Don’t try to appear younger than your age


A woman’s hairstyle as well as her dressing, demeanor and whole way of being must be distinguished in accordance with the inevitable changes of age. If you attempt to always look young, you may fall into many traps, the bitterest of them being the ridicule it raises. Everyone realizes that you are no longer young. Acquaintances will tell you that you look very young and beautiful; behind your back, however, they will either have pity on you or laugh at your blind vanity.

This eagerness to always look young is part of the revolt against God because it is a denial of the consequences of original sin. The Catholic Church teaches us to do the opposite, to accept becoming old with dignity.

In the photo above, you see the 85-year-old Duchess of Alba at her third marriage to a man 25 years her junior. The pair is coming out of the chapel of her 15th century Palacio de las Dueñas in Seville, where she lives.

The Duchess Cayetana is one of Europe’s wealthiest women and has more titles than any other noble on Earth, according to Guinness World Records. A famed beauty in her youth, she has now undergone countless cosmetic surgery procedures and is renowned for her distinctive frizzy hair and full lips, the latter a result of lip implants.

Although the color of her hair is white, as it should be on a lady of this age, her hairstyle is extravagant. Also, the result of her multiple surgeries seem far from satisfactory.

As old age comes with its habitual devastation to the beauty of youth, do not revolt against it. Accept it with grace and grow old with conformity and dignity. It is the best way to be respected by your neighbors and to prepare yourself for Heaven.

Don’t try to appear younger than your age

Elaine M. Jordan

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