A friend tells local media that victim was being questioned about Tamerlan Tsarnaev in Boston.

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An FBI agent shot and killed an Orlando man early Wednesday after he allegedly turned violent during questioning about the Boston bombing case, the FBI has confirmed.

FBI spokesman Paul Bresson said in a statement that the agent acted on an “imminent threat” and shot and killed 27-year-old Ibragim Todashev, WKMG-TV reported.

The FBI agent was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The victim, an ethnic Chechen, was an acquaintance of bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, according to a friend, Khusn Taramiv, who spoke to WESH-TV.

Taramiv said his friend knew Tsarnaev because they were both interested in martial arts.

“Back when (Todashev) used to live in Boston, they used to hang out — not hang out — he knew him. They met a few times because (Todashev) was a MMA fighter and (Tsarnaev) was a boxer. They just knew each other. That’s it,” Taramiv told WKMG-TV.

He added that Todashev last spoke with Tsarnaev via phone or Skype a week or perhaps a month before the April 15 bombings, but that the call only lasted about five minutes and had nothing to do with the marathon attack.

Tsarnaev, 26, died in a shootout with police three days after the attack that killed three people. His 19-year-old brother, Dzhokhar, has been charged in connection with the bombings and is being held at a prison medical center outside Boston.

Tamariv told WESH-TV that he and the victim were questioned for about three hours by the FBI on Tuesday and that agents then wanted to interview Todashev alone.

“They told me they’re going to bring him back,” Taramiv said. “They never brought him back. He felt inside he was going to get shot.”

He also said FBI agents had been following him and Todashev for several days.

Todashev was arrested by Orlando police on May 4 on charges of aggravated battery in connection with a fight in a parking lot.

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