NASA: The End Of Mankind “Leaked Document” 2013


Dokument NASA ujawnia działania przeciw ludzkości poprzez mikrofale, chemtrails i mikropył!

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  1. czajkowski 13/08/2013 at 07:16 #

    To the Chief Editor of the
    the TRACKER Magazine
    Parramatta, NSW 2124, P.O.Box 221
    affiliated with the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council in Parramatta:


    Ever since the inception of educative missions creating the LOST GENERATION, Australia government’s paternalism continues with an accelerated assimilation of the First People into its society.

    Amendments to the Australia’s Constitution, if any, do not change the situation a iota.
    Lack of awareness about this situation reduces First People’s drive for sovereignty to a standstill.

    The only way to prevent assimilation without racial prejudices is to declare the First People as ENDANGERED HUMANS, for anthropologically their unique race is on the verge of extinction.

    Therefore the TRACKER should follow the Aboriginal community in Northern Territory, which per July 30, 2013 article of the TRACKER (“Aboriginal Leaders At War Against Alcohol”), determinately treats itself as ENDANGERED SPECIES.
    Their determination is consistent with my efforts of making them aware.

    Only then and in no other way will the ENDAGERED PEOPLE get a support of the Entire World.

    I do believe, that the TRACKER will courageously enhance this awareness, thus making the First People’s DREAM OF INDEPENDENCE real.

    With respect – Wieslaw Czajkowski,
    Honorary Member of the Australia’s National Congress of First Peoples, residing in California, USA.

    Enclosures, few:
    Jan.8,’08 to Secretary of the UN plus SUPPLEMENT of Jan.23’08;
    Jan.17 to Directors of the BELVOIR’S PROJECT;
    Jan. 25 to the NSW Aboriginal Land Council;
    Jan. 31 to “ “ “ “ by Doo Warambool;
    Feb. 8 to Tribal Warrior of the Aboriginal Rights Council;
    Feb. 11 to Chairwoman Bev Manton of the NSWALC;
    Mar. 27 to Seven Organizations of the First People re Government in Internal Exile.
    Apr. 10 to the Northern Aboriginal Land Council in Darwin, hand written.

    Cc: Interested Entities.

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