What is Gangstalking


Police assaulted the author of this video on 6-14-2012 to they could deliver Author to an ER for a free mental exam. The ER doctor and hospital would not cooperate and the ER doctor apologized and personally delivered author back home. Police engage in gangstalking to silence you and discredit your testimony by making false reports and giving you a mental illness record. Thankfully doctors and courts are onto them. The public needs this information. They don’t know until someone tells them and the news stations cannot report the truth. Get the truth out there about the police in the drug business using public resources like fire trucks and ambulances to pick up and deliver drugs. Sit on main roads and follow them, at night watch for tow trucks, flatbeds and car haulers and follow them. International ports are exporting US stolen cars overseas where they are sold for double their vaue. This program is run at the local level by law enforcement but is a nationwide program.

At 8:09 aerosol in a can is listed as a weapon. It is used to gas people sleeping in their homes.. They will die in their sleep or get lung and skin diseases. If you hear someone on your roof, or see the putty disturbed around your windows, or tiny holes drilled in your windows, you may have government paid stalkers.

If you are being gangstalked through the In-Community No-Touch Torture” program, you are probably on the “Terrorist Watch List”.

Gang Stalking = COINTELPRO = Terrorist Screening Process
The FBI and all law enforcement agencies are currently using a psychological warfare but using it to protect their drug making business, vehicle theft business, smuggling and prostitution businesses in your neighborhoods. they use city resources like ambulances, fire trucks and city gasoline to transport their drugs. they load stolen cars at malls and on your neighborhood streets. http://www.scribd.com/doc/72110691

It took years to learn the information in this video. If you share it, you can shorten the learning time of other victims. People need to know what their government is doing to them.

Police are gassing people in their sleep so murder will look like a natural death.Targeted Individuals (“TI”) have code on drivers license and plates to tell police you are TI so you can be gangstalked wherever you move or travel.
Have gangstalkers taken over your life? Made you lose your job? Made you sick with chemicals sprayed in your house? Stolen or broken everything in your home? Radiated or gassed you in your sleep? Gangstalking is a Congress approved program. So is policing for profit. The US gov is criminalizing the population. In Texas, Gov. Perry gave Irving Texas criminal police and firemen $200,000 to fight gangs. What a joke! They are the gang. See Wiki: National Clandestine Service and related links.
This agency was created as a result of the 9-11 MASSACRE fraud! “The National Clandestine Service’s primary action arm is the Special Activities Division (SAD), which conducts direct action-like raids, ambushes, sabotage, assassinations, unconventional warfare (e.g. training and leading guerrillas), and deniable psychological operations, the latter also known as “covert influence.” While special reconnaissance may be either a military or intelligence operation, these usually are executed by SAD officers in denied areas.”
Please note that these “stalkers” are not required to have an education.

The quantity of people required to perform a total gangstalking event continually for months makes one ask are they all paid? They may not be paid by the gov but they may be paid by the gang. In any event, the stalking is organized and coordinated by and protected by police and firemen in your cities as a result of post-911 congressional legislation. Ordinary citizens who have worked all their lives and paid for their own homes, paid their taxes and contributed to the community but are unwilling to accept illegal government activities or who do not fit into the new terrorist gangster NWO America are attacked as terrorists or put into mental hospitals and drugged.
The Biological Effects of Nonlethal Weapons
Bob Levin Whistleblower-In Community No Touch Torture
Straussian Politics:
“Straussism: The Philosophy Directing The Age of Tyranny” by Jan Allen http://www.informationclearinghouse.i…
More Reading: See http://www.comw.org/qdr/empire.html

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