The 6 basics of European racialism

Severus Niflson‘s six points:

In my opinion, if you believe the basics below, you are part of our movement:

It isn’t a “social construct” and it is not only a spiritual “cultural concept”. It is clearly identified through observable methods and DNA.

2. The European (White/Aryan) Race is UNIQUE
In the larger context of history, culture, and achievement, the European Race is special and thus worth preserving.

3. History can only be understood through a RACIAL LENS
Race must be the core evaluation methodology of history and the analysis of civilization itself. Organic reality cannot be ignored while studying the past.

4. Race Mixing is GENOCIDE
If race is a reality and the European Race is unique, altering its essential genetic structure is obviously destructive and evil. Preservation is thus a moral obligation, even from an ecological standpoint.

5. Jewish People are NOT of the European Race
Jews are a genetically distinct people and thus not part of the European Racial family. Their own racial identity is in fact defined by its very hostility towards every other people in the world, specially Europeans.

6. Patriarchy is the only natural structure of AUTHORITY for the European Race
Since gender is a biological reality, the roles assumed by them are rooted in organically developed forms of organization through millenia of experience. Patriarchal authority is clearly the most effective method of organizing the communities of the European Race in particular.

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