50kW Portable Power Center

50kW  Portable Power Center

Renewable Energy, where you need it, without fossil fuels or a “grid”

UPRISE Energy has developed an innovative 50kW wind energy generator; the machine is powerful, efficient, and portable. The entire machine fits in a standard 40′ ISO shipping container, has been optimized for low wind-speed environments and produces power for less than domestic utility power suppliers. Surplus power can be stored in a variety of mediums, including the conversion of air-to-water and biomass-to-hydrogen.

The Portable Power Center can be towed by a standard truck on unimproved roads and can be setup in a couple hours by a single man on almost any terra firma.

Numerous innovationsmake the Uprise Portable Power Center the most advanced wind turbine in the world. Innovations that dramatically improve energy capture in low, steady, and gusty wind conditions. Through intelligent programming, the machine is constantly monitoring weather patterns and adjusting itself to best capture energy from the wind. The machine rotates 360º to face the wind and adjust blade pitch and speed for optimum capture. When the wind is too strong, the computer automatically parks the rotor and lays the mast down to avoid damage.


The Uprise Portable Power Center is the most advanced wind turbine in the world.

The machine can deliver its power into the grid or directly to the consumer (off-grid, stand-alone mode). Excess power is stored and power delivery is stabilized. When wind power exceeds demand, energy is stored. When wind energy is low, the Uprise machine draws on the stored power.

The machine is portable. This feature increases accessibility to remote regions at low transportation costs, and incorporates a self-erecting and automatic lay-down feature. Set-up is simplified, requiring no permanent site improvements, cranes or specialty technicians.


Communities not served with power transmission lines now have a low cost, renewable energy option. In addition to generating electricity, the machine is capable of making water from air and hydrogen from biomass. The Uprise Energy wind machine is like none other.

With the lay-down feature, all setup and maintenance is done at ground level. When the machine senses a storm or overload condition, it will lay itself down autonomously to prevent damage.

Primary Applications

  • Consumers in remote regions, not connected to the power grid:Farms, Villages, Islands, Resorts. Forty percent of the world’s population does not have access to reliable power.
  • Consumers wanting to reduce and stabilize electric costs: 12mph avg wind speed = $0.10/kWhr to be consumed directly or in a Net Metering application
  • Consumers that want renewable energy: Clean alternative to Diesel Generators, Coal, Nuclear Power and other forms of power
  • Disaster Relief Efforts: Mobile, meaningful, direct-connect power
  • Government & Military applications: Autonomous, discreet power for forward mobility and covert operations
  • Humanitarian organizations: Empower 3rd world communities with Electricity, Hydrogen and Water

More information on why the Uprise Energy portable wind turbine is needed and the unique advantages it brings to those in search of renewable power.

“If you are looking at the most effective real-world small wind generator, I would strongly suggest looking at the STAR (Sweep Twist Adaptive Rotor) blade, currently being incorporated in a portable wind generator by the start-up UPRISE Energy in California.[3] This blade uses intelligently chosen and applied materials to better capture gusts and shed excess load from very strong gusts, maximizing performance. According to Sandia testing, it achieves 12% better performance than conventional blades in varying wind conditions; this testing was done back-to-back with conventional and STAR wind generators placed side-by-side in ridgeline and non-ridgeline test sites.”

— Mike Barnard, Industry Expert


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