Jewish occupation in Poland is coming.

“…..3.3 mil­lion Jews to return to Poland.”

Profanacja Polskiego Godła przez żydów

Żydowska okupacja w Polsce nadchodzi


Congress in Berlin


The First International Congress of the JRMiP in Berlin
May 11th — 13th, 2012, daily from 3 pm –10.30 pm
Hebbel am Ufer/ HAU 1

How should the EU change in order to wel­come the Other?

How should Poland change within a re-imagined EU?

How should Israel change to become part of the Middle East?

Join inter­na­tional del­e­gates at the first con­gress of The Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland (JRMiP) to address and answer these ques­tions. For three days we will assem­ble in Berlin to col­lec­tively imag­ine a new future and to for­mu­late the con­crete plat­form and demands of the move­ment. The Congress is tak­ing place within the frame­work of the 7th Berlin Biennale of Contemporary Art  and will oper­ate as a sym­bolic par­lia­ment, debat­ing about one ques­tion per day.

The JRMiP invites you to raise your voice and take part. Become a del­e­gate or an
active par­tic­i­pant. at the Congress. Be aware that seats are lim­ited. Use the chance and con­tribute your demand to the movement’s plat­form and vote upon the future agenda of the JRMiP. Participation as del­e­gate or active par­tic­i­pant is FREE!
Regular audi­ence can buy tick­ets here:



A Manifesto

We want to return!


Not to Uganda, not to Argentina or to Madagascar, not even to Palestine.

It is Poland that we long for forefathers. In real-life and in our dreams we continue to have Poland on our minds.

We want to see the squares in Warsaw, Łódź and Kraków filled with new settlements. Next to the cemeteries we will build schools and clinics. We will plant trees and build new roads and bridges.

We wish to heal our mutual trauma once and for all.  We believe that we are fated to live here, to raise families here, die and bury the remains of our dead here.                                           

We are revivifying the early Zionist phantasmagoria. We reach back to the past — to the imagined world of migration, political and geographical displacement, to the disintegration of reality as we knew it — in order to shape a new future.

This is the response we propose for these times of crisis, when faith has been exhausted and old utopias have failed. Optimism is dying out. The promised paradise has been privatized. The Kibbutz apples and watermelons are no longer as ripe.

We welcome new settlers whose presence shall be the embodiment of our desire for another history. We shall face many potential futures as we leave behind our safe, familiar, and one-dimensional world.

We direct our appeal not only to Jews. We accept into our ranks all those for whom there is no place in their homelands and the persecuted. There will be no discrimination in our movement. We shall not ask about your life stories, check your residence cards or question your refugee status. We shall be strong in our weakness.

Our Polish brothers and sisters! We plan no invasion. Rather we shall arrive like a procession of the ghosts of your old neighbours, the ones haunting you in your dreams, the neigh

We long to write new pages into a history that never quite took the course we wanted. We count on being able to govern our cities, work the land, and bring up our children in peace and together with you. Welcome us with open arms, as we will welcome you!

With one religion, we cannot listen.

With one color, we cannot see.

With one culture, we cannot feel.

Without you we can’t even remember.

           Join us, and Europe will be stunned!


Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland

The Congress will depart from a let­ter of the late leader of the Movement, Sławomir Sierakowski, found after his assassination:

To my friends and comrades,

I can feel that I might be gone soon, but I know that you won’t run out of strength and imag­i­na­tion to change the world. Ties and imag­i­na­tion are what we need to enable the social change that we promised our­selves when we sum­moned 3.3 mil­lion Jews to return to Poland. What we want is to cre­ate a world in which such a plan would not sim­ply be dis­missed as utopian. Utopia for us seems to be the con­vic­tion that there are no alter­na­tives to the existing world.

In today’s world, we are still ruled by fear for our safety and by shame about get­ting involved. Man is still a wolf to his fel­low man, since no tale of a bet­ter world engages him more than his own pri­vate inter­est. If we want to over­come the glob­al­ized ‘state of nature’ in which we live, we should cre­ate social ties. Because only the trust that we have for each other will allow us to get involved in build­ing a bet­ter world beyond our per­sonal affairs.
I had a dream about what should be changed in Poland. But we need more dreams and imag­i­na­tion to change Europe and the Middle East. And I can promise you that these changes will be big and dif­fi­cult to carry out. That’s why I’m ask­ing all of you to think about them together. Argue, debate, and choose those that will best serve our cause. The cause of the Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland (JRMIP)!
I know that if you get together and trust each other, you will be able to come up with excit­ing sug­ges­tions and give a demo­c­ra­tic man­date to our dreams.
Each and every one of us is respon­si­ble for social change!

Here is my pro­posal for changes in Poland:
 1. Polish cit­i­zen­ship to all immi­grants! 
2. Reintegration tax to cover the costs of mov­ing 3.3 mil­lion Jews to Poland! 
3. Hebrew as the sec­ond offi­cial lan­guage in Poland!
 4. Dismissal notice of the Polish state con­cern­ing the con­cor­dat with the Vatican state –
each reli­gious insti­tu­tion should act on the same level! 
5. Minorities House instead of Senate in Polish Parliament!

Once again I wish you ties and imagination!

…and Europe will be stunned!

Sławomir Sierakowsk

December 16th, 2010


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