Global religion (Open letter to all Christians)

Global religion /Open letter to all Christians/ (+ video)

Post date:   2011-11-26
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Global religion

(Open letter to all Christians)


God’s warning

Several hours before the opening ceremony of the spiritual Babylon and public apostasy of the Vatican from the apostolic teachings and 2000-year tradition, Italy was unexpectedly struck with floods which caused great material damage. They even took a toll of several lives. Unfortunately, no one was willing to openly admit that the tragedy was the fruit of the curse which the Vatican brought down on itself.


“Jubilee” betrayal


On 26-28 October 2011, a meeting with representatives of pagan religions took place in the Vatican and in Assisi. The main organizer of the spiritual Babylon was the apostate Pope Benedict XVI. Apostatical Christianity was represented by 124 participants from different denominations. Among them were the Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew from Turkey and a representative of the Anglicans R. Williams. For the first time atheists were present too. The meeting was attended by the Muslims and by representatives of pagan demonolaters: Buddhists, Shintoists, Hindus, Sikhs, Taoists, Jainists, Confucians, Zoroastrians and Bahaists, pagan worshippers of demons from Africa, America and India, and representatives of Japanese paganism. The individual participants made an oath of allegiance to the spirit of Assisi – the spirit of antichrist. It was disguised with phrases about peace, justice, brotherhood… This whole performance was accompanied by meditative music played on the harp and violin and by the sight of white doves – symbols of peace.


In fact, it was a gesture by which the hierarchy of the Catholic Church created spiritual unity with the global antichristian New Age religion!


Double fault of Benedict XVI


a) The fault in relation to the pagans

The Pope, if he still regarded himself as the visible representative of Christ on earth, was obliged in the power of the Spirit of God to witness to the living Christ. In Christ alone is the forgiveness of sins, and in Christ alone is eternal life and salvation from eternal condemnation. Benedict XVI, however, made it clear that he is an apostate who had betrayed the essential truths of the faith. By his gesture in Assisi he denied that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. So Christians can no longer preach the Gospel of salvation in Christ to pagans who do not worship God but demons (1Cor 10:20).


b) The fault in relation to the Catholic Church

The Catholic believers have seen a bad example of the apostate Popes in Assisi, namely of John Paul II (1986, 2002) and Benedict XVI (2011). The gesture in Assisi put an end to the salvific mission and opened the way for antimission with the spirit of paganism. This is a betrayal of Christ. Catholics must now open up to paganism and to the spirit of the world and be “tolerant” of the spread of heresy and moral perversion. They must promote silent genocide of the world. They turn into “missionaries” of the global antichristian New Age religion. Benedict XVI elevated this spirit of Assisi – the spirit of antichrist – to the altar of the Church by beatification of the apostate Pope John Paul II on 1 May 2011. At that moment he officially cast a curse upon the whole Catholic Church. Every priest who created unity with him fell under the curse and excluded himself from the Mystical Body of Christ – the Church. The priests with the spirit of Assisi – the spirit of antichrist – now administer all the sacraments invalidly.


He who accepts the new doctrine of the two apostate Popes denies all the previous Popes starting with the Apostle Peter.


The Vatican document:


A few days before the Assisi event, the main organizers from the Vatican, on behalf of the Catholic Church, issued an 18-page document on a reform of the international financial and monetary system and establishment of a global system of government. This document is a shock even to indifferent Catholics. The main programme of the fallen-away Vatican and the main programme of the global organization of Freemasons are now identical. They have achieved unity in the spirit of antichrist, and jointly promote:


a) a global monetary system,

b) global government,

c) global religion (New Age).


Other manifestations of the Vatican’s betrayal


1) It approves heresies that deny the inspiration of Scripture, the Divinity of Christ, His real and historical resurrection, His redemptive sacrifice on the cross (cf. heresy of ex-Archbp. Zollitsch).

2) It approves idolatry connected with reverence for the pagan gods – demons and with various forms of divination, magic or spiritism which were condemned by the Church.

3) It tacitly consents to homosexuality and paedophilia. Instead of punishing the paedophile priests in America, Ireland, Australia, Belgium, etc. it concealed their crimes, often by bribes running into millions. An action has been brought against Benedict XVI in The Hague for crimes against humanity.

4) The Vatican pledges a universal fraternity with the anti-Church organization of Freemasons. In 1983, John Paul II received the Masons into the Church.

5) The main ideology of the European Union is establishment of a homodictatorship. The Vatican keeps silent on it.

6) The EU introduces gender equality, according to which everyone can choose whether he or she is a man or a woman regardless of reality. Children are exposed to this gender schizophrenia even in kindergartens, which leads to the destruction of the whole young generation. The Vatican keeps silent on it.

7) The UN promote sexual antieducation, in other words demonization of children from 5 years of age. The Vatican keeps silent on it.

8) The UN promote so-called regulation of humanity, which in essence is genocide. The means used for achieving this aim are vaccination, gay propaganda, genetic modification of foods, the spread of AIDS, legalization of narcotics, general demoralization and demonization… The Vatican keeps hypocritically silent on it and speaks pathetic phrases about peace.

9) Global organizations promote the juvenile justice system which removes children from good families and sells them mainly to homosexuals and paedophiles for adoption. The Vatican keeps silent on this cruelty to children.

10) One witnesses mass apostasy from Christianity and mass antimission on the Christian territories through yoga, Zen Buddhism, martial arts, Oriental sects… The Vatican keeps silent on it and, moreover, obstructs true mission and effective apologetics.


The Biblical stance on the Assisi event


The First Commandment of the Decalogue strictly forbids reverence for pagan gods – demons. The whole Bible warns against syncretism with pagan demons. The consequence of such betrayal of God was wars, disasters, Babylonian captivity… Even the last book of the Bible points out the tragic consequences of demonic idolatry.


What would Jesus say concerning the spirit of Assisi, what would the apostle Paul or the prophet Elijah say?

Jesus clearly distanced himself from the prince of evil spirits – Belial. He said that it is a sin against the Holy Spirit to call the kingdom of God the kingdom of the devil. So to unite with the spirit of Assisi is a sin against the Holy Spirit.


The apostle Paul says: “There is no unity between Christ and Belial.”

The prophet Elijah radically stood against the Belial’s prophets on Mount Carmel. And some time before that he said to the seduced people: “How long will you go limping between two sides?”


John Paul II and Benedict XVI unify Christ and Belial, Christ’s Church and the Church of Antichrist. This is high treason both against Christ and against the Church.



The third interfaith meeting in Assisi signified completion and manifestation of the Vatican’s apostasy from the apostolic teachings and from the 2000-year tradition. This meeting confirmed the syncretistic gesture of apostasy of John Paul II, which he made 25 years ago.


Thanks to the gesture of the two apostate Popes the spirit of Assisi has authoritatively introduced a new heretical thought and doctrine, which denies the essence of the Gospel and casts the Holy Spirit out of the Church. Paganism is now considered an alternative way of salvation, and that is haeresis maxima!


The spirit of Assisi represents another Christ and brings in another gospel. This another gospel and another Christ bring down God’s curse – anathema (cf. Gal 1:8-9) upon all Catholics and all Christians who are in unity of spirit with the last two Popes.



The consequences for the orthodox Catholics


Every orthodox Catholic who is faithful to Christ, the Gospel and the Catholic tradition is thus set into opposition to ex-Pope Benedict. The apostatical hierarchy will brand him as the greatest criminal and dangerous sectarian who must be isolated and ruthlessly punished by excommunication. At the instigation of the Church pharisees he will be penalized even by the public offices (dismissed from his job, victimized…). Saint Basil remarks as to it: The most severe punishment is imposed for one crime only: faithfulness to the heritage of the Fathers. The greatest deception is that the spirit of Assisi and this heretical belief is falsely presented to the common believers as unchanged Catholic doctrine sheltered by the Holy Father. A secret coup d’etat within the Church was so slow and cunning that ordinary Catholics are completely unaware of what a revolutionary change has taken place in the Church. The power has been seized by the successors of the apostle Judas, who lead the faithful Catholics to spiritual suicide. The deceived believers, however, stick by them and are afraid to acknowledge the fact that the current hierarchy along with the last two Popes betrayed Christ and the Church. They do not want to accept the truth that the priests who are in spiritual unity with this hierarchy and commemorate the name of ex-Pope Benedict during the Mass no longer administer the sacraments validly.




We remind that according to Gal 1:8-9, as early as 1 May 2011 God’s anathema fell on Pope Benedict as well as on all those who are in spiritual unity with him. On 26-28 October 2011 in Assisi, the modern New Age world religion – the religion of Antichrist with the spirit of Assisi – was presented to the world, among whose members are the apostatical Catholic hierarchy together with the apostate Pope.


                                                                         + Elijah

                                             Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


                                            + Methodius OSBMr              + Timothy OSBMr

                                                                  Secretary Bishops


                                                                                                                                              Lviv, 2 November 2011



–         State representatives

–         Mass media


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