Maria Le Pen zażydza własną partię (Front Narodowy).

Marine Le Pen attacks Golden Dawn

Posted on October 24, 2013 by Streicher’s Ghost



Marine Le Pen, leader of the French Front National party, claims it is unfair for the party founded by her father Jean-Marie Le Pen to be compared with Greece’s Golden Dawn party.

Under the leadership of Marine Le Pen, the Front National has expelled pro-European activists and selected a number of ethnic minority candidates for local elections.

Le Pen met last year with Jewish leaders and declared that anyone who questions the “Holocaust” will immediately be expelled from her party:

Her boyfriend, Louis Aliot, vice president of Front National, has Jewish ancestry. Aliot has been trying to “rebuild [Front National’s] connections to the Jewish community,” and said: “we should not allow it to be said that the NF is a party excluding Jews. One can be of Jewish faith and belong to the NF.”

Le Pen apparently has trouble staying in a relationship, having been divorced several times. Aliot is her latest boyfriend.

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Publicerad den 13 nov 2012

As part of ongoing efforts to foster greater inter-community understanding, the European Jewish Union has begun a dialogue with France’s Front National leader Marine Le Pen.

Officials from the EJU met with the nationalist leader in Paris last week and discussed a range of issues and concerns affecting the European Jewish Community. Serving MEP Le Pen welcomed the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with the EJU and reaffirmed her commitment to support Israel within European Union structures. She also confirmed that any members of her Front National party who voiced Holocaust denial sentiments would face immediate expulsion from the party.

Despite finishing third in recent French presidential elections with over 17% of the national vote, Marine Le Pen remains a controversial politician who many in the mainstream avoid engaging with. However, EJU leaders argue that an inclusive Europe can only be achieved by developing a dialogue with parties from across the political spectrum.

European Jewish Union member, Alexander Zanzer:

“There is no way any Jewish organization. Neither the EJU or any Jewish press support any kind of extremists but we have to apply the same standards to the extreme left and extreme right. Because at this moment Europe is divided in two. In East Europe extreme right has become extremely anti-Semitic. In west Europe it is the extreme left. So there are culprits on both sides.”

Should the National Front finally purge its party of anti-Semitic rhetoric and clamp down on those who do not toe the party line, it would be a step-change for a far-right party attempting to appeal to Europe’s largest Jewish community.


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