Poland Must Be Free of Anti-semitism


JANUARY 21, 1943

Polish Statesmen Stress Future Poland Must Be Free of Anti-semitism

London, Jan. 20 (JTA) –Stressing the friendly relations that exist between Jews and Poles in Palestine, Wladyslaw Banaczyk, Władysław_Banaczykthe vice-chairman of the Polish National Council who recently returned from a tour of the Near East and Palestine, today declared that there will be “no racial discrimination in a post-war Poland because anti-Semitism is foreign to the vast majority of the people.” Speaking at a reception in his honor at the Polish Jewish Center here Banaczyk stated that “Poland will be a mother to all its citizens and will guarantee the free development of the religion and national culture of the Jews.”Similar sentiments were voiced by Stanislaw Kot, former Polish ambassador to Russia and a member of the Polish cabinet, speaking at a reception in his honor in Tel Aviv yesterday, it was reported here today. Prof. Kot said that he shared “his government’s conviction that after the war Poland must be a democratic state, free of anti-Semitism, in which we will welcome the loyal friendly cooperation of all Jewish citizens, who will have equal rights, and we will support your national aspirations to develop Palestine.”

Prof. Kot Stanisław_Kottold his audience, which included leaders of the Yishuv, that “not a single Jewish refugee in Russia has been denied aid.” He added: “I take this opportunity to thank American Jewry for rushing aid which was distributed without discrimination.” Chief Rabbi Herzog, David Ben Gurion, Mayor Israel Rokach and other Jewish leaders also spoke.

Citation – Click to see see this article’s citation”Polish Statesmen Stress Future Poland Must Be Free of Anti-semitism.” Jewish Telegraphic Agency 21 Jan 1943.

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