Obama rozbraja Amerykanów


Gun Grabbers Make Home Visits
By Brother Nathanael Kapner


Just when you thought the Second Amendment was safe, a back door gun grab plan is moving full speed ahead…ready to barge right through your front door.

Gun seizing programs in Chicago, California, and New York are targeting gun owners once convicted of felonies, domestic violence, violent misdemeanors, and even those judged ‘mentally ill.’

In Chicago most recently, cops in bulletproof vests carrying Glock handguns went door to door in south Cook County, and “talking their way” into homes, collected firearms and revoked long-standing gun licenses.

[Clip: “Chicago police have developed a so-called ‘Heat List,’ that Heat List is a list of people deemed most likely to become involved in a violent crime. Beginning later today, officers will start knocking on people’s doors giving them what are called custom notifications. And essentially says we know who you are, we know what you do, and we are watching you.”]

None of those past ‘criminals’ whose guns were seized were suspected of current crimes or of probable cause for any new crimes. Cops had to “talk their way” into homes and the Second Amendment got trashed.

Nothing was done at the time of conviction or involuntary treatment to retrieve those weapons. Now “task forces” are going back and seizing those guns years later.

It’s not about public safety…it’s about state control.

Criminals can get guns anytime, anywhere. And even with all the gun laws passed in Chicago, street thugs are still committing gun crimes.

Now in California, a recent flurry of gun laws including background checks for buying ammunition and huge funding to confiscate firearms of former ‘felons’ and ‘mentally ill’ is hailed as a ‘model’ for a national gun grabbing campaign.

Added to the Jewish ‘trashers’ of the Second Amendment — Blumenthal, Feinstein, Schumer, Bloomberg — is fellow tribe member, California State Senator, Darrell Steinberg, chief sponsor of California’s ‘model’ plan for nationwide gun confiscation maneuvers.

Everywhere you go, Jews are leading the gun grab campaign.

[Clip: “Mayors and Lawmakers standing side by side to stand up against violence. They hope to limit the sale of semi-automatic rifles with removable clips, regulate ammunition sales, and strengthen rules that block felons and the mentally ill from buying weapons.” “These bills would represent the toughest measures in the nation.”]

“Represent?”…that’s the key word here…embodying a Federal gun grab that begins but doesn’t end with targeting past ‘felons.’

‘Mission creep’ will soon kick in where traffic tickets, DUIs, anti-depressant purchases, will make law-abiding citizens instant ‘criminals’ and ‘mental cases.’

It won’t stop there.

The Jewish-led Southern Poverty Center with its online ‘Hate Map’ on file with Homeland Security identifies Christian Groups that oppose homosexuality and Tea Party Groups that resist gun control, as domestic “security threats”…Homeland Security’s new boogeymen, “domestic extremists.”

The technology is there:

A Domestic Spying Apparatus, a National Data Base, Facial Recognition, a Federally-Run Militarized Police Force—all joined at the hip with the powerful anti-gun Jewish Lobby that stuffs the campaign pockets of fawning politicians—serving up a foretaste of what Gun Confiscation will look like…and what every US citizen will be forced to swallow.

Doesn’t look too pretty does it? Better get used to it.

Give them one gun but bury three…’cause it’s coming through the back door ready to slam right smack in your face through the front door real soon.


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  1. dziadkjack 19/08/2013 at 12:35 #

    Jeżeli Amerykanie pozwolą żydostwu odebrać sobie broń, to nad swiatem zapanuje czerń chazarska.
    Prawie 300 lat temu jeszcze niezbyt świadomi swoich racji obywatelskich Amerykanie porwali za broń, przeciwko żydowskim kolonizatorom z Londyn-City, I wygrali na tyle, że opóżnili ich proces przemiany w sziple.
    Obecnie Amerykanie maja mniej praw obywatelskich niż wtedy, bo chytrze ograniczonych żydowskim oszustwem “9/11”, są zdurnowaceni przez telewizyjnych chrześcijan-syjonistów, ale nadal masy mają broń, więc mogą zacząć się bronić -- jestem optymistą, stąd oczekuję rozpoczęcia następnego “Holokału” w USraelu, mimo wszystko…
    A obecna sytuacja jest taka, że wystarczy pierwsza iskra, by goje zaczęli się ratować od ich nieuniknionej depopulacji…

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