The Antichrist and The False Prophet


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  1. KSC 13/03/2013 at 13:07 #

    MHFM: This is a new video.

    The Antichrist and The False Prophet [video]

    Antichrist & False Prophet

    Subject: The Antichrist and The False Prophet

    WOW… The latest video (The Antichrist and The False Prophet) is POWERFUL stuff. Everything you imply makes perfect sense, everything fits precisely in my opinion, right down to the finest detail…

    May the most Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, St. Michael the Archangel and all the Celestial Court gather together the predestined souls who truly wish to be saved into the Ark of Salvation and grant to all true Catholics the grace of final perseverance…

    God Bless,

    Kieran Stainsby

    New Video

    Subject: New Video

    Dear Brothers,

    That was the ultimate summation on the antichrist and the false prophet, regarding your video series, “Is the World about to End”, it is such an amazing feeling when the truth is revealed. Thank you for the clarification on how the second beast caused those to be slain if they didn’t worship the beast, in regard to the sspx or anyone else, who rejected the vatican ll council, could not be in full communion with the church, hence being outside the church [dead]. To me, at the time, when I first viewed the series, I leaned more towards the formal canonization but you cleared that up perfectly, it makes complete sense!

    Sincerely yours,



    Excellent new video. I hope such awakening truth is circulated ‘far and wide’ throughout the earth. Truth converts. Glory be to God in the Highest ……, and on earth, Peace to men of Good Will !!

    … the new ‘Creation and Miracles’. I am excited about its contents. Such info. will surely aid many conversions. Miracles and extraordinary events are just a ‘taste’ of God’s almighty majesty …, power …., mercy …., wisdom ….




    I love what you are doing. I commend you for all you do and what you post in youtube and the front page of your website.

    Lisa Ann Dicks


    Dear Brothers,

    So little time left to pray and draw down graces. Thank you, thank you for rattling people out of their comas and peeling the scales from our lying bad willed hearts. Your sacrifices and steadfast faith are incredibly inspiring.



    Have been following your website for the past several years. Watched your latest video and as always it was excellent. Yet, what is most astonishing is when I pick up the TV remote, and watch seemingly endless footage of WWI & WWII; tens and tens of millions of souls lost… Saint James and Saint John, sons of Zebedee, sons of thunder, please continue to pray for us.

    Richard Spinnenweber


    Great job on the newest video on how B16 and JP2 have already fulfilled the Apoc. 13 first and second beasts/antichrist/false prophet. Recently I’ve been hearing about something called transhumanism….sounds like the final straw to me. Thanks for your prayers.



    Subject: water

    Dear Brothers in Christ,

    These days the German parliament Bundestag voted in favor of the statement “water is NOT a human right”. It is interesting to note that the CDU party (“Christian” party) voted YES. Of course, we should expect that in all EU water would cease to be human right very soon. If water is not a human right then the authority (that is The Antichrist) could forbid, or regulate, the use of water however he finds it fitting. This event is not an ordinary political event, it is remarkably of supernatural origin, because the water, as a natural element in the sacrament of baptism, which is absolutely necessary for every human being who wants to be saved, could be denied altogether to every human being. Once again we can see the fruits of BOD heresy--The Antichrist has a legal and logical reason to forbid the use of NATURAL WATER in baptism completely. Of course it is in accordance with the satanic “theology” promoted by the ex-antipope Ratzinger (who is a German) and other antipopes. God is giving a sign to every human being capable of thinking: if you believe not in the absolute necessity of WATER baptism, then why would you believe the water is your right at all? If you believe God is not capable to provide a few drops of natural water, regardless of circumstances, in order to validly baptize a human being who wants to be saved, then why would you believe God is capable to protect your right to water from abuses of tyrannical government? Undoubtedly the forthcoming severe physical punishments… are well deserved.

    May Our Lord Jesus Christ protect all Catholics in the world, through the intercession of Mother Mary of St. Joseph.

    Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia


    Hello Brothers,

    Thank you for all you do to save souls. I wondered if you have an opinion on the earthquake that shook B-16’s retirement home. Also, can a good Pope be elected now if he undoes all of the V-II heresies? Most of these cardinals are validly ordained.


    MHFM: We laughed when we heard about the earthquake striking Benedict XVI’s area shortly after his arrival. It’s not a surprise. It’s another indication of what God thinks of Benedict XVI.

    With regard to the theoretical concept of the Vatican II sect’s ‘cardinals’ electing someone, of course anyone they would elect would be an invalid antipope; for all of the ‘cardinals’ are manifest heretics. The fact that some of them are valid priests is irrelevant. Every single one of them holds that Protestants are part of the Church (taught in Vatican II); that the ‘Orthodox’ are part of the Church (taught in Vatican II); that non-Catholics may receive Communion (taught in Vatican II); that there is salvation outside the Church (taught in Vatican II/the New Catechism); that participation in non-Catholic worship is good (taught in Vatican II and by the antipopes); that non-Christian religions are worthy of esteem (taught in Vatican II); that religious liberty should be a civil right (taught in Vatican II); etc. ad nauseam. The only thing an election of one of them would do is make a further mockery out of the position held by false traditionalists, who believe that such theological jokes and frauds could actually be valid popes. For example, the two leading American contenders are Timothy Dolan and Sean O’Malley. Though they are not considered the top contenders overall, they are a good example of the ‘quality’ of the Vatican II sect’s cardinals. Dolan is a complete apostate who has no problem with pro-abortionists receiving sacraments. He also approves going into synagogues; he has gone himself. O’Malley, a total disgrace, actually presided over the ‘Catholic’ funeral for Ted Kennedy, one of the most pro-abortion, pro-homosexual politicians in history, as covered in our video: Benedict XVI is pro-abortion [10 min.]. O’Malley called Kennedy a ‘servant of Christ.’ Every single person in that conclave is similar to those two apostates. The notion that any one of them could be a valid pope is beyond a sick joke.

    In the event that they were permitted to elect someone, he would simply warm the anti-Chair for a short period of time and throw people for a loop (after the false prophet and the Antichrist have left their anti-papal posts) – causing them to think that the true deceivers and the Great Apostasy are still to come when, in fact, they’ve already passed.

    False Traditionalists

    Subject: False Traditionalists

    False Trads will be happy if Cardinal Oulette is the next Antipope. They will be REALLY happy if Cardinal Burke is elected… [They think he would] articulate the correct, traditionalist interpretation of the Second Vatican Council. Saying Vatican II can be interpreted traditionally is like saying that the documents should be read to mean the exact opposite of what they say.

    M Rudnicki

    MHFM: It’s also interesting that false traditionalists – and, in this context, we’re referring to those among them who have problems with Vatican II, etc. – are consumed with whom the Vatican II sect might install as ‘pope.’ Yet, when their guys are actually in place, they ignore basically everything they say and do. (For example, they ignored basically everything John Paul II and Benedict XVI said and did).

    So, if they will ignore basically everything the man says and does, why are they consumed with which one might be installed as the figurehead? It’s because their false version of ‘Catholicism’ has no substance. It rests solely on the illusion of pomp, externals and ceremony. It’s about an ‘election,’ robes and rituals; but whether the man emerging from the ceremony actually represents in any way true continuity with what the office is supposed to be is not important to them. It’s similar to how the world media is consumed with who might be elected antipope, as if they think it’s so important – as if they really care. They analyze what his qualities are: whether he is ‘charismatic,’ energetic, a ‘good preacher,’ etc.; yet, when an antipope has been in place, except for scandals that have arisen, they haven’t cared at all about his preaching or teaching.

    It’s similar to a game or a party – it’s neat for them to see who wins or who’s there, and that’s about all. Once the game is over or the party ends (i.e., once the man is installed), they move on and couldn’t care less. It’s empty. That’s what the Counter Church has reduced the Papacy to in the eyes of the world and in the minds and hearts of false traditionalists: it’s exciting for them to follow the event – to see who puts on the gown – but what the man emerging from the ceremony proceeds to do, teach and believe in the days after he is thus clothed is irrelevant to them.


    Subject: eye-opening

    EXCELLENT video (false St. Lucia, 3rd secret of fatima, end of the world) But i have an important question……

    should i keep attending mass?… I don’t know of any pre-vatican 2 churches? I need a little guidance please.

    Thank you for your work. God bless you.


    MHFM: Thanks for the interest. The New Mass is invalid. One must not attend it. Please see our video on it. There is no obligation to attend Mass if there isn’t a fully Catholic option in your area. When you are convinced on all the issues, please contact us and we can give you information on where to receive traditional sacraments. You should also pray the Rosary each day, and consult the other material on the website and in the videos.


    Thank you for helping so many people find the truth! God bless you.

    Terri Moon


    Hello friends.

    My name is David and I live in Minnesota. I just wanted to thank you for all the good work you guys are doing at Most Holy Family Monastery. There were a lot of things that I didn’t know about such as the heresies of the vatican 2 counter church because I grew up a “Catholic”. I now know the difference thanks to you. The information you provide have helped me to reshape who I am and I like the person I am becoming. Thanks again for everything that you are doing. It’s quite refreshing to see people who actually care enough about others to present the TRUTH no matter what scrutiny/hate follows. I will continue to live my life until I die holding to the one true catholic faith. May God bless you and thanks again!!


    David Mehsikomer


    Thank you for all of the hard work that you do and share with us. It does so much for my perseverance.

    May God continue to bless your monastery through the Blessed Virgin Mary!!!

    Teri Thurman


    Dear Brothers,

    Thanks be to Almighty God for our Holy Faith and giving you the wisdom to defend it! Your tireless work is surely the only worthwhile endeavor in these last days!

    Sincerely in Christ,

    Helen Roque

    MHFM: The material and information we make available is extremely important; however, any effort to bring people to the true Catholic faith and the state of grace, in whatever form it may be manifested, would be considered worthwhile.

    Newest Version of Creation and Miracles Now Online

    MHFM: The newest and final version of the DVD, Creation and Miracles, Past and Present, is now online. This version will replace the previous version of Creation and Miracles on all of our DVDs which contain the program. We think this new version is a significant improvement. In approximately three to four weeks we hope to have new DVDs available, which contain new/updated versions of some of our videos. (When these new versions of our DVDs are in stock, we will post a notification in E-Exchanges.)

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