Zionist El-Sisi inaugurated as Egypt’s new president !

Zionist El-Sisi inaugurated as Egypt’s new president !

“If this is the freedom the US/EU/Israel is planning for the Arab world, and indeed it is, then Egypt doesn’t want your freedom or your democracy”

By Dr/ Ashraf Ezzat


The Inaugural parade for president Abdel Fattah El Sisi at Cairo’s Ittehadya Presidential palace – June 8, 2014

The Inaugural parade for president Abdel Fattah El Sisi at Cairo’s Ittehadya Presidential palace – June 8, 2014

It’s not just a new inauguration; it is not just a new president. Don’t get misled by the mainstream headlines (or even the title of this post for that matter)

This is not just another presidential election. This is not another race amongst presidential hopefuls. This is not multiple political parties competing to get the biggest chunk of Egyptian votes for its presidential candidate.

It is the power and aspirations of Egyptians, against all odds, bending fate and taking form.

This is not power succession like you know it. This is not about a president leaving the presidential palace while another one starting his term in office. Abdel Fatah El Sisi is not just a new president; he is a little more than that.

El Sisi is an exceptional president, almost a national hero, in a very exceptional and critical period of Egypt’s and the whole Middle East’s contemporary history.

If you are one of those millions of TV viewers or internet surfers who get hit by world news headlines while drinking your morning coffee, then this is how you will most likely swallow the news of inaugurating Field Marshal El Sisi as Egypt’s new president “Oh those pathetic Egyptians, they have fallen prey to another sixty years of military rule. So much for two revolutions”

If this was ordinary time, then maybe your response would have some merit. If this was 1990s or even 2005 then your point of view might be valid. But this ain’t no 2005 or even 2010 and definitely this ain’t no damn ordinary time either.

This is 2014 my dear cynical commentator, the year of the aftershock. Together we, Egyptians, stand and divided we all fall and Egypt as we all know perish.

This is the very mayhem, you watch on TV while gobbling up your dinner, which is currently sweeping across the Arab World. This is the chaos of the Arab Spring, a totally foreign monster plot, which should be breathing its last after it got blown away and exposed by the Egyptian unique revolution in June 30, 2013.

The day Egypt rejected this whole US/EU/ZIONIST fueled plan of fragmenting the whole Arab world into fewer conflicting territories the biggest of which shouldn’t be, by any means possible, any bigger than the Holy state of Israel – a completely alien and malignant entity in the body of the Arab world

Ugly side of  Western Democracy 

If you, as one of those daily consumers of world news headlines, have the luxury of lighting a cigarette, take a drag and then deliberate on the Egyptian scene by cynically saying “But this is not how democracy should work” then my response would be “ Says who, and what kind of democracy are you talking about and moreover … who cares?”

Western Democracy is such a loose word it has transformed on the very hands of American and European politicians and military and let’s not forget our dear Zionists into a dirty tool for subjugating and devastating the Arab nations “ Remember Iraq … or what used to be called the state of Iraq before 2003”


The whole so called free world, what a shame, have unabashedly bombarded the Iraqi soil, Iraqi people and Iraqi historical heritage and legacy leveling it to the ground under the guise of democracy.

That American war criminal who goes by the name of George W. Bush, also a democratically elected president, should be tried for his heinous war crimes in Iraq.

That Bush had the chutzpah to arrogantly stand amongst his soldiers, after his tanks and planes had turned the ancient land of Iraq into ruins, and declared while keeping his ugly grin that “Iraq is finally free”

And ironically enough his no less criminal successor, Barack Obama, has the audacity to follow the same pattern and helped destroy Syria and Libya, two major Arab countries that are desperately struggling to escape the looming danger of permanent division and collapse. And all this division and subjugation is carried out in the name of western democracy.

If this is the freedom the US/EU/Israel is planning for the Arab world, and indeed it is, then we don’t want your freedom or your democracy.

My dear western democratic observers and pundits who doubt the integrity of the Egyptian Presidential election for El Sisi is an ex-army general.  You make the whole thing sound as if the man was some kind of an ex-criminal (a reversed logic that should have been applied to many European and American former presidents and prime ministers) yes, that’s right I mean that British criminal, Tony Blair.

You also make it sound as if George Washington or Eisenhower were not generals of the army. Sober up from your addiction of fake beliefs and biases.


My dear profound analysts of the Egyptian political scene spare us your twisted western definition of Democracy.  Thank you for you deep concern for human rights and freedom of expression. Egypt can and will do without your democracy.

Addicts of news headlines and manipulated /biased analysis will, and I believe are currently being fed with all sorts of fake news about the new president and the last dark three years Egypt is courageously emerging out of.

Mainstream news and web alternative sites will keep dishing out lies and more lies about the current Egyptian scene. (Freedom of speech ..eh)

So get ready for rubbish posts with punchy titles like “Zionist El-Sisi inaugurated as president” “ Egypt heading back to Mubarak rule” “ continued crackdown on dissent in Egypt” “ Persecution of the Muslim Brotherhood escalating” … and so on and so forth.

Yes, MB members are being prosecuted for crimes they committed. Moreover the ousted president, who goes by the name of Morsy, is currently tried for a host of very serious crimes tantamount to high treason and is expected to be sentenced for a lifetime in prison or death by hanging. (The expected penalty for high treason)

Brothers in arms


Moreover, MB as an organization has been banned and declared a terrorist organization by Egyptian highest courts of law. Why? Because MB was, according to the chaos plan for the Arab world, the catalyst that would ensure the fragmentation of the biggest and strongest Arab countries, namely Egypt and Saudi Arabia with the help of MB terrorist Islamist militias.

No wonder that Egypt and Saudi Arabia are fighting this battle like brothers in arms.

The noticeable thing in the official ceremonies of the inauguration of President El Sisi is that it obviously lacked any high officials from Europe and US. In the meantime kings and heads of Arab and African states made sure they not only attended but also and sincerely expressed their joy and solidarity with the new Egyptian president.

Actually this is a good sign. If Egypt, as a leading Arab and African nation is blessed with the solidarity of its Arab and African neighbor countries then Egypt must be on the right track.

If the US, Europe and Israel is not happy with the path Egypt is currently taking then Egypt, for a change, must be doing something very right.

As I have pointed out in the beginning we are not celebrating that a new president is sworn in. we are actually rejoicing, and I literally mean it, for we Egyptians have managed to put this whole scenario of chaos that was going to turn Egypt into another Iraq or even Syria to a halt.

If you as one of those cynics who is viewing this new presidency as a coup in disguise. And if you are one of those clueless gullible whose heart is broken over the ousting of the MB puppet and the banning of his terrorist organization, then I would expect you to equally feel and sympathize with Boko Haram, Hamas and Al Qaeda and its affiliates worldwide.

If you are, as a foreigner, should wonder what is the link between MB and Boko Haram and Al Qeada? I in return, as a native Egyptian, will enlighten you with the bitter truth that your mainstream media had selectively concealed from you.

In short, and for the thousand times, MB is the mother ship and the big banner that gave birth to all of those terrorist organizations.

MB is a menace. MB creed is extremism and intolerance that is currently wreaking havoc in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen and Pakistan.

May be you can’t, and I actually don’t expect you to, grasp the big picture of this whole rejoicing over regaining the identity and integrity of a nation that was two steps from slipping into another chaotic civil war that was ultimately bound to divide Egypt into two or three smaller provinces over sectarian grounds.

Such was the target of the so called Arab Spring. And such was the role of MB in collaboration with the US players in the region, namely Turkey and Qatar.

Tough days are still ahead. Failing economy, slightly polarized nation, soaring unemployment, nose-diving tourism and terrorist attacks are but some of the challenges Egypt’s new president has to seriously and promptly address.

But at least we still have a standing nation … we still have the resilience of an ancient people who take pride in their culture of moderation and feel safe and guarded by the loyalty of its national army.

We still have hope, as we have always had, in a better future.

God save Egypt and its new president.




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