The Little-Known Polish Post-War Resistance

The Little-Known Polish Post-War Resistance

October 24, 2013


Outcast Soldiers : The Forgotten Anti-Communist Crusaders

The Poles are a remarkable people. After sustaining untold loses fighting
the Nazis in World War Two, the Polish Resistance continued to wage
a guerrilla war against the Communists until the early 1960’s. Of course, they
received no assistance from the Freemasons that control the West.

By Blazej

Few Westerners know of the deadly struggle that engulfed Poland and its former lands (Western Ukraine and Byelorussia ) after the supposed “liberation” by the Soviet “allies” in 1944-45 .

A group of staunch nationalists and Catholics , mostly from the AK (Armia Krajowa) resistance movement, decided they could not tolerate godless Communism in their homeland  These men and women were battle hardened by years of fighting the Germans and received considerable support from the local population . About 200,000 Poles fought in the anti-Communist uprising between 1944 and 1963 .

The Soviets delegated huge resources to track down and neutralize these fighters, including several NKVD divisions. Polish collaborators were also used in this war, although it is worth noting that many senior UB ( polish NKVD ) officers were Jewish communists.


They didn’t lay down their arms in 1945

However the “outcast soldiers”, as they are now known in Poland, caused the Communists considerable damage .  The guerrilla warfare included an array of military attacks launched against the new communist prisons as well as MBP state security offices, detention facilities for political prisoners, and concentration camps set up across the country.  They rescued political prisoners, attacked Communist units and executed collaborators and particularly vicious interrogators.

The Communist leaders were worried enough that they announced several amnesties, all of which were just ploys used to capture and execute the fighters or at best put them in prison.

The uprising was finally defeated when the country was saturated with Soviet and Communist Polish troops and it became clear that no relief would be coming from the West. The last shots of the rising were fired on the 21st of October 1963  18 years after the end of World War II.

Throughout the rising, no support came from the Western democracies. Truman and Churchill were both adamant about sticking to the Yalta agreement, which gave the Soviets huge territories made up of previously democratic and Christian countries. Any chances of destroying Communism once and for all died with General Patton.

However , those who survived the war and  the Communist regime (we have to remember that Communists are extremely vindictive) often stated that they are glad they took part in the struggle, even though largely doomed to failure and ultimately unsuccessful.

Their attitude is summed up in a quote from Prof. Henryk Elzenberg , a university scholar who was fired by the Communists for being “politically incorrect” : “The sense of  a struggle should not be measured by the chances of winning, but by the values  in defense of which the struggle was made.”

In contemporary Poland,controlled largely by post Communist and liberal parties, it is increasingly hard to remember those brave heroes who did not want to overthrow one evil simply to be ruled by another. The “outcast soldiers” are portrayed as anti Semites by the liberal media for targeting Jewish commissars during the uprising .

There is no funding to be found for a film , which is still being produced from donations , about some of these fighters. (Its called Historia Roja)  There was no shortage of money for the production of a film about the shill Walesa, which came out this year. The Polish Communist/Freemason elite clearly has its priorities .


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First Comment by ZZ

Thank you for the latest article. As you see, the youth needs only some little encouragement and example.

These polish anticommunist partisans are called The Invincibles. Last one was hunted down and killed in the field by the communists exactly 50 years ago, in October 1963, i.e. twenty years after the war.

If you really want to comprehend this so scoffed by western mainstream historians phenomenon, you have to admit one basic trait: heroic, unyielding, irrepressible love of freedom. This one formidable, genetic atavism made it possible for the nation to live between two viciously antagonistic cultures: German Teutonic and Russian imperial. They deeply resent and are mortally afraid of our deep seated love of freedom. As a society we are unruly and to be frank, I’m not especially proud of it. But as a nation we are giants. One look at The Invincibles is proof enough.



Witold Pilecki

For me personally the great hero of The Invincibles was Witold Pilecki ,  young guy who deliberately let himself be caught by SS on the street of Warsaw to be imprisoned in death camp Auschwitz. He actually went there of his own accord, if you can believe it. He build there resistance movement and successfully escaped to write the first report about German concentration camps, submitted by polish resistance army [Armia Krajowa] to the British government. He went to the hell and back, but the communists got him after the war and after sadistic tortures killed him in 1948. Shortly before his death he said, that the SS were a child’s play in comparison with the soviets.

Pilecki’s body, with several of his comrades were buried at an undisclosed location, without any official paper trail. This year his remains were most probably positively identified in a mass, unmarked grave behind the fence of Warsaw city cemetery, so the hero will have his honorable funeral shortly.

The Invincibles were real heroes, the size incomprehensible for the modern man, but nonetheless real. Liberty above all.

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JG said (October 24, 2013):

Yes, being Anti-Communist is being Anti- Semitic because Communism is rooted in Jewish Supremacy where the Jews are the rulers and the Goyim are the disposable cattle.

Communism is also the blueprint for the New World Order.

America actually did fight against Communism in the Vietnam War and the Marxist run mainstream media in America made them pay a dear price for it. They not only didn’t support the Vietnam War, they actually supported the opposition by printing classified intelligence in their newspapers to aid and abet America’s enemy.

War was never so wrong in America like the Vietnam War because we put America’s interests over the Communist World Order agenda.

The Vietnam War is symbolic in the sense that it was a turning point in the loss of its sovereignty as America first.

All of America’s wars since then have been for the advancement and preservation of the New World Order and not for itself as a nation.

– See more at:

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