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If Farrakhan spent more time exposing the new world order and less time pimping race division, he’d become a prime target, especially if he started spreading a message of unity across all races in opposition to the globalist agenda.

Late last month Kanye West caused a bit of a riff stemming from his Power 105 Breakfast Club interview where he stated that black people aren’t afforded the same opportunities as Jewish people due to the lack of resources and connections provided.

West’s opinion went on to capture the attention of the Anti-Defamation League who deemed the comment as an example of “classic anti-Semitism” and prompting a response from the controversial rapper.

To the Grammy Award-winner’s defense, Minister Louis Farrakhan has released a video clip advising him not to apologize for his actions.

“Now the ADL has jumped on Kanye West, because he said; ‘Black people don’t have the same level of connections as Jewish people. Black people don’t have the same connection as oil people.’ Did he lie? No, he told the truth.”

Check out Minister Farrakhan’s response to the ADL’s statement against Kanye in the video clip below.

Minister Farrakhan then went on to expose the present plot of the Fed to deflate the value of the dollar and swallow up all the real estate in America that has an outstanding mortgage. On September 13, 2012, while the American people were being distracted by events in Libya and the Middle East, the Federal Reserve announced the extension and modification of “Operation Twist,” a so-called stimulus move that was launched in September of 2011. ben bernanke

When you print more money not backed by gold, silver or any tangible commodity, the value of the dollars in circulation goes down. This will make America’s exports cheaper, but it will decrease the spending power of Americans, who now purchase many goods from China. The American public will then blame China for inflating prices instead of the Fed for dumping more money in the system.
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On the domestic front this new scheme by the Fed can put all of the real-estate property in the hands of the Federal Reserve, which then could sell it to the highest bidders like China, which desperately needs more agricultural land to feed her billions. Essentially, as the Fed buys the mortgage-backed securities, global currency reset

Bernanke is not interested in the payments that the debtors will be giving the Fed to keep their property. It is the physical property that interests the central bankers. This is a massive land-grab, the likes of which have never been attempted in the U.S. Through the mortgage-backed securities, the central bankers will literally own most of the domestic U.S.

Food prices are already rising and the value of the best farmland in America in states like Iowa has risen from under $2,000 per acre in 2000 to almost $7,000 per acre in 2011. There was a 32 percent jump in farmland prices from 2010 to 2011 alone, according to the annual Farmland Value Survey sponsored by Iowa State University. As China and other foreign holders of U.S. currency dump their dollars to buy farmland, the prices of farmland will be so high that the aging farm population will sell their land and go into retirement. The younger farmers will not have enough money to purchase that land and the needed equipment, chemicals, seeds and fuel to operate that land, so much of this land will be held by speculators sitting idle while food prices continue to skyrocket.

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