Sharon is a Goy

Sharon is a Goy

Much of this article would make no sense unless understanding how Ultra-Orthodox Jews define Judaism. None of them recognizes former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as a Jew. This explains a lot the controversy he still causes in Israel in what probably are the last days of his life.


“Grave Doubts Regarding the Jewishness of the Prime Minister Sharon”
Passover 2005 Headline of Ultra-Orthodox News’ Good Hour
Paul and the Jewish Law: Halakha in the Letters of the Apostle to the Gentiles (Compendia Rerum Iudaicarum Ad Novum Testamentum)

The State of Israel uses the Law of Return in order to define Jews. It adopted a unsatisfactory definition* compared to the one used by Ultra-Orthodox Jews. The latter recognize as Jew only someone born to a Jewish mother or that converted according to the Halakha, the Jewish religious law.+

Ariel Sharon’s parents were Shmuel Scheinerman (1896–1956) of Brest-Litovsk and Vera Scheinerman (1900–1988) from Mogilev, both locations are nowadays in Belarus; yet, they met in Georgia after they fled WWI.

His father was Jewish. One of the reasons for the maiden surname of his mother not being in the public domain is that she was not Jewish, she was a Subbotnik. Most followers of this Russian Christian sect practice circumcision, do not recognize the New Testament, and observe Sabbath on Saturday. Their name is derived from the Russian name for Saturday.

After the war, they arrived at Israel through the Third Aliyah movement and settled in socialist Kfar Malal. Vera Scheinerman became Dvora Sharon, and in 1928, Ariel was born. Born to a non-Jew, he is a non-Jew.

What happened afterwards is the stuff legends are made of. Dvora Sharon decided to convert according to the Halakha. She accomplished that. Yet, Sharon was old enough to be asked questions by the Ultra-Orthodox rabbis that converted his mother.

Thus, according to the law, he was asked by the rabbis if he wanted to be a Jew. “No!” young Sharon said and went out to play with the dagger his father famously gave him as a birthday present when the toddler reached the age of 5.

Sharon never converted afterwards; thus he remains a goy. In 2005, there was an attempt to remove him from the Prime Minister office due to this embarrassing part of his past. Yet, Israel does not recognize the Halakha, thus this attempt to throw out the man that returned Gaza to the goyim failed.

Sharon is a Ger

Following his careless whisper, in religious terms Sharon became a “ger,” a goy living among Jews. It didn’t matter much; if he married a Jewish woman his sons would be Jewish.Yet, Sharon became prominent. Before the State, he was a member of the Haganah militant forces, the socialist militia that later became the bulk of the IDF.

In 1949, he became an IDF company commander, leading the Alexandroni and Golani commandos.$ After the war, he left the army but was called back by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion in August 1953. His task was to create Unit 101, in order to fight Arab fedayeen from Gaza, which the IDF was unsuccessful in halting.

In the following January, the unit was hurriedly disbanded and merged within Paratroopers Battalion 890. In the 1990s, until recently Labor Leader Shelly Yachimovich, was the anchor of a popular radio show. She blamed Sharon for “his chicken-robbing in Gaza.” The commandos spent their days entering Egyptian Gaza and hunting down their weekly barbecue until Minister of Defense Dayan got tired of them and disbanded the unit.

Yet, this created good PR and contacts to Sharon, who advanced to major general, one rank below the commander in chief. In 1969, he became Commander of the Southern Command, the main front during the Attrition War. He had bitter fights with his commanders who favored the static defense of the Bar-Lev Line. Sharon wanted an offensive army.

In July 1973, just before the war, he left the army and founded the Likud, in a complex merger of parties. One day before the war started, Sharon was called back to the army and got the command of Division 143. They were idle until October 9, when he performed the first IDF counterattack. Sharon was crucial in the removal of the Southern Command’s head Shmuel Gonen. Sharon fame for unorthodoxy grew up.

In 1982, he pressed Prime Minister Begin for a ruthless attack on Lebanon. The image here shows the tour they made to the Bufour Fortress in Southern Lebanon. After it, Begin gave the OK to the attack. Sharon promised to stop at the Litani River, but kept pressing northwards all the way to Beirut.Following the Sabra and Shatila Massacre,& where the IDF, the Israeli Defense Forces, had allowed Lebanese militiamen access to Palestinian refugee camps and perform mass killings when Sharon was the minister. Sharon was banned by the Supreme Court for serving as Minister of Defense.

Across the city’s heart,
In the middle of the evening,
He passes in a luxurious car,
The people’s hero says hello with his hand,
Beware; he doesn’t stop at the red lights.

With speed he shortens the way,
Leaving behind him demolition and destruction,
Time burns for him, he has no room left…
…Move away, here comes the assassin…
“You shut up,
He’ll make the rules,
You sleep!,
He’ll lead the sheep…”
“And the fools like the strength,
Believe and help him grow,
Who’ll help you when suddenly you’ll understand?
Too late, he doesn’t stop at the red lights

These are a few lines from “He Doesn’t Stop at Red Lights,” By Shalom Hanoch (see Waiting for Messiah: On Hebrew Rock Music). The song contains several clear allusions to Sharon. A heavyset man, he shares physical characteristics with the leader described in the song. The brutally forceful attitude described was also typical of Sharon. What people understood was “Don’t you want him as a Minister of Defense? Unless you wake up, you’ll get him as Prime Minister!” That’s exactly what happened.


Technocrat’s Dictatorship Removes Sharon

The prophecy of Shalom Hanoch became true. On March 7, 2001, Sharon became Prime Minister. Faithful to his against-the-stream attitude, he announced the unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip which he conducted in 2004 and 2005. The strong opposition within his party forced him to leave Likud and form Kadima.

Wild attacks on Sharon started. The “Sharon is not a Jew” campaign shown in the image opening this article was conducted in the Ultra-Orthodox society.

In July 2005, opponents of the Gaza pullout plan recited the Pulsa diNura** in the old cemetery of Rosh Pina, asking the Angel of Death to kill Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Israel’s Prosecutor refused to charge those who uttered the curse, claiming that their prayers were aimed at God and not to specific persons, thus they were not instigating violence. Oddly, Shin Beth agent Avishai Raviv instigated the assassin but was absolved by Court. He just followed orders.

Seven months later, on January 4, 2006, he was clumsily taken in an ambulance to the hospital during Jerusalem’s rush hour, instead of being taken with the standby helicopter available to Prime Ministers. Along the way—oops!—he was given the wrong drug for someone having had a stroke. Since then he is in a coma. Shin Beth agents refuse to comment.

In 1995, Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated shortly before achieving a permanent peace agreement with Palestine. His assassin was proven in court to having been operated by the Shin Beth secret police.**.

On July 10, 2012, the Jerusalem District Court absolved former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of the majority of the corruption charges brought against him. These had caused his impeachment in 2008. He was charged with fraud, breach of trust, falsifying corporate records, tax evasion and receiving illicit benefits in the cases known as the Talansky Affair and the Rishon Tours double billing scandal. He was acquitted of everything except for breach of trust in the Investment Center case. His real crime was having tried to sign an agreement with Palestine. He had been closer than Rabin to achieve that.

On September 15, 2013, a former Head of the Shin Beth, Carmi Gillon, who resigned after Rabin’s assassination issued a warning against Netanyahu not to follow this path (see Shin Beth: Netanyahu in the Cross Hairs).

Let me summarize. Whenever (3/3, 100%) an Israeli Prime Minister attempts to sign a permanent agreement with Palestine, he is unnaturally removed from office.

The system’s systemic attack on the innocent is used against everybody perceived as a threat by the ruling echelon, even prime ministers.

Sharon was killed twice

In the first days of 2014, Israel is mourning Sharon ahead of his death. In the morning of January 4, Zeev Rotstein Director General of Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, briefed reporters on Sharon’s condition. His words and those of other peers who apparently are slightly disguised assassins serving the State’s mysterious top echelon left no place to hope. Sharon is dying. Sharon is dying with the unethical help of professionals.

On the same day, Hebrew media reported “The questions raised early on regarding his condition – and whether its severity could have been mitigated – were eventually supplanted by others: questions regarding the purpose of the medical assistance provided to him, the decision his family made to encourage it, and its cost to the public treasury.” The complaints were regarding the cost of maintaining Sharon alive due to the need of placing guards next to him. That looked a bit odd to say the least. The man is dying and people complain about the expenses of the last eight years.

Things became clear after reading the reaction of the Head of the Office for Medical Ethics at the Israel Medical Association Avinoam Reches, he said “In any case, beyond that issue [security], the quality and level of treatment he received is in no way different than what any other patient receives. It’s not as if he were given some wonder-drug that was kept away from others….

“The dilemmas surrounding people in such a state are universal: is he suffering or not? Is the treatment being administered superfluous or not? The cost of one month’s hospitalization is very high, and at a certain point one is throwing money away for naught.”

Accordingly, Sharon contracted an inexplicable poisoning of blood and is dying. In his cold grave, Nazi Dr Mengele is laughing to tear

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