-Risala claimed Khdeir was killed because Jews needed blood to make matzah – a repeat of the medieval blood libel where Jews were accused of using the blood of Christian children to make the holy unleavened bread eaten during the holiday of Passover.


Palestinians throw stones during clashes with Israeli security forces in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Post reported that Wisam Afifa wrote: “The settlers used the body of 17-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdeir, from Shuafat in northern Jerusalem, to carry out their sacred [act of] vengeance by torturing him and burning him to death, in a crime reminiscent of their holy matzahs that became part of their history of betrayal and murder – for the culture of violence and blood grew among the Jews to such an extent that it seeped into their sacred rites and prayers.

“By holy matzahs,’ I mean those matzahs mixed with human blood, the blood of gentiles, namely of the non-Jewish other, [which they baked] to celebrate the Jewish holiday called Passover.

“That is how they baked their sacred bread in the past, and that is how they hold their sacred rites of vengeance in the present, whose victim [this time] was the boy Abu Khdeir.”

Clashes have broken out around Jerusalem’s Temple Mount complex on what is the first Friday of Ramadan, with dozens of people trying to breach the barrier to the site – closed because of fears of violence.

Families Of Dead Israeli And Palestinian Teens Call To End Cycle Of Revenge Violence

Arab and Jewish protesters also clashed in Silwan, outside the Old City and close to the entrance of the Western Wall, according to the Times of Israel, with car tyres punctured and Molotov cocktails thrown.

Across the country, Israeli forces are also moving to secure the Gaza border, following a bombardment of rocket attacks, met by Israel Defence Forces airstrikes.

Last night, the official Twitter feed of the IDF was hacked, and claimed rockets had hit a major nuclear facility, causing a leak.


The tweet, which was quickly removed, read: “#WARNING: Possible nuclear leak in the region after 2 rockets hit Dimona nuclear facility.”

The army tweeted later: “We apologise for incorrect tweets. Our Twitter account was compromised. We will combat terror on all fronts including the cyber dimension.”