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Missing Malaysia Flight Similar to Lost 007 McDonald Flight

The mystery of Flight 370 stirs memories of the 1983 disappearance of Flight 007, which led to the death of a Congressman Kit Daniels March 11, 2014 The current mystery of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight has striking similarities to the 1983 disappearance of a Korean airliner carrying the late Congressman Larry McDonald, which […]

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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the Downing of KAL Flight 007

Fragment z:   9.  Did KAL 007 land on Sakhalin or on the water off Moneron? Among those who are convinced that KAL 007 landed safely and that the passengers were rescued and luggage removed, there are two theories as to where the plane landed. Both theories and locations have a measure of support. We […]

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Malaysian plane disappearance linked to 9/11

Kevin Barrett,     Did US Special Forces frogman Tim Osman stash MH370 in his underwater sea cave beneath Diego Garcia? Transponder signals mysteriously disappear. Jetliners veer off course, then vanish without a trace. Seemingly impossible cell phone calls add to the mystery. It happened on 9/11. Now it has happened again in Malaysia. Family […]

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letter of Ukrainian Jews to Putin

Open letter of Ukrainian Jews to Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin To the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Mr. President! We are Jewish citizens of Ukraine: businessmen, managers, public figures, scientists and scholars, artists and musicians. We are addressing you on behalf of the multi-national people of Ukraine, Ukraine’s national minorities, and on […]

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La Fondation Arseniy Yatseniouk a disparu

La Fondation Arseniy Yatseniouk a disparu Freeman on March 7, 2014 — Leave a Comment Freeman Article d’origine en allemand publié par Freeman le 8 mars 2014   Traduction en français à partir de la version en anglais de Michael Colhaze.   Deuxième note de la rédaction: Le site web de Open Ukraine ( a […]

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Kevin MacDonald – The Dispossession of Europeans & Pathological Altruism

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Преподобный Лаврентий Черниговский о последних временах (1868-1950)   ПРЕПОДОБНЫЙ ЛАВРЕНТИЙ ЧЕРНИГОВСКИЙ О ПОСЛЕДНИХ ВРЕМЕНАХ (1868-1950) Стяжавший обильно Всесвятого Духа Божия Старец Лаврентий часто беседовал со своими чадами о последних временах, предупреждал, что нужно быть бдительными и осторожными, так как антихрист близко. Батюшка говорил: «Вот сейчас голосуем, то левой рукой брось — это ничего, да еще […]

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Błąd pilota przyczyną tragedii An-140?

Błąd pilota przyczyną tragedii An-140? Środa, 25 grudnia 2002 (06:25) Prawdopodobnie błąd pilota był przyczyną poniedziałkowej katastrofy ukraińskiego samolotu An-140, który rozbił się w środkowym Iranie. Takie są wstępne ustalenia Irańczyków, przekazane przez publiczne radio w stolicy tego kraju, Teheranie. W wypadku zginęło ponad 40 osób.   Ukraińcy twierdzą, że zginęli najznakomitsi fachowcy od spraw […]

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