Żyd płaci za wyzwalanie Ukrainy – 10.000 $ za Moskala.

The deputy governor of the Dnepropetrovsk area of Igor Kolomoysky Boris Filatov offered new methods of fight against terrorists, having promised to pay for everyone transferred  «green little man» award in 10 thousand US dollars. Besides the reward for the returned weapon is supposed.

About it Filatov wrote on the page to Facebook.

So, vice-the governor wrote that the first divisions of a specialbattalion «Dnepr» we are created and ready to performance of fighting tasks. Besides in the territory of area posts are established.


«I thought of events in Donetsk and Lugansk much. The conclusion one is a revolution of poverty. Mutiny of the people who have tired, desperate and not heard by the power. Yanukovych’s which has shipped our fellow citizens in the abyss of a hopelessness the clique, provokes them today to separatism, distributing the money stolen from people and promising the future as a part of the neighboring unfriendly state» , – Filatov wrote.

«Our Russian-speaking brothers from Donbass. Got confused. The lost reference points. Bought on sweet promises of villains. We have an offer. Remuneration for the machine gun of 1000 US dollars, machine gun is paid for each returned trunk – – 1500 US dollars, the grenade launcher – 2000 US dollars.

For everyone transferred «green little man» , he is a mercenary, set foot on our general land and trying to push off us in fratricidal war – remuneration of 10 000 US dollars. For each freed building, the delegated LOCAL government and under protection of a specialcompany «Donbass» battalion «Dnepr» – remuneration of 200 000 US dollars (and the territorial bulk still has free right of access at any time).

All details, places of transfer of money, contact phones tomorrow in the special message of the Staff of National Protection» , – Kolomoysky’s deputy wrote.

It is known that earlier oligarchs Kolomoysky and Taruta appointed governors Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk areas respectively. These appointments were urged by desire of the power to stabilize a situation in regions.

We will remind, earlier the governor of the Nikolaev area Romanchuk complained that at him doesn’t leave, as at ex-the governor of Nikolayevshchina Nikolay Kruglov,

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