X. Natanek: “..zacznijcie się trochę bać..”



“..zacznijcie się trochę bać..”


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  1. KSC 06/04/2012 at 06:33 #

    Fr. Malachi Martin again
    greenspun.com : LUSENET : Catholic : One Thread

    A couple people on this board mentioned that noted author Fr. Malachi Martin, now deceased, had been involved in various sexual escapades; one woman accused him of having seduced her.

    I don’t know if she or anyone else is reading this, but I wonder, when is Fr. Martin alleged to have done such things? Are we talking about years ago, something of which he may have repented long ago? Or are we talking about more recent events?

    I met Fr. Martin in Manhattan around 1998, had lunch with him in a little French cafe, and found him to be most zealous for the Catholic faith. He encouraged my faith greatly. He also told me some things about a priest in my diocese (later shown to be true) that I can’t imagine him knowing apart from either angelic visitations or some sort of huge spy ring. He had incredible knowledge. He also told me he was celibate in spite of rumors to the contrary, and I believed him.

    Naturally, he also made claims about a Luciferian desecration of St. Peter’s that were troubling.

    I just wonder, does anyone else know about this man, whether he was “for real” or not? And, if he may have sinned in his life, whether that was decades ago (and long-repented) or more recent?


    — Michael (edwardsronning@prodigy.net), December 03, 2004



    — Michael (edwardsronning@prodigy.net), December 03, 2004.

    There are two rumors that I know of:

    The first and most dogged accusation was made against him during the Vatican Council in 1963. Martin, as assistant to Cardinal Bea, was a source on the proceedings for the Time magazine correspondent and fellow (though non-priest) Jesuit Robert Kaiser. As a source, Martin and other well known Catholic priests and bishops spent alot of time at the Kaiser residence in Rome during the Council proceedings. Prelates were in and out of the residence on a regular basis. There were weekly social gatherings and parties. Prelates spent the night there. Kaiser wrote a book about the Council and was working and travelling alot to promote it when he began to believe that Martin was having an affair with his pregnant wife. Kaiser returned from his travels, made the accusation and started drinking heavily and behaving erratically. His wife and friends, concerned over his behavior, urged him to get medical help. He went to the hospital and doctors felt that he was paranoid, perhaps from exhaustion due to his work schedule. Kaiser and his wife eventually had their marriage annulled and she married someone else. Kaiser continues to blame Martin for ruining his marriage and wrote a book about it.

    The second rumor is that Martin was shacked up with a woman for 30 years. Indeed, his obituary in the New York Times made mention of it. His friend, a Father Fiore, wrote the Tims to correct the “slanderous connotation,” as he called it. He said, “(i)t was to the Manhattan home of Mrs. Kakia Livanos and her family, whom I know, that he moved. Mrs. Livanos was not his “companion” with that word’s pejorative meaning, but his landlady who provided his rooms, his meals, and the oratory where he said daily Mass.”

    — Brian Crane (brian.crane@cranemills.com), December 03, 2004.

    “…he also made claims about a Luciferian desecration of St. Peter’s that were troubling…”

    this is interesting. can anyone elaborate on this statement?

    — jas (jas_r_22@hotmail.com), December 04, 2004.


    The claims are presented in a novelistic way in Fr. Martin’s book, “Windswept House” that you can read on your own. But he claimed this really happened, and that during exorcisms in which he had been present, demons actually boasted that they “owned” St. Peter’s now. The claim is that, around 1962 or so, some bishops who were secret Luciferians had a black Mass in St. Peter’s, dedicating it to Lucifer. It was his way of explaining the chaos that broke out in the Catholic Church since that time, though it smacks of rejecting Vatican II, which I think Fr. Martin didn’t really care for. In this way, he was a “cafeteria Catholic” but on the traditionalist end. It is interesting, though, how so many things seemed to unravel in the West after the early ’60s. This is actually one reason why I raise the question of whether Fr. Martin was “for real” or not, though it ought to be said that even a Luciferian desecration cannot overrule the promise of Christ to Peter, “On this Rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hades will never hold out against it.”

    — Michael (edwardsronning@prodigy.net), December 04, 2004.

    Out of fairness to Fr. Martin (may God bless his soul), I should add that he did consider himself a faithful Roman Catholic, and professed loyalty to the Pope and to Canon Law. What I meant by “cafeteria Catholic” is that he felt free to dismiss various items in Vatican II because it was not a “dogmatic” council. Neverthleless, he did admit that Novo Ordo could be a valid Mass, if done according to the rubrics and the Latin text, etc. On the other hand, he thought that many priests today had been ordained questionably, many Masses were not valid, etc. He was an unusual man, one hard to pin down, though he seemed sincere to me.

    — Michael (edwardsronning@prodigy.net), December 04, 2004.

    I have read three of his books, and enjoyed them all. His book, The Jesuits, gave me a better understanding of the crap that Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II have had to deal with.

    — Brian Crane (brian.crane@cranemills.com), December 04, 2004.

    you see, the thing is that a luciferian black mass devoting the vatican to satan is worthless. it only bears meaning to those who might have attempted it and revel in the fact that they percieve some satanic overlording now. the truth of the matter is that a hundred thousand black masses could be said in the vatican and it would do nothing to change the fact that this world and this vatican is owned by God and God alone, with no chance for satan to make any real claim that he has ownership of the vatican. thus satan seeks to promulgate the myth of his possession of the church in order to falsely disperse its members.

    — paul h (dontSendMeMail@notAnAddress.com), December 06, 2004.

    In regards to Windswept House, I found this list of “Who’s who” in the novel. Thought, it might be interesting to some:

    1. Jean-Claude Cardinal de Vincennes -- Jean Cardinal Villot (deceased) 2. Cosimo Cardinal Mastroianni -- Agostino Cardinal Casaroli (deceased) 3. Silvio Cardinal Aureatini -- Achille Cardinal Silvestrini, Cong. Oriental Church 4. Leo Cardinal Pensabene -- Pio Cardinal Laghi, Congregation of Christian Education 5. Cardinal Moradian -- Gregoire Pierre Cardinal Agagainian (deceased) 6. Cardinal Karmel -- Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger, Paris 7. Leonard Cardinal Boff -- Basil Cardinal Hume, Westminster (deceased) 8. Aviola -Silvano Cardinal Piovanelli, Florence 9. Cardinal Sturz -- Franz Cardianl Koenig, Vienna (retired) 10. Cardinal Leonardine -- Bernardin (cf. also Card. of Century City and Archpriest in South Carolina) 11. German Jesuit Cardinal -- Augustin Cardinal Bea, S.J. (deceased) 12. Bp. “Leo” James Russeton -- Bp. John Russell (deceased 1993) 13. Otto Sekuler -- real person/name not disclosed, a member of the KGB 14. Frater Medico -- Agnes’ father, an M.D. (deceased) 15. Aldo Carnesecca -- real person/name not disclosed (deceased) 16. Msgr. Daniel Sadowski -- Msgr. Stanislao Dziewicz 17. Msgr. Taco Manuguerra -- Msgr. Agosto Bueno 18. Jean Cardinal de Bourgogne -- John Cardinal Cody 19. Fr. Damian Slattery, O.P. -- composite of Michael Cardinal Browne, O.P., and a living former U.S. Dominican, perhaps Fr. Fiore 20. Fr. Christian Thomas Gladstone -- composite of 3 priests 21. Mrs. Francesca Gladstone -- elderly woman, still living 22. Windswept House -- Galveston Island, Texas 23. Cyrus Benthoek -- Bill Morrell (deceased) 24. J.J. Cardinal O’Cleary -- John Cardinal O’Connor, New York (deceased) 25. Piet Cardinal Svensen -- Leo Cardinal Suenens, Belgium 26. Local Chapel/SSPX “Danbury” -- Dickinson, TX, chapel of the SSPX 27. Fr. Angelo Gutmacher -- P. Schmidt, Cardinal Bea’s secretary 28. Giacomo Cardinal Graziani -- Angelo Cardinal Sodano, Vatican Secretary of State 29. Noah Cardinal Palombo -- Virgilio Cardinal Noe, Vatican (retired) 30. Michael Continho, S.J. -- Carlos Cardinal Martini, S.J., Milan 31. Victor Venable, OFM -- Fr. Vaughan 32. Serozha Gafin (Moscow) -- A. Golovin 33. Gibson Appleyard (U.S.A.) -- composite of J. Hale, State Department, and William Colby, C.I.A. 34. Rev. Herbert Tartley, Church of England -- former Archbishop of Canterbury 35. Nicholas Clatterbuck -- real person, still living 36. Dr. Ralph Channing -- real person, still living 37. Cliffview House -- 304? Riverside Drive, New York 38. Jacques Deneuve (banker) -- K. Schwab, World Trade Organization 39. Gynneth Blashford (publisher) -- Bertelsmann 40. Brad Gerstein-Snell (communications) -- Ted Turner 41. Sir Jimmie Blackburn (South Africa, diamonds) -- James Goldsmith 42. Kyun Kia Moi (Korea) -- real person, still living 43. Bp. Novacy -- Abp. Pavel Hnilica 44. Maldonado (I.R.A.) -- Sig. Alberico Novelli 45. Card. Amedeo Sanstefano (I.R.A.) -- Silvio Cardinal Oddi (deceased) 46. Bp. Ievin Rahilly (CT) -- Abp. John Whealon, Hartford (deceased) 47. Bp. Primas Rochefort (NY) -- Bp. Matthew Clark, Rochester 48. Bp. Bruce Longbottham (MI) -- Bp. Kenneth Untener, Saginaw 49. Abp. Cuthbert Delish (WI) -- Abp. Rembert Weakland, Milwaukee (retired) 50. Bp. Manley Motherhubbe (NY) -- Bp. Howard Hubbard, Albany 51. Bp. Raymond Luckenbill (MN) -- Bp. Raymond Lucker, New Ulm 52. Bp. Ralph Goodenough (IL) -- composite of Chicago auxiliaries 53. Sr. Fran Fedora (Seattle) -- Fran Ferder 54. Sr. Helen Hammentick (New Orleans) -- ? 55. Sr. Cherisa Blaine (Kansas City) -- Sr. Theresa Kane 56. “Capstone” -- real person, still living 57. Card. Schuyteneer (Belgium) -- Godfried Danneels, Belgium 58. Card. Azande (Gold Coast) -- Francis Arinze, Congregation of Saints 59. Card. Reinvernunft -- Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith 60. Abp. Canizio Buttafuoco -- Abp. Gianni Danzi, Office of Secretary of State 61. Holy Angels House -- Dominican House of Studies, River Forest, IL 62. Fr. George Haneberry -- Fr. Donald Goergen, O.P., former provincial of Chicago Dominicans, author of “Sexual Celibate, now at an ashram in Kenosha, Wisconsin 63. Fr. Avonodor (Chicago Chancery) -- Msgr. John Roche, Archdiocese of Chicago, friend of Joseph Louis Cardinal Bernardin; now works for Helene Curtiss Cosmetics, Chicago 64. Fr. Lotzinger (Willowship) -- Fr. Robert Lutz, St. Norbert’s Church, Northbrook, IL 65. Sr. Angela -- Alice Halpin, Lutz’s school principal, former nun 66. Fr. Tomkins (Roantree) -- fictitious name 67. Fr. Keraly (Harding) -- fictitious name, or perhaps Fr. Kealy 68. Fr. Goerge Hotelet, O.P. -- Fr. Georges Cottier, O.P., Rome, a papal theologian 69. Dr. Carlo Fiesole Marraci -- Giovanni Baptista Marini-Bettolo Marcioni

    — Andrew (andyhbk96@hotmail.com), December 08, 2004.

    Many thanks, Andrew! That’s a fascinating list. I’ll have to re- read Windswept House now.

    — Michael (edwardsronning@prodigy.net), December 08, 2004.

    Although I never met Malachi Martin I read his book ‘Hostage to the devil’ and was fascinated. Later on I began to doubt his sincerety. Questions like what is perfect possession. Does it really exist. Does the bible give any creedence to it. Then there were his frequent appearances at Art Bell’s radio show. When he stated that methods used by shamans seemed to be just as effective to free the possessed of evil spirits as a roman-catholic exorcism and that there were actually two satans, something told me that total acceptance of his writings as the only truth, was a bit precocious. If we consider these facts how then can we be sure that books like ‘Windswept House’ are recordings of actual events. One should do well to reconsider.

    — Hildebrand van Buuren (donnerundblitz@hetnet.nl), December 27, 2004.

    well, hildebrand, im not sure that you actually were hearing malachi martin on the radio, since in hostage to the devil malachi makes clear that there is ONE satan with MANY DEMONS and that the catholic excorcist rite is the ONLY form of excorcism with any documented success. seems thats a HUGE turnaround, especially because i have the updated version of Hostage to the Devil which has a foreword written not long ago which seems to reiterate that malachi martin continues to believe what i already iterated above.

    — paul h (dontSendMeMail@notAnAddress.com), December 27, 2004.

    Has anyone seen this article?

    “Highranking Jesuit confirms Malachi Martin’s Status as Lifelong Priest” at the following website: http://www.williamhkennedy.com/articles/highrankMM.html

    I have been reading Father Martin’s books since the early eighties, and am greatly indebted to him for wising me up about certain wolves in sheeps’clothing that have infiltrated the Church with the intention of destroying her from within. Thus, it was most gratifying to discover that with regard to his status as a priest in good standing with the Church, Father Martin has reportedly been vindicated by a former Vicar General of the Society of Jesus, Father Vincent O’Keefe, S.J. I hope y’all are as happy as I was to read this article. Happy New Year!


    — Suzanne J. Rua (NewtEyeofnewt@aol.com), January 06, 2005.

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