Bruno: Globalsyjonizm


This is a perfect example of a specific transnational pathological soul. It’s for those thinking their mainstream monopolio papers are unique and sick with the vulgus chosen obsession.

Look at that below and think of your regional media. You do not have to be religious to comprehend this on-going, for centuries, “problem.” Neocon transnational war(s)? Why not peace?

The Polish language edition of Newsweek had the picture below. Under the foto it states: ” Jesus Maria  -Jews. The editor, Tom Lis, is an individual constantly concerned with the general negative image of Jews. Thus, he indicates that the centuries-old repulsive image of Zyds is wrong.


He’s concerned that the Zyd’s image is not merely a minor issue. Consequently, Lis refers to  -or promotes-   a book concerned with the evolucja and structure of anti-Semitism. Perhaps he needs to read Prof Kevin MacDonald’s most recent study entitled Cultural Insurrections. What about Prof. Jan Ciechanowicz’s Polish language thick dissertation getting coverage? You know, for a more balanced view.


Perhaps working-together-Sayamin, if they read the good professor’s work, would project it in derogatory terms. If adjudication would be by the usual neocon international efforts to reduce majority influence or (2) enhance neocon induced bombings/ wars it seems Sayamin would continue to simply black out works like MacDonald’s. They wonder why the world hates them? Reviewing Prof. AC’s labour instead of Antysemitzm, by Prof Ciechanowicz, or Cultural Insurrections, might provide them with many answers…instead of hearing the music from their own choir.


If they are so obsessed with the world detesting them  -of, course, for no reason-   why don’t they just move to their heart’s homeland? If they did such, globalsyjonizm would break down; there would be fewer chosen wars. Most important majorities would be more patriotic and majority interests would be enhanced.


No wonder there is such infighting amongst national majorities… The labour of Lis is not a cornucopia of absurdities.


Could it testify to a specific impaired psych about physical and psychological conflict? Sad.


Could not high tech weapons and cognitive abilities be put to better use? Is peace better than unnecessary wars?







“Newsweek” o polskim antysemityzmie, na okładce “Jezus Maria Żydzi!”



– Chcemy dumy z Polski, to musimy przerobić rozdział “Wstyd” – pisze w najnowszym numerze “Newsweeka”, redaktor naczelny tygodnika Tomasz Lis. Jak podkreśla, postawy antysemickie wcale nie są w Polsce marginalne. W “Newsweeku” tematem tygodnia jest polski antysemityzm. – Właśnie teraz ukazała się książka prof. Aliny Całej “Żyd odwieczny wróg” o tym, jak kształtował się w Polsce antysemityzm, kto go inspirował i dlaczego ma się tak dobrze nawet dzisiaj, mimo że Żydów w Polsce jest tak niewielu – tłumaczy Lis.


Jego zdaniem antysemityzm mimo braku swoich ofiar w sensie społecznym to nie jest margines – o czym świadczą okrzyki na stadionach, publikacje sprzedawane w kioskach czy potoczne powiedzenia.

– Chcemy dumy z Polski, to musimy przerobić rozdział “Wstyd”. Chcemy być dumni z siebie, to musimy wejrzeć w rozdział “Hańba” – pisze redaktor naczelny tygodnika. A na okładce pokazuje Jezusa Chrystusa i Maryję z podpisem “Jezus Maria Żydzi”.



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