Finlandia chce przyłączenia do Rosji

Prime Minister of Finland stated that a positive attitude to the idea of integration of Finland and Russia !

Finland wants to Hong Kong in Russia

On the background of the unfolding in Europe, the financial crisis Northern neighbor Russia is trying to find its way of escape from economic collapse. And the variant found salvation may surprise many. So, recently in Finland is becoming more popular the idea of close integration with the Russian Federation – up to accession. «Could Finland to become Russian Kong?» An article in the respected magazine Suomen Kuvalehti, written influential Finnish public figure, businessman and lawyer Hannah-Krogercom. He himself answers this question positively: «This is what is required by the current economic situation around the world – from Asia to America. Finland should take the chance and get the same international status in relation to Russia, which has Kong in relation to mainland China.»

In his opinion, in the current difficult economic conditions, the national tragedy lies in the fact that today’s young, talented but inexperienced politicians representing the interests of a narrow layer of the elite, almost want to isolate Finland from Russia. Interestingly, in its opinion, a joint Finnish-Russian future Hannu Krogerus not alone.

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