Anthony Cekada: The Roman Canon: “Liturgical Decadence”


Published on 15 Aug 2013

The demise of the Roman Canon after Vatican II
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Overview of Chapter 12 of Fr. Anthony Cekada’s Work of Human Hands: A Theological Critique of the Mass of Paul VI.
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• The meaning of the word “Canon.”
• Modernist sleight-of-hand with “restoring” ancient prefaces.
• Bugnini and company’s contempt for the Canon as “impoverishment,” and the product of “liturgical decadence.”
• Abolition of the silent recitation of the Canon,
• The controversy begun in the late 1960s by Patrick Henry Omlor over the mistranslation of “pro multis” as “for all,” and how it galvanized the nascent traditionalist movement in the U.S., not only before anyone had heard of Abp. Lefebvre, but even before Paul VI promulgated the New Mass in 1969.

“Well-documented… original and worthy of attention.” (Dr. Geoffrey Hull, Christian Order)



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