Israeli False-Flag Terrorism and the Malaysian Airlines Hoax

We all have heard those dozens of theories about what happened to that ‘missing’ Malaysian Airlines flight. None of those theories did really fly and I suspect were never intended to do so. All they had to do was make the world believe that there is a plane missing and they certainly achieved that.


I’m one of those people few who remain unconvinced that there was ever a plane missing. The Chinese photos of passenger relatives collapsing with grief were too obviously staged: no tears, too many photographers with huge cameras on tripods, the presence of handlers, the weird behaviour of those ‘grieving’ relatives which cannot be explained away just with them being Chinese. (find out more here:

What is more, the Western photos of passengers and relatives were obviously photoshopped. If that ‘missing’ flight was real, there wouldn’t have been a need for crisis actors nor photoshopping, because there would have been real relatives with real grief. Why would they have taken the risk of getting caught with staged and faked photos, if there were real relatives to be depict?

Suckers for government psywar operators like Jim Stone, blinded by the masses of superficially plausible highly technical disinformation produced by his huge team of experts, either ignore above argument or claim a no-plane hoax would have required the cooperation of too many players including the Malaysian government, Malaysian Airlines, the media, and last but no least China. They have all forgotten the lessons of 9/11, how much power the people have arranging these kind of hoaxes?! They own and control everything worth owning and controlling on this planet; Malaysia, Malaysian Airlines and Chinese Communist Party are all owned and controlled by them too.

The private company that owns Malaysian Airlines is 70% owned by the Windsor-Rothschild crime family. (see: The same company, by the way, also owns Petronas, the big Malaysian oil producer and car racing sponsor after whom the world famous Petronas towers are named, and they own the world’s biggest palm oil manufacturing company, with a 90% world market share, whose pathological greed is responsible for replacing SE Asia’s rain-forests with palm tree plantations, committing genocide against the local population and the orangutan.

There has never been a de-colonialization, not in Malaysia or anywhere else. It’s just an illusion created to make the local collaborators of the City of London feel less embarrassed about being the greedy, filthy scumbag traitors that they really are.

The situation in China is no different. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), like Communist parties everywhere else in the world, is just a creation of the City of London, created to take over and enslave entire countries.  Mao Tse Tung got trained and ‘discovered’ in a missionary school in British occupied Hong Kong. Most, if not all positions of power in the CCP have always been filled with Shanghainese Jews, the descendants of the Jewish drug dealers who flooded Chinese with opium and their local Chinese distributors.

So it’s quite plausible that they have all come together, Western governments and world media, the Malaysian government, Malaysian Airlines, the Chinese government and all those people who claimed to have spotted the plane, and colluded to yet another big hoax. The only question is what for.

Here comes in the missing flight look-alike Malaysian Airlines plane that’s been sitting in a Tel Aviv hanger since last November. Our ruling parasites most likely plan to use it for a 9/11 like attack on some high value target. I suspect they are going to fly it into the Al-Aqsa mosque, killing two birds with one stone: making room for a rebuilt Jerusalem Temple and create a pretext for an all-out war against Iran. (see

It doesn’t matter that it is highly unbelievable that any Muslim, not even the Iranians, would ever consider destroying the Al-Aqsa mosque, the second holiest site in Islam. The claim that a handful of students with only a dozen hours of flight simulator training were able to fly two commercial airliners into the New York Twin Towers and make all three (!) of them collapse into their footprint like in a controlled demolition wasn’t any more believable, and yet our ruling parasites had the power to make most of mankind believe it.

I might be wrong, but two things are certain. The Israelis desperately want war with Syria and Iran, the only two countries remaining in the way of the creation of a ‘Greater Israel’, from the Euphrates River to the Nile. And they desperately want to get rid of the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, to replace it with a rebuilt Jerusalem temple, which in Jewish mythology is needed for the achievement of Jewish World Domination. Eat this, Jimmy Stone.


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