After Anti-Invasion Vote, Switzerland Assaulted by Jew President of the EU Parliament Martin Schulz

After saying “no” to invasion by the immigrant hordes, Switzerland is being assaulted by the Jewish rat President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz.

The occupying enemy Jew Schulz, who’s first speech as president made the outrageous (and undoubtedly accurate) claim that ”his first obligation as President of the European Parliament is to defend the Jewish people and the State of Israel,” has warned the Swiss that all treaties will now be reviewed, implying that the German state would be punished for rejecting the Jewish agenda of Islamification of Europa.


From euronews:

Swiss voters on Sunday approved a curb on immigration and a return of strict quotas by a majority of 50.3%.

The result means Switzerland must now renegotiate its free movement of people treaty with the European Union

The full impact of this and how badly relations with the EU have been damaged has yet to play out.

President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, said Switzerland could not expect to pick and choose which agreements it kept with the EU.

“We should stay level-headed” said Schulz, adding “but one thing is clear: you can’t take advantage of a big European internal market and stay outside in other questions at the same time. This is what we have to discuss with Switzerland now.”

Schulz went on to say that there may now have to be bilateral border controls and that the renegotiation of the free movement contract “could affect the Swiss population and their free movement in the EU as well.”


The next step will be threatening to nuke them


Martin Schulz: His concern is for the well-being of the European people, as long as all the desires of the Jews are met first.

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