Plany założenia Izraela w Texasie.

US politician wants to create ‘New Israel’ state in Texas, claims all sides will win

A piece of Texas could become the “new Israel” if one US politician has his way, claiming that all sides in this type of deal would win. Congressional candidate Allan Levene is proposing to create a second entity of Israel on the eastern coast of the southern state, Texas. He has high hopes of calling the place “new Israel.”

An estimated 8,000 square miles of lightly populated land, which shares its border with the Gulf of Mexico, would be given to Israel as its second state, or rather a non-contiguous part of its nation. However, there is a catch. In order for Israel to get this land, it can only do so by withdrawing to its borders that were agreed on before 1967.

It seems like a solid deal for Israel because it would allow the nation to have a peaceful territory far away from the tension in the Middle East in a location where, as Levene states, “the climate is similar,” and Israel could “have access to the Gulf of Mexico for international trade,” according to an article from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Not only would the situation be a win for Israel, the US would gain from this deal as it would not need to send over billions of dollars on an annual basis in foreign aid. Texas would also come out on top because a plethora of construction jobs would be created as a new state would need to be built within its premises. This would also work out for the Palestinians because they would be allowed to have the West Bank.

Though there are a few worries about plan. Texans are not necessarily jumping for joy about the federal government coming into their territory and taking land. Also, it is not really clear how construction of the brand new state would commence. All of the construction jobs would be getting funding since this is, in the long run, supposed to save America billions of dollars. Another issue is the possible degree of enthusiasm Israelis could be showing toward the location. Cities like New York and Los Angeles are of much higher interest to citizens of Israel than eastern Texas.

Allan Levene, a British Jewish immigrant and naturalized US citizen, he has become a very busy many in the political sphere. Currently Levene is running for Congress, representing the Republican Party in two non-contiguous states—Georgia and Hawaii. Interestingly enough, he is not taking his chances at running for office in Texas.

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