Russia’s Advanced Missiles Protect Syria from Naval Blockade

Russia’s Advanced Missiles Protect Syria from Naval Blockade

US official told the “New York Times” that Russia has supplied Syria with advanced anti-ships missiles.


According to the same sources, Yakhont missiles are advanced and contain sophisticated radars that raise their performance level and are capable of preventing any attempt to impose a naval blockade on Syria.
Senior US officials further told NYT that the new rockets’ shipment include missiles with guidance systems that are much more advanced than those which were supplied to Syria in the past.
Haaretz mentioned that unlike Scud or other ground-to-ground missiles, Yakhont allows the Syrian army to prevent any attempt to impose a naval blockade on Syria and to ban any attempt to provide the opposition fighters with weapons by the sea.
Haaretz quoted MK Tzachi Hanegbi who is a member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Knesset saying today ”he hoped that Russia would realize that the continuous missiles supply to the most explosive and sensitive area on the earth is not a resolution.”
“Syria asked for the anti-ships Yakhont missiles from Russia in 2007 and received the first missiles battery in 2011,” the newspaper mentioned.
Haaretz also noted that Syria requested in the beginning 72 missiles, 36 rocket launchers, and support hardware. It further pointed that every Yakhont battery includes missiles, a pad to launch 3 rockets, and a control vehicle; hence, being mobile, targeting it is difficult.

The newspaper added that Yakhont has a length of 6.7 meters and ranges up to 290 kilometers. Also, “the far-ranging radar can direct the missiles to the target; meanwhile, when it approaches the target ship, the rocket can utilize the radar mounted on it to escape the ship’s defense systems,” Haaretz added.


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