Trash Bins War on the Temple Mount

On January 20, 2014, Settler Channel 7 published an article by Oranit Etzer entitled “Muslims Fill the Temple Mount with Trash Bins.” Considering the nature of the outlet I was reading, I thought it was another hatred article about the Muslim mosques on the site. It was exactly that, but this time the approach was from an unexpected angle.

Her odd name assured an easy task. “Oranit Etzer” is Hebrew for “Pine(f) Stopper,” probably a good choice for a feminist settler in the West Bank. Without wasting time, I found her page at “Mitnahalot BaReshet,” which means “Female Settlers in the Web,” but can be understood also as “Settling(f) on the Web.” Another fine example of settlers’ humor.


Her disturbing article was centered on an earlier report, apparently said directly to her, by Yehuda Glick, Manager of the LIBA Project.

Settlers’ Core is the World’s War


LIBA Project Logo The Liba logo reads “The LIBA” in large letters and the article drawn within a tower; “liba” means “core” or “her heart.” The small letters explain that it is also an acronym for “The Project for Jewish Freedom on the Temple Mount.” In other words, this is one of the Jewish organizations attempting to create the Third Temple on the Muslim site.+


LIBA’s website is not less disturbing than Etzer’s article. It states that the organization’s main goal is to encourage the entrance of Jews to the Temple Mount according to the Halakha$. The organization was created by the Independent Land of Israel Fund and the Fund for the Heritage of the Temple Mount.It must be emphasized that most rabbis forbid the access to the Temple Mount while it is a Muslim sacred site. yehudaglickharhabait

Yehuda Glick near the Dome of the Rock showing an illustration of the planned Third Temple

If Jewish extremists materialize their will, it would mean at least a regional war of unprecedented scale.

On April 27, 1984, the Shin Bet secret police arrested many people from Gush Emunim, the Settlers main political organization at the time. Known as “The Jewish Underground,” 25 of the arrested were tried on charges relating the 1983 attack on the Islamic College, the attempted assassination of West Bank mayors, an attempt to blow up five buses in Jerusalem which was stopped at the last moment, and an attempt to destroy the Dome of the Rock. Menachem Livni, Shaul Nir and Uzi Sharbav were sentenced to life in prison for the attack on the Islamic College. All were released shortly afterwards.

So many years afterwards, the topic is still hot. Israel wants the Third Temple.

Speaking at the Interior Committee of the Knesset on last Christmas, Member of the Knesset Orit Strook, also a settler, addressed the issue of the Temple Mount. She referred to the Dome of the Rock, al-Aqsa, and the other Muslim sites still active on the Temple Mount as “archeological sites.” It was an eerie reminder that Israel plans a Third Temple on the site.+

Proving why words do matter, MK Strook words were echoed today by Etzer. She quoted the Joint Headquarters of the Temple Mount Organizations saying “The Waqf claims that the Temple Mount is sacred because mosques are sacred; yet it proves in its actions that in its eyes it is nothing but a public garden. All the claims of holiness are aimed to erase Jewish Heritage.”

The Great Mufti of Jerusalem heads the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf, which since 1187 rules the place, much before the first Zionist was born. Waqf is an unalienable trust dedicated to charity.

Etzer’s citation was so extremist and violent, implying the destruction of what she called a garden for the sake of the Third Temple, that I almost skipped the current issue. Jewish Settlers had opened a war against Muslim trash bins.

Trash Bins are EVil

Trapped in La Paz, I have developed a yearning for trash bins. Following arrival, foreigners can be seen wandering for hours searching for a trash bin where they can drop the unmentionable snacks consumed here. Trash bins are rarer than Bolivian spaceships. Elsewhere, trash bins are acclaimed and loved; non-violent signs of modernity and civilization.

Two weeks ago, the abovementioned Yehuda Glick visited the Temple Mount. He noted that workers of the Waqf were preparing the esplanade for the installation of something while enjoying police protection. He approached them and demanded to know what were they doing. Unexpectedly, he was removed from the site by the police, which almost always supports the settlers blindly.



New trash bins on Temple Mount’s esplanade

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Etzer complains in her article “Despite tens of trash bins having been placed, visitors discovered many others are waiting to be hammered down.”

Please look at the image above. The new bins are marked with red circles. Invariably, they have been placed in unobstrusive and sensible places. Yet, settlers consider this an act of war, as Etzer’s analysis clearly shows.

“The Joint Headquarters of the Temple Mount Organizations indicates that the filling up of the esplanade with trash bins, especially in such a dense manner, forces them to wonder because in regular days the Temple Mount is barely visited and the mosques are almost empty.

“The Joint Headquarters of the Temple Mount Organizations is afraid that with the new bite on the status quo of the site the Waqf aims to gain a stronger hold of the territory, securing a line of access that will make their removal harder if a violent event develops and Jews are attacked in the site,” she quoted.

Dear Oranit, do you recommend detachable trash bins to be installed only during Muslim prayers? Do you realize that most violence on the site is caused by Jews and Israeli forces? Have you ever seen Jews having been hurt on the Temple Mount? Do you know how many Muslims were killed there by the IDF and Israel Police? Do you remember Ariel Sharon’s visit in 2000 and his words of hatred which directly caused many deaths and sparked the Second Intifada? Do you remember that your settler peers tried to explode the sacred site?

I know that you remember all these. Yet, you have the insolence to condemn the placing of trash bins. Is that another example of the infamous Jewish heart or just another fine settler joke?


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* Where the settlementy of Beit El is. This is one of the most extremist Jewish areas in the West Bank, second only to Hebron. See “Juden Raus!” says Israel.

+ See Knesset: Netanyahu Responsible for Temple Mount Destruction.


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