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This is pretty interesting. Israel has asserted the right to deny access to air travel to anyone, anywhere in the world. I wonder how long it will take for there to be an Israeli security official in every airport in America ordering enemies of the Jews off airliners.


Oh, that’s tight the No Fly List. We already have it.



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Date: April 14, 2012 3:28:08 AM PDT


European airlines cancel tickets of pro-Palestinian ‘flytilla’ activists


Ahead of Sunday’s planned ‘fly-in,’ Israel’s Interior Minister sends

airlines list of names of blacklisted activists, threatens punitive

steps if companies allow them to board Israel-bound flights.


By Zohar Blumenkrantz



Dozens of pro-Palestinian activists were prevented from boarding

Israel-bound flights on Friday, due to the fact that their names

appeared on a blacklist distributed by the Israeli government to a

number of European airlines.


The activists were on their way to participate in a fly-in protest

against Israeli construction in West Bank settlements, scheduled to

take place on Sunday. Last July, a similar “fly-in” took place, with

over 300 international activists arriving in Israel, and 120 detained.


In the letter, which was obtained by Haaretz, Amnon Shmueli of the

Interior Ministry’s Population and Immigration Authority writes, “In

light of statements by radical pro-Palestinian activists indicating

that they intend to arrive on commercial flights from abroad, in order

to disturb the peace and confront security forces at Ben Gurion

International Airport and at other points of friction, it has been

decided to forbid their entrance, in accordance with my authority

according to the Law of Entry to Israel.”


Referring to a list of names of known pro-Palestinian activists whom

Israel suspects will attempt to enter the country over the weekend,

which was included in the letter, Shmueli writes, “In light of the

above, you are requested not to board them onto Israel-bound flights.


The letter then goes on to threaten punitive steps if the airlines

fail to comply with Israeli demands. “A failure to uphold this

directive is liable to lead to leveling of sanctions against the



“This is only a partial list, and additional lists will be sent

subsequently. There is a high probability that the entry of additional

activists will be prevented, whose names we cannot pass on ahead of

time,” the letter continues.


After receiving the letter, a number of European airlines, including

the German airline Lufthansa, contacted activists whose names appeared

on the list and notified them that their tickets had been cancelled

and would be refunded.


Police expect between 500 and 1,000 activists will attempt to enter

Israel from European countries as part of the action, called “Welcome

to Palestine.” Police are planning to intercept them at the airport

and prevent their entry into the country. Hundreds of police officers

are expected to be stationed at the airport ahead of their arrival,

most of them unarmed and clothed in civilian dress.




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