Bob Bauman: Big Brother is Watching You – Even Closer


Big Brother is Watching You – Even Closer

Bob Bauman (March 23, 2012)

Watch what you say and do. At this very moment, the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) is building America’s largest-ever spy center – and it will be watching you (if they aren’t already).

The NSA, the cryptologic intelligence agency of U.S. Department of Defense, is the unit that secretly saddled us with the Constitution-busting ECHELON spy program.

I have recently learned some startling information about what the Bush/Obama Homeland Security Gestapo has in store for us suspect Americans.

Contractors with top-secret clearances are now building the “Utah Data Center”an ultra-secret project in the desert that is the latest piece of a multifaceted government plan to destroy every last bit of privacy we still have.

A Super Snoop’s Dream

The heavily fortified, $2 billion secret center is part of a program, codenamed Stellar Wind, which is already in place and monitors private phone calls from around the world.

The Utah Data Center takes the program one step further by intercepting, deciphering, analyzing and storing the world’s communications from satellites and underground and undersea cables from international, foreign and domestic networks.

It will store all forms of communication, including the contents of private e-mails, cell phone calls and Google searches, as well as personal data such as parking receipts, travel itineraries and other so-called digital “pocket litter.”

This NSA project is the latest version of what the late columnist William Safire called “a super snoop’s dream.”

It’s President Bush’s Total Information Awareness program (supposedly killed by Congress in 2003 after an outcry over its potential to invade Americans’ privacy) back on steroids.

William Binney, a courageous senior NSA official who left the agency in 2001 after the NSA began its Bush-ordered warrantless-wiretapping program, bluntly told WIRED magazine earlier this month: “They violated the Constitution setting it up. But they didn’t care. They were going to do it anyway, and they were going to crucify anyone who stood in the way. When they started violating the Constitution, I couldn’t stay.”

Binney also said that Stellar Wind is far larger than has been revealed publicly and not only included eavesdropping on domestic phone calls, but also inspections of domestic e-mails. Holding his thumb and forefinger close together the former NSA official said: “We are that far from a turnkey totalitarian state.”

I urge you to read and digest the WIRED article. Learn how the NSA is spying on virtually all U.S. telephone conversations, creating secret watch lists with names of thousands of Americans placed under constant surveillance and eavesdropping on communications of every kind.

I am not surprised.

The War on Privacy

The truth is that the unconstitutional 2001 PATRIOT Act killed privacy in America.

It gave the government the power to obtain financial information in secret about anyone and to confiscate your wealth without notice and they have been doing just that. This latest NSA multi-billion dollar project is another giant step in stripping Americans of what little personal privacy remains.

This grotesque war against privacy stems from politicians’ greed for increased power and government demands for control of our lives and our wealth.

It began 40 years ago with Nixon’s so-called “war on drugs,” a colossal waste of billions of dollars that jailed millions of people and failed miserably. In the process, our legal and constitutional rights have been shredded and a permanent police state has been created.

Now we are engulfed by an unending war on terrorism in which we are asked – indeed, ordered – to surrender our freedom and privacy in exchange for an illusory “security.”

The Internal Revenue Service has also joined this war on privacy by using similar NSA computer programs and data mining techniques to sift through millions of tax refund requests, financial records and by analyzing billions of phone calls, e-mails and other data. Americans are presumed guilty of tax evasion and/or money laundering if the government does not know everything about them where they get their money and how they spend it.

The usual cry from the warped advocates of ever-increasing government surveillance is a non sequitur: “If you aren’t doing anything wrong, what do you have to hide?”

Take Back Your Privacy

Privacy is an inherent human right and a basic requirement for living with dignity and respect. Liberty requires security without intrusion – security and privacy. Widespread surveillance by police or bureaucrats, in whatever form it takes, is the very definition of a police state.

The real choice you have to make is between personal freedom and liberty or government control of our lives and fortunes.

Wake up, folks. Open your eyes. For all my long life, I have been a political conservative – but it is plain that America has become a police state and most people are either too dumb to know it or they just don’t care.

Well, some of us do care and if we go down, it will be fighting for freedom all the way.

Face reality and take two essential immediate steps to protect yourself from an out-of-control government:

First, establish an offshore financial nest egg. An offshore bank account is a good start, and the Sovereign Society can assist by helping you find reliable banks that still welcome American clients.

Second, investigate places to live and do business outside the United States. We explain where and how this can be accomplished in several of our research articles.

The important thing is to do something before it’s too late.

Faithfully yours,
Sovereign Investor

Bob Bauman

P.S. Government overreach is nothing new, but with each new liberty taken away from us, they are compelled to reach even further. As a sovereign individual, you know the only way to make sure your financial future is safe from the government’s greedy claws is to protect it yourself. At the 2012 Total Wealth Symposium, we’ve gathered some of the world’s top experts on asset protection, offshore residency, and overseas investing to help you figure out the best ways to protect and grow your wealth in the years ahead. Seats are filling up quickly, so don’t miss your chance to register today.



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