Solemnity of the Kingship of Christ in Chicago

On Sunday, October 27th 2013, the Canons and Faithful of the Shrine of Christ the King celebrated the feast of the Kingship of Christ with a beautiful liturgy, an enjoyable reception, and an inspiring concert.

Following the instructions of P. Pius XI in his encyclical, Quas Primas, the solemnity was preceded in the week by a doctrinal conference on the “Kingship of Christ in the Summa”. But the Encyclical goes on to state that nothing is as efficacious for the spiritual growth and edification of the faithful as a yearly solemnity. Here is how we fulfilled that call to liturgical education:


The festivities started with a Solemn High Mass. Gorgeous vestments were lent to us by a generous benefactor for the occasion. The homily reminded us of the unity of Kingship and Priesthood in Christ; of the unified Royal and Priestly existence of the God-man.

After Mass we exposed the Blessed Sacrament and had an outdoor Eucharistic Procession. This beautiful ceremony manifests clearly that Christ reigns in the public domain. Not only is He Eternal King of our heart, mind, and soul, but He is truly King of the United States, King of Chicago, King of Woodlawn, King of the Shrine. An outdoor Altar was set-up in front of the Shrine’s historic facade for Benediction. Once we processed into the Church we continued Benediction and renewed our consecration to the Sacred Heart.

During the reception many faithful and friends gathered for lunch and conviviality. We were truly able to celebrate this feast day as a Shrine Family. The Baroque Concert, featuring trumpet pieces, offered a regal finishing touch to a grace-filled feast of Christ the King. Christus Vincit!


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