Michael Collins Piper: “False Flags: Template for Terror”

By Michael Collins Piper

False Flags: Template for Terror


Michael Collins Piper

Michael Collins Piper

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one of the many books I have written could have been possible with­

out the generous support and cooperation of Willis and Elisabeth Carto and the various enterprises with which they (and I) have been associated during the last thirty-three years, dating from the time I first walked in the door at Liberty Lobby in Washington and inquired about the possibility of getting a part-time job at that populist institution.

Little did I know that it would set me on a quite remarkable journey of very real learning that has brought me into contact with a wide-ranging array of peo­ple both here in the United States and around the globe. So, quite naturally, I extend my thanks to Willis and Elisabeth for all of their good works that have consequently advanced my own.

There are also many people who have spent endless hours pursuing research into the areas of the JFK assassination, the Oklahoma City bombing and 9-11— and so many other controversies—who have contributed much to my own knowledge and understanding of these matters.To begin thanking them all, individually, would take a book in and of itself.

Yet another special couple must be mentioned: Mark Glenn and his wife, Vickie, who—when they are not busy attending to a large family and a host of farm animals—have been a bedrock of friendship and active in helping me (and so many others) pursue the truths that must be pursued.

And to K & M & H, whose friendship and hospitality—I’ve written most of my books beside their pool in the company of their wonderful and ever-grow­ing assembly of cats and dogs at their beautiful home in the desert—has been central to my very being for the greater part of my existence.

And one more couple: Ralph and Karen Forbes. Although Karen died all too young—after having raised a large family rivaling even that of Mark and Vickie Glenn—Ralph remains very much in the forefront of the cause of truth.



Template for Terror:

An Analytical Critique of the Covert Model Utilized by Israel’s Mossad in Orchestrating 9-11, the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

(And the later manipulation of public opinion in the crises at Sandy Hook and Boston)

By Michael Colijns Piper

Seward Square

Washington, D.C.

Israel’s Mossad: “Ruthless and cunning … a wildcard . . . [that has the] capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.”

—The U.S.Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies

On September 10, 2001—one day before the tragic ter­rorist attacks that shocked America—The Washington Times revealed in a front-page story that top U.S. Army analysts believed that Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, was “ruthless and cunning,“a wildcard” that “has [the] capability to tar­get U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.”

That explosive and highly revealing assertion appeared in a 68- page paper prepared by sixty officers at the United States Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS), a Fort Leavenworth- based training ground for up-and-coming Army officers. The Army paper called Israel’s armed forces a “5(H) pound gorilla” that is “known to disregard international law to accomplish [its] mission.” The negative comments about Israel appeared in a SAMS paper putting forth a plan for enforcing an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord requiring an international peace-keeping force of some 20.000 troops stationed in Israel and in a newly-created Palestinian state. That the SAMS proposal factored in the existence of a Palestinian state is an affront by the American Army officers to Israel, which has never fully accepted the idea of a Palestinian state.

In light of the suggestion by U.S. Army officers that Ismel might attempt to disrupt U.S. and international peacekeeping efforts in the Middle East and disguise the crimes as those of Palestinian or Arab forces, the events of September 11, 2001—one day after The Washington Times reported this story—take on a new light.

Americans have been taught—particularly in the wake of 9-11 —to respect our military and to “support the troops.” But despite these very clear warnings regarding Israel coming from some of our most distinguished military minds, many Americans continue to trust and support Israel.The reason for this is because the controlled media in America largely suppresses the point of view of those con­siderable numbers of top military figures who have such concerns.

And it is this same controlled media that has purveyed the “false flags” that have been used to cover up some of the worst terrorist actions—by Israel—of our times.

This false flag scenario about JFK’s assassina­tion “remains one of the most intriguing”. . .

Just as False Flags was being readied for publication, the first ever collection of the late President John F Kennedy’s corre­spondence (scheduled for release in November 2013) dared to sug­gest the theory that Israel’s Mossad played a part in JFK’s assassina­tion “remains one of the most intriguing” of the many scenarios relat­ing to that crime and cited Michael Collins Piper’s Final Judgment as the source of that allegation.

Not surprisingly, right after pro-Israel propagandists obtained access to pre-publication copies of The Letters of John F. Kennedy, edited by respected historian and television producer Martin W. Sandler, an Internet cannonade savaging Sandler and Piper erupted After noting the multiple theories surrounding JFK’s death, Sandler’s assembly of JFK’s letters concludes with nine pages of con­tentious correspondence between JFK and Israeli leaders David Ben- Gurion and Levi Eshkol, pointing out JFK was convinced Israel s pur­suit of a nuclear arsenal was, in Sandler’s words,“a serious threat to world peace.” As if highlighting these little-known letters were not enough, Sandler inflamed Israel’s partisans by his candid introduc­tion to that selection of letters writing:

In March 1992, Rep. Paul Findley of Illinois, wrote in The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, “It is interesting … [to note] that in all the words written and uttered about the Kennedy assassination, Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, has never been mentioned.” Two years later in his book Final Judgment, author Michael Collins Piper actually accused Israel of the crime. Of all the conspiracy theories, it remains one of the most intriguing.

Sandler w rote of the “bitter dispute” betw een JFK and Israel that had been “kept out of the eye of both the press and the public” and asserted that one of JFK’s letters constituted, in Sandler’s wrords, a “threat” that, he then reiterated,“according to one conspiracy theory, led to Israel’s role in Kennedy’s assassination.”

Sandler cannot be dismissed as a “fringe” writer. A former profes­sor of history at Smith College and at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Sandler is author of some 80 non-fiction books on a w ide variety of topics, a number of which were published by the Library of Congress as part of its “Young People’s American History Series.”A five-time w inner of television’s Emmy aw ard, Sandler w as co-creator and executive producer of a variety of acclaimed documentaries.

Whether the JFK-Israeli correspondence or Sandler’s references to Final Judgment survive the pressure campaign and actually appear in the book when it actually goes to press remains to be seen.


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