Syria: The Grenades on Turkey are NATO Ammunition

Syria: The Grenades on Turkey are NATO Ammunition

Syria: NATO Ammunition was used to attack Turkish border town. FSA responsible.

This is a translation of the recent blog post by the German Blog “Alles Schall und Rauch” about the allegedly attack of a Turkish border town by the Syrian Arab Army. It seems that NATO ammunition was used in this attack.

This implies, that the Syrian Arab Army (the Syrian government) cannot be responsible for this attack because the Syrian Arab Army does not own these NATO ammunition. In addition, as several reports in recent months have already confirmed, the Western-backed radicals, terrorists and religious fanatics are supplied by several powers with weapons, money, and ammunition.

NATO ammunition is partly included in this supply for these fighters. This was already confirmed by recent pictures of seized weapon depots in Syria, but also by some Turkish reports. The translation of this article is below.
Syria: The Grenades on Turkey are NATO Ammunition

It’s just like it is so often reported to me, the NATO countries provide the terrorists of Al-CIAda (Al Qaeda) either directly or indirectly via the friendly Gulf States with weapons and ammunition that will be used against themselves later. This is what happened during the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and now at the bombardment of the Turkish border town from Syria.

Terrorists in Syria are firing 120mm mortar shells:

NatoGranaten1 Syria: The Grenades on Turkey are NATO Ammunition

NATO Ammunition

The Turkish daily “Yurt” writes in its latest issue, which the grenades, which were fired at the Turkish border village Akçakale, come from the NATO stocks.



Thus, it is clear, not the Syrian military has fired them, because it has not such ammunition, but the terrorists themselves did, that were hired by NATO. Again, a staged provocation, in order to have a reason (pretext) for going to war against Syria.

According to the chief editor of the Turkish daily “Yurt”, Mr. Merdan Yanardag, the newspaper has received reliable information that Turkey has supplied the grenades to the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), which later killed five civilians in the Turkish border town of Akçakale and numerous people were injured.

“This information confirms, that the wrong policies of the Erdogan government are behind the bombardment of the city with mortar shells, which has cost the lives of five Turks,” wrote Yanardag.

That means in plain text, that Erdogan is a traitor and a murderer of his own people! He is a puppet of the U.S. and conducts its criminal policy of a “regime change” in Syria.

NatoGranaten2 Syria: The Grenades on Turkey are NATO Ammunition

NATO Ammunition

I have investigated the matter and I have researched by the inscription of the mortars, 120 AE HE-TNT, of who produces them. In fact, it is NATO ammunition.

According to Jane’s Defence Weekly, this ammunition is produced by various defense firms in Europe, such as the Spanish Explosivos Alaveses SA (EXPAL), which is part of the Maxam Defence Group.

Example of a firing of these 120mm mortar shells:

The Turkish daily “Yurt” has already confirmed by documents and videos in July, how the Turkish Intelligence is involved in terror attacks in Syria, but also confirmed, how training camps (for the terrorists) are established by the Turkish government near the city of Yayladağı, near the Syrian border, in order to smuggle the terrorists from there into Syria.

In one of these videos, the Turkish daily showed how a lot of Turkish terrorists, who spoke Turkish, have attacked a police station in the Syrian village of al-Sha’abaniya.

The Turkish newspaper also has quoted some of inhabitants of this region, these inhabitants said that the armed terrorists, who are hosted in these camps, have crossed the border (to Syria) in order to carry out terror attacks and massacre at the Syrian civilian population; they were not stopped by the Turkish border guards.

Locals have stressed, that the district of Yayladağı is a refuge area for thousands of terrorists, while the Turkish (Erdogan) government is doing nothing to protect the Turkish citizens from these people. The region forms the southern part of Turkey, bordering to Syria.

This means, that the Erdogan government is operating state terrorism against its neighbor Syria, but also against their own citizens.

Source: Die Granaten auf die Türkei sind NATO-Munition


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