Węgry zniszczyły 1000 akrów GMO

                 Hungary Destroys Over 1000 Acres of Banned Monsanto GMO Corn

Hungary destroyed several corn fields contaminated with GMO.



One of the countries that has issued a ban on Monsanto’s Genetically Modified corn, Hungary recently discovered and destroyed over 1000 acres of the GMO giant’s patented GMO corn. The corn had snuck its way into the seed supply throughout the country. They wanted to make a bold symbolic move against GMO companies like Monsanto, who have successfully bullied other countries, most notably the United States, into allowing their products into the food supply.

Hungarian Public Radio has reported that the two largest seed companies in the country have likely been infiltrated by these GM seeds, which are notorious for overrunning a traditional seed supply when allowed to mingle and propagate, as the GM seeds are freakishly strong. This could mean that there are many more acres of unknown and unwanted GMO crops growing within the country.

But the amount of GMOs grown in the EU is nothing compared to the large quantities of GMOs that are grown in the United States.


The government is determined to find and eliminate these invaders, even though it is sometimes devastating to farmers. This season, the planting time has passed, so any crops that are found to contain GMOs and destroyed will not be able to be replanted, and farmers will not likely see any reimbursement for their losses.

It’s no surprise that Hungary would have its seed supply compromised by unwanted GMOs, as it is surrounded by European Union (EU) states who do allow the growing of GMO crops. While many EU countries require GMO foods to be labeled and some have bans on GMOs all-together or just individual patents, like Monsanto’s corn, there are still many EU countries that do not ban the growth of any GMOs.

EU countries that do have bans on one or more strains of GMO products include Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Romania, among others. Bans are notably missing in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Bulgaria. But the amount of GMOs grown in the EU is nothing compared to the large quantities of GMOs that are grown in the United States.

GMOs do not understand country boundaries or follow laws, and they are known for sneaking into the supply of what is expected to be non-GMO seed. This is a major problem if you are a farmer trying to grow GMO-free crops. Unfortunately, many farmers in Hungary, and who knows where else in the future, are learning this the hard way.

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