The Jews Who Rule America




The Jews Who Rule America
By Brother Nathanael Kapner

A far greater tyranny than anything our Founding Founders ever faced is now the plight of America.

I’m talking about the suffocating grip Jewry has on every component of American life.

At the top of the food chain is the privately-held Federal Reserve Bank where Ben Shalom Bernanke serves the Fed’s principal shareholders:

The Rothschild Group, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan Chase…who gouge Americans with interest charged on loans made to the US government from monies printed out of thin air…the greatest scam in the history of Jewish swindling.

Moving down the food chain is Jewish Finance Capital where we find the usual suspects once again.

Goldman Sachs—led by Lloyd Blankfein and Gary Cohn—and Citi Group—where veteran bankers Sanford Weill and Robert Rubin recently placed their Jewish alumnus Jacob Lew as head of US Treasury, keep sending American jobs abroad creating longer unemployment lines at home.

Jewry’s stranglehold on American life doesn’t stop here but has its hands tightly wrapped around our political apparatus as well.

With billions of dollars at their command, Jewish Lobbies such as AIPAC, the ADL, the American Jewish Committee, and the ACLU, fuel the engine of America’s demise: The Israelization of foreign policy, Abortion, Mass Immigration, and the Homosexualization of domestic culture.

Linked with political control is the emergence of our “national security state” where Homeland Security is fully in the hands of Jewry.

Big Sis is no more than Gentile window dressing.

The real boys and girls behind our National Police State are Michael Chertoff, Joseph Lieberman (Jews don’t retire), Dianne Feinstein…head of Senate Intelligence, Carl Levin…head of Senate Armed Services, and Bibi Netanyahu, who oversees the myriad of Israeli ‘Hi-Tech’ companies that operate throughout the architecture of both the DHS and the NSA.

In entertainment, Jewry dominates “showbiz” where Jews like Larry David, who urinates on a picture of Jesus Christ, and Sarah Silverman, who vows to crucify Christ again, are given a free pass.

[Clip: “Everybody blames the Jews for killing Christ. And then the Jews try to pass it up on the Romans. I am one of the few people that believe it was the blacks. I don’t care, good, I hope the Jews did kill Christ. I’d do it again. I’d f-ing do it again in a second.”]

In education, the American Federation of Teachers is led by Randi Weingarten, a professed lesbian, who, while advancing the Jewish programme of homosexuality—spelling the destruction of the Christian Family—is intensifying federal centralization, short-circuiting local and state obstacles to Jewry’s command over the minds of the masses.

Enabling Jewry’s sodomization of American life is the Supreme Court where 4 Jews out of 9 justices (44 percent representation of only 1.8 percent of the US population):

Ginsberg, Kagan, Breyer, Sotomayor (her mother is of Jewish extraction…one look at her brother tells it all) voted down the Defense of Marriage Act, preparing our hapless country for a repeat of Sodom and Gomorrah’s unhappy ending.

Finally, the propaganda levers that move the machinery of tyrannical hegemony is fully in the hands of Jews.

CBS is owned by Murray Rothstein who passes himself off as Sumner Redstone. NBC is owned by Brian Roberts. ABC is owned by Sidney Bass whose CEO is Robert Iger. And CNN is primarily owned by Israeli multi-millionaire Aviv Novo.

America has become an indentured slave to the Jews who rule America.

Only the historic Church, independent of Jewish control — who can muster up the guts to stand up for the few who expose the Jewish evil— can deliver America from the most pernicious tyranny the world has ever seen.



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    Globalization And Jewish Nationalism
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner

    The struggle for World Power unites two seemingly conflicting forces into full international engagement: Globalization and Jewish Nationalism.

    Bolshevism may be extinct…whose goal was the obliteration of national distinctiveness…but Globalization has taken its seat.

    Both are Jewish affairs driven by a supremacist will to place one and only one racial and religious national entity…while all others are obliterated…at the world’s head whose tentacles reach far beyond the borders of Israel.

    It should come as no surprise then that David Cameron of England called its chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks “my rabbi” and the “rabbi” of all the citizens of that once Christian nation.

    [Clip: “On behalf of the whole country, I want to say a very special thank you. When you were in Downing Street a few weeks ago, I introduced you to Prime Minister Netanyahu, and without thinking I described you as my Rabbi. It was a symbol of the impact that you’ve had on this country far beyond the Jewish community. Because over the past two decades you have been not just a leader for Jewish people, but for all of us.”]

    All opposing powers…whether Christendom under the Monarchs; National Socialism under Hitler; Pan-Arabism under Nasser and its recovery under Assad; Pan-Africanism under Gadhafi; or Islamic Theocracy under Rouhani…enter into the crosshairs of Jewry’s martial arm, the US military.

    America lost its sovereignty in 1913 when Jewry’s pawn Woodrow Wilson handed over the country’s independence to the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve Bank’s Vice Governor, the Jew Paul Warburg, who consolidated the Rothschild Empire in America.

    And ever since, funding for two World Wars laying the ground for the creation of the Jewish state of Israel; the subjugation of Third World nations via its bastard child, the IMF; and the transfer of American jobs and wealth to China and India, has been operating nonstop.

    Why should Americans be mesmerized by the contest between Yellen and Summers for chairmanship of the Fed?

    Both are Jews set to replace another Jew, Ben Shalom Bernanke, who replaced yet another Jew, Alan Greenspan.

    Yellen will get it. It’s already been decided. Women—whether Jewish or Gentile—are the new shills of Jewish hegemony where the locus of Jewish power converges at the Jewish-owned Fed.

    With our jobs sent overseas, our economy ruined, yet our military bankrolled by Jewish fiat money, America’s sole remaining purpose is to send Gentile youth to die in wars for the expansion of Jewish Nationalism abroad.

    Enter Globalization…of which all the levers that power its execution of international economic supremacy: FOREX, Letters of Credit, SWIFT…are in the hands of Jewry.

    While the forces of Globalization blur all national distinctiveness, only Jewish Nationalism centered in Jerusalem emerges omnipotent.

    When a skunk by any other name smells the same, the wise take warning.

    Bolshevism may be dead. A greater threat to world peace has risen in its stead.

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