Czy Francja pomoże żydom bombardować Iran?

During WWII, the BBC used its personal messages section to send codified messages to its agents abroad. Days before the D-Day, the commanding officers of the French Resistance heard the subtitle of this article, the first line of Verlaine’s poem “Chanson d’automne.” It means “Long sobs of autumn violins” and was used as a code that the invasion was imminent. Soon, they heard the second line “Blessent mon cœur d’une langueur monotone” (wound my heart with a monotonous languor) and knew that the attack will happen within two days; the Resistance immediately increased its sabotage rate.On November 17, 2013, French President François Hollande arrived at Israel for a three day official visit, heading a large retinue. The reports of his landing remind the D-Day codes; one can imagine the Nazi intelligence officers recognizing the BBC codes as such and trying to guess where was the target of the attack.

Is a new D-Day being prepared, a Perrier-Tapuzina* bitter drink rebelling against the American-British position on the Iran issue?

French Finesse

Hollande, Netanyahu and Peres at the airport
Israel and the Bomb


Hyper-General, Ultra-Hero Hollande reached Israel at the peak of France military success. In an operation that can be compared only to the glorious American invasion of Grenada, Operation Serval subjugated Mali, a former colony of France. Hero Hollande was received by no less glorious Galactic-General Netanyahu and No-General Peres,** responsible for Grapes of Wrath, the most destructive Israeli attack ever.

Hollande and Netanyahu embraced, and then Hollande delivered a speech full of nuclear innuendos. Fearing that the video-games generation will miss the belligerent message, a tired Shimon Peres, father of the Israeli-French nuclear program,+ was nearby. Their messages were not well codified; the Nazi intelligence would have laughed.

Peres opened saying “President Hollande, welcome to the Holy Land, the citizens of Israel have a deep historical debt with France for helping during the first years of the State when we needed that. The France of the Resistance broke the international weapons embargo on Israel imposed after the foundation of the State…”

Displaying his incomparable sense of humor, Hollande saluted Israel as a “great democracy” without citing any credible references. He added in hesitant Hebrew “I will always remain a friend of Israel.”

“France will not give way on nuclear proliferation, so long as we are not certain that Iran has renounced nuclear arms, we will keep in place all our demands and sanctions,” he said afterwards. He didn’t explain why France and Israel have the right to threaten humanity with nuclear weapons and others do not have the right of self-defense.

This wasn’t just diplomatic chit-chat, Israel and France are getting as close as they haven’t been since the 1950s. Hollande had arrived with seven of his government ministers, tens of French businessmen and many journalists. They came to sign many deals publicly and a few secretly.

Bye Bye USA, Bonjour France

The visit took place in a period when the Israeli-American relations had deteriorated to the extent that a prominent lawyer close to Netanyahu said “US Secretary of State is the enemy of the Jews.” In the government meeting previous to Hollande’s arrival, Netanyhau said that he would launch a major push next week to change the “bad deal” that world powers were negotiating with Iran and condemned the proposal to be discussed in the third round of talks between six world powers and Tehran on November 20-23. The deal is that the West will ease economic sanctions on Iran if it suspends parts of its nuclear programme. israeliot
Israeli Soccer Fans
“Bye bye USA, Bonjour France”
The Dispensable Nation: American Foreign Policy in Retreat

“I hope that we will be able to persuade our friends during this week and in the days that follow to get a much better agreement,” Netanyahu said, adding that the nuclear issue would dominate Hollande’s visit. He praised France for taking a tough stance in the previous round while Tehran accuses Paris of blocking the agreement.

Israel has found a proper partner for its militarism. After its incredible victory in Mali, France is as hungry for military victories as Genghis Khan was and wants to push forward with the help of the gained momentum. Imperial France is not dead; Napoleon will be revived. From now, “liberté, égalité, fraternité” translates as “war, war, war.”

After the visit, Netanyahu will rush to Moscow on Wednesday and meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. Back in Israel he will meet U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, on Friday.

Israeli and French political chefs are preparing a bloody banquet; one of its dessert options is an attack on Iran.


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