Żyd, który zgrzeszył przeciw kahałowi.

Roi Tov’s Last Plea

March 26, 2014
Dear Friend,

This is my last plea for help. If nothing happens, by midyear I will be disconnected from economy and find myself on the streets. In La Paz, this means a fast and painful death. Bolivia is among the most violent societies on earth.

To some extent, I welcome that. My days and nights are an unrelenting nightmare in which I struggle against the unending and unjustified state violence against me.

I have access neither to safe water nor to safe food. Arranging these trivialities demands endless efforts and creativity.  Yet, I defeated them.

I have no access to safe air. Evil poisoners approach me in the internet kiosks and on my way there and try to dizzy me.  My writing every day a new article is a proof that I have defeated them.

I have no access to safe room. My guesthouse room is violated daily. I can sleep there only after securing access points and spending hours cleaning dizzying substances spread on every wooden surface. Yet, I defeated them.

I defeated them, but the efforts are consuming my body.  Throat, nose, ears are heavily damaged. Hands are deformed by the poison and effort. Everything hurts, life is pain.

In the 1980’s, I grew up in a socialist kibbutz, which was historically related, as much of Zion, to the Soviet Union. Yet, at the time, Israel supported the USA. “Why?” We asked teachers whom we couldn’t trust.

“Because the Soviet Union is a police state.  Because the Soviet Union is a surveillance state.”

This is doubly true for Western Democracies. They are nothing but dictatorships of technocrats fooling people that never ask questions and perform any crime demanded by their favorite terror organization, the secular state.

“Gas the kind foreigner!” “Sure, master, thank you master! We are the only, real and true democracy, master! All others are terrorists, master!”

Human life is impossible in the West, the Lands of the Worms. Life is impossible here and I welcome the approaching end.

Since the violent Bolivian-Israeli attack of 2009, which maimed me and left me without documents allowing an exit (afterwards, the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sabotaged my acceptance as political refugee by a friendly country), I have published over one thousand articles, available through the home page (www.roitov.com). Over three million views are my humble prize.

The website survived many attacks. Overtime, these became useless, mainly due to the reproduction of the articles by other sites. More than once, I have witnessed the results of their content shaping events. That contents me.

I will continue publishing until the end. Allow me not to give dates. Things may happen. The bank card I used may get bad or stolen. They continuously attack me while walking, deformed freaks running towards me and bumping unto me every few blocks.

Even in this limited timeframe, I face financial hardships. “Why should I help a dead man walking?” You may rightly ask. Mainly to prove yourself, yours, the entire world and God that you do not belong to that terror machine is the best answer I can provide.

A more efficient help would be creating a useful link with a non-Western, non-Zionist regime. From Andorra to Zimbabwe, the West is a Shakespearean Denmark. In Judgment Day I will witness against them in the presence of the only Righteous Judge.

If you decide to help, you can do that at the donations page (http://www.roitov.com/donations.htm) which can be easily accessed also through the home page, www.roitov.com.

God bless you and yours, and thank you for reading me these years; I would not have survived without my readers.

Roi Tov


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