Czy te groby są autentyczne?

Olga Kobzeva
Dear mothers, wives, sisters Western and Central Ukraine! You are still at a loss why your men began to die. The answer is simple: the war did not spare anyone! You scored head ridiculous terms “terrorist”, “separatists”, and it is strange that the great Ukrainian army, special battalions fighting with several hundred “pro-Russian activists”, but can not capture a small Slavic and heroic Kramators’k. How can I make you understand the trouble women feel that we are in the Donbas, shoulder to shoulder, that we have in each family do not cease talking about the Civil War – the victory of ours, but over whom??? Over blindly used by our same, only with a different region of Ukraine. Reasons for such a confrontation at the surface states in the interest of Ukraine resources (in particular, the development of shale gas), heating Maidan their proteges, in order to remove corruption and predatory president, hate propaganda to the brotherly Slavic people of Russia, not realizing that in the East of Ukraine, we soaked Russian spirit, a common history and mentality. Residents your exact regions actively opposed it on Independence, when the East was silent, silent and worked. My dear, I am very proud of the act Volyn mothers who came, blocking the road for the lives of their children. Now multiply the pain of mothers East hundreds of times, when every day bombing civilians, overflowing morgues, destroyed crops and there is no end! You mother did not protect their children from the cries of “Muscovites …”, “… who does not jump,” so what now crying so bitterly? Maidan because of youth, inexperience, impunity constant sponsorship led those who are now suffering destroys the people of Ukraine. They must overthrow and not go with Western Ukraine Slav against its Slavic brothers in the East. Nation will rise – U.S. proteges fall! Olga 24.05.2014
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