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LPAC Policy Committee, February 3, 2014 Transcript
February 4, 2014 • 9:32AM

LaRouche PAC Policy Committee Transcript, Monday, February 3, 2014


MATTHEW OGDEN: Good afternoon, it’s February 3rd, 2014. My name is Matthew Ogden, and you’re joining us over Google Hangouts Live for our weekly discussion with the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee. Over video we’re joined in Texas by Kesha Rogers, current candidate for the United States Senate; also we have Bill Roberts in Houston, along with Kesha; in Seattle, Washington, Dave Christie is joining us; we have in California, Michael Steger; and also Rachel Brown in Massachusetts. And as you can see, here in the studio, I’m joined by Diane Sare and also Mr. LaRouche.

Now, Lyn, yesterday, you made a very clear and unequivocal warning that under the current conditions, we’re on the countdown to thermonuclear war. And I was thinking maybe you could start by discussing that.

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Yes, we’re getting to the point, if you follow the tempo from a strategic standpoint, rather than a tactical one, and the problem today is that most people don’t think strategically; they can think tactically, but they don’t have control of the clock, they don’t know where the clock is, so therefore, they’re looking at their immediate vision, rather than thinking about the clock beyond.

What I’ve been saying since January 1st, is that we’re now in a countdown toward a thermonuclear war. What we’re in now is just provocations against Russia to try to set up a situation which will trigger a Russian response of the type they want, and then they will immediately launch thermonuclear war. Now, my time scale is saying, by the 1st of March we are already at that time, if not earlier, we are on the verge of actual thermonuclear mutual extermination. Because, if you read what the policies have been stated, from the United States and from elsewhere, and from Russia, the point is, they recognize there’s no advantage in waiting to do the second blow against either. They’re all going to go together, virtually simultaneously.

Now when you consider what that means, putting everything into a simultaneous assault, which is actually what the United States is stuck with right now is the only option, from a military standpoint, you have to go with pretty much everything you’ve got, and you have to do it all right up front. Because the way these things hit, they hit after each other, so it’s boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom — hmm? And therefore, that’s what you’re up against.

So therefore, my estimate is, that this thing has got to be brought to some kind of conclusion, either avoidance of war, or going to war, is going to be about the 1st of March, somewhere in that vicinity. It has to be that way. Because otherwise, other things are going to start kicking in as well.

And what they have to fear, actually Washington, or really London is orchestrating this thing, not Washington, but as long as Washington is in that case of the grip of the British on this one, I think the time for a reaction against such a war, is wearing out. In other words, if the so-called nominal Obama administration — he’s just a joke; he does not make the decisions, he mouths, echoes, whatever they tell him from London. He never was able to think; he wouldn’t even run for President, unless London had come in with this woman had come in and recruited him to become a Presidential candidate. He have would never become a Presidential candidate without that operation. It was a British operation, run from London. So the British Empire’s the one that’s steering this thing; Obama’s nothing but a stooge.

And people have to understand that. Most Americans refuse to face the fact that this guy is a stooge! But, Wall Street is there, too! And Wall Street is London! Wall Street is the British Empire. So it’s the British Empire that’s orchestrating thing and a lot of dumb Americans, especially Republicans — the Republicans are the worst of this thing, because they have an absolutely insane agenda, it’s almost as bad as that of their guy who pulled the stunt this past weekend.

And this guy, should be thrown out of office by the Republicans! They shouldn’t bother letting anybody else throw him out; they can throw him out of the roster. He did something against — an attack on Bill Clinton, which was clinically insane for any Republican to do!

So that’s the situation we’re in, and therefore, very soon, if somebody tries to keep this operation going inside the United States, they’re going to get a reaction. What they’re counting on is that they’ll be able to launch the war, the thermonuclear war internationally, before people get so sick of Obama, that they throw him out. If Obama were to be thrown out of office, which is the only intelligent purpose of any leading figure, I say “Throw this bum out of office, now, and you may save civilization, including the people of the United States! If you guys don’t have the guts to throw this bastard out, then — our people don’t deserve to live, in a sense.” They haven’t the courage, they don’t have the leadership which would enable them to continue to live, because they’re such fools!

Just because they are ignorant, which they are, they didn’t have to be ignorant; they chose to be ignorant. Or their parents told them how to be ignorant. Because my generation would never have waited this long. They’d have thrown him out!

But the point is we’ve gone through successive generations, since World War I, World War II, and what could have been World War III if Kennedy hadn’t prevented it. And that’s where we are. And the problem is, you’ve got a bunch of lamebrains out there. You can not go to popular opinion to get popular opinion to come out and make a gesture of protest. Because popular opinion doesn’t have the brains any more to do that!

You have a strong minority of people, and actually a majority who don’t like Obama, don’t want any part of him, they want him thrown out; they haven’t got the guts to do it. I do. They don’t.

And so it’s my responsibility, since I have the guts to do it, to do it. Even my fellow Americans who are patriots don’t have the guts right now to do it, they don’t have the guts to save their own life, or save civilization! But it’s understandable: It’s only people who are leaders, like me, who really have the guts to do this, and here, I have to kick and push t try to get some brains showing up, among some of our people. They don’t have the guts to do it; it do! And at this point, I have an advantage at my age, because I have nothing to lose, except for us to win. And that’s the way you have to look at this.

We’re at a point where, within this month, maybe even earlier than immediately, it can happen very quickly. You’re dealing with a detonation of a global world war, a simultaneously global world war! Not like World War I or World War II, simultaneously global. And everybody on both sides agrees: They can not do a step-by-step operation. They will come to provocations, to ignite the war, but they won’t do a step-by-step war any more. This will be an instant global warfare, which if you consider the weaponry involved, means that the whole world will go through it, in a short period of time, about an hour and a half at most, before the entire planet is enveloped by the effects of this.

Therefore, you have to do anything: Throw this President out of office now! And just to rehearse that, we should throw Rand Paul out of office, for making the biggest ass of himself that anyone… and I just assert that his father must have been a bit of an ass, too, for that to happen. Because the kid had no brains. I mean, he’s 51 years of age, but he hasn’t got the brains to come in out of the rain!

OGDEN: Well, speaking of members of Congress making asses of themselves, you’ve also got widespread support, for the explicitly pro-Nazi protesters that are taking over the streets in Kiev. The United States Congress is showing shows of support; you’ve got John McCain, and Chris Murphy, themselves, going there and standing next to these protesters who are wearing Nazi insignia on their sleeves and waving red and black flags from the Ukrainian insurgent army from World War II, who were collaborationists with Hitler! That is being deployed right on the border of Russia, along with this advanced placement missile so-called “defense system,” which is intended to take away any kind of second strike capability from Russia’s tactical nuclear forces, and Lavrov said as much on both of those fronts at the Munich Security Conference meeting this past week, saying: Look, we see all of these things as being direct provocations to the security and sovereignty of Russia.

It’s almost a Cuban Missile Crisis in reverse. When Khrushchov was claiming that these missiles in Cuba were purely for “defensive” means, now, to have NATO claiming that these missile defense systems are “purely for defensive means,” when it’s clearly an offensive deployment, right on the borders of Russia: This is the trigger for World War III.

LAROUCHE: Anyone who’s got any brains in the U.S. government, knows that what you just said is true. For example, take the number of Poles who were murdered during the Hitler period by this! They were probably — these guys killed as many Poles as the other Nazis did — and they were Nazis! These guys are still Nazis! And anyone who supports them is an accomplice of a Nazis, and particularly an accomplice of Nazism, because this is Hitler’s revenge! And anyone who’s supporting this operation is a Hitler sympathizer; any of these officials who say that they’re supporting this operation is a Hitler sympathizer. And anybody who knows anything in business knows these guys are Nazis; they were in armed Nazi organizations under Hitler! They were mass killers against people in Russia, in Ukraine, and also the massive killing they did was in Poland!

The number of Polish victims, combined with Hitler on the one side, and these guys who were Hitler-runners on the other side, do you know how many Poles they killed? It was the Polish camps that were the death camps for people under those conditions.

OGDEN: And directly after World War II, these fellows, Stepan Bandera and the others were immediately cultivated by British MI6, were brought into the NATO operation, to try to cultivate them to continue the operation against Russia.

LAROUCHE: Who brought Hitler into power? It was an American, named Bush, Prescott Bush. And Prescott Bush — you know, Hitler was in trouble. His party had gone bankrupt, and he, as the leader of the party, under German law, would have been sent to prison for an extended period of time for his debt obligations, by the debt law of Germany. What happened is that Prescott Bush was part of a team, which was with the Wall Street team, and Prescott Bush personally delivered the money to bail out Hitler, so he wouldn’t go to prison, and thus could go immediately into position as dictator. And that’s the same Wall Street crowd which today, is the same root — in other words, Nazism, was British and Wall Street. That was the source of it. And anyone who’s supporting Wall Street is a Nazi, that is, in the sense of what their historical commitment of the organization is, what the leadership is today, what the enemies of Franklin Roosevelt then, who he threw out of office, Wall Street should be thrown out of the United States: Because it’s this kind of thing. It’s an imperialism agent of the British Empire, and it does not belong in the United States. It should be shut down once and for all!

We should go back to Hamilton’s principles, three principles of government, and it’s the only way we’re going recover from this problem we have now, economically. Do that! And do it at the same time, close down Wall Street, and don’t pay any attention to the “widows and orphans” story that they put up. They are killing widows and orphans, and they are making orphans, and widows of even the children.

DIANE SARE: One additional aspect of this that just came out, I think it was in yesterday’s Financial Times, where they make it very explicit, is they say, we should overthrow Yanukovych in Ukraine, and then maybe people in Russia will get the idea they should overthrow Putin. So, it is so explicit!

LAROUCHE: When you say things like that, you’re declaring war. You’re declaring war! Now, you’re declaring thermonuclear war! And how many jerks in the United States refuse to understand that fact!

SARE: And they’re always on the wrong side! I mean, it was Putin who made the point, when Obama was determined that we were going to launch strikes on Syria, and he said: I don’t think backing people who are engaged in cannibalism in front television cameras is a good way of expressing so-called “Western values,” your Western values. It was very explicit! McCain had just been over there, having his picture taken with these people. Then McCain shows up in Ukraine with the Nazis — I mean, you might think that people could get an idea of this pattern.

LAROUCHE: The point is, this has often been the case in history: It’s the stinking cowardice of people, which leads them into supporting things which define them as corrupt. They say, “I had to kill him,” Why? “Because I would have been punished if I didn’t.” Right? This is the kind of thing. Why do you think people in Germany allowed the Jews to be slaughtered under Hitler? Well! “You have to be practical.” Hmm! And when somebody says to me, “we have to be practical,” that’s the thought that streams through my mind and fills it fully immediately!

The time has come, we have to exert leadership. I mean, I’m in a position, you know, my age and so forth, but so what! I’ve been through these wars before, I’ve gone through them, and fortunately, I’ve survived them so far. And I’m now still ready to do that; I’m better qualified to lead this nation right now, than anyone, the President include, but especially most cowards in the Congress.

And I’m going to speak on the basis of that: I’m an American patriot, they ain’t! An American patriot willing to step forward and do that, okay, he’s got the job! That’s my responsibility. I can’t find much of anybody — there are people out there, who would do the right thing in our system of government. But! They’re handicapped. And so, therefore, I do what I have to do to help them do their job. And I will speak publicly on what many of them know is right. Maybe we can get a solution that way.

RACHEL BROWN: I was just going to make the point that this represents the problem with the American leadership of being able — can you hear me? I was just making the point that this represents the inability of the U.S. government, many members, to think strategically, because it does come from the fact that the British Empire is vulnerable and collapsing, that’s why they’re going for war. They actually have a strategic vulnerability right now because of the bankruptcy of the system, which we could easily exploit with Glass-Steagall and these economic policies of collaborating with other nations that would overcome the current paradigm. They’re strategically weak, so it does — this inability to act under the current danger, even when we have a strategic leverage in a certain sense, if we choose to use it, demonstrates the inability of these leaders to think in a strategic mindset.

LAROUCHE: I could answer in this thing, and say, what’s the problem? Why is this the case? We came out of V-E period, and I was still in service at that time. And what happened, when we had the victory in Europe, the V-E Day, what happened was that Truman had come into power; Franklin Roosevelt was dead. And what had happened was the Truman administration, which really was a skunk administration — this guy was a Wall Street agent; they talk about some guy from the Midwest, he was a Wall Street agent pure and simple! And he was crook as well. So he became President, in charge of the Democratic Party, taken over.

So when Franklin Roosevelt died, the last remnant of the ability of the American people to be mobilized to save themselves, was then gone. I mean with the head of the OSS, and I know this directly from the man who walked out with him, from the White House with him, and he said, looking at the condition of Franklin Roosevelt, who was about to die, and he walked down the corridor with my friend, and here’s the head of the OSS, a crucial military intelligence unit of the United States, and the friend who was with him was one who had participated in dealing with an important position in conducting the war against Hitler, and so forth; he walked down the corridor, and he said, with a sort of a muffled voice, keeping his voice low, walking along the corridor, the two of them on the way out: “It’s over. It all over!” Silence. They left. And that was the time, when the United States, under President Truman went to Hell.

OGDEN: And cowardice took over.


OGDEN: The intimidation…

LAROUCHE: No, the cowardice lay — look, V-E Day had a double effect. What happened was, that in the military ranks, the soldiers, and many of them were going out of service or about to go out of service with V-E Day. Being drawn back from Europe was a slow process, and so forth, and they were all waiting for MacArthur to finish up the job in the Pacific. And MacArthur did the job.

And he was not much liked for it, for example, in the famous Korean incident, MacArthur was the only commander who would buck Truman, and say, “we’re going into Inchon, we’re going to do it now.” And they said, “it’s impossible! It won’t work!” Well, if he had not done what he did at Inchon, that war in Korea would have continued for a very, very long time. And you saw the conditions which MacArthur faced, after the post-Inchon victory, that from Truman, everything was thrown in the way, to settle that war inside Korea. It could have been settled otherwise; China was willing to support on that thing, because they realized what the implications were for them.

So, the result of that, was America lost its guts, and a great number of our people in the United States, just as simple veterans of war and so forth, were victimized by the Truman administration, by the FBI! If you wanted to get a job, you had to get an FBI clearance. If you couldn’t get an FBI clearance you couldn’t get the job. That was the kind of reign of terror which was imposed, with the death of Franklin Roosevelt.

Now, I am still attached to the cause of Franklin Roosevelt’s commitment and I’m still attached and have been actively since that time, a supporter of what that team had represented, and I still am today, when most of them are long since dead. But I’m still loyal to that intention, of President Franklin Roosevelt. And except for Kennedy, and some good attempts by others, like Eisenhower was not a slouch, but he was under a terrible situation; think what happened to MacArthur. So, Im still one of the survivors, and I can speak to that.

DAVE CHRISTIE: Lyn, I just wanted to reiterate that point around what that team represented, and really, what that team, when it came in under the Reagan Administration, and particularly your role in the Strategic Defense Initiative. Which you could look at the SDI, as a kind of a pragmatic defense system, and of course, later the bastardized versions of it, did not take into account what your call was to actually have it be strategic. In other words, that the scientific principles that would be brought in as a kind of science driver program to make the breakthrough on plasma physics and so forth, the other elements that would go into the real concept of the SDI, that that in effective and the cooperation that would have to occur to make this happen, would crush the British. And from that standpoint, it was strategic, it was not simply a better defense, and still combat the Cold War mentality or something. But this was to override and get rid of the Cold War, which was a British-orchestrated divide-and-conquer policy.

And for that, the Bush Sr. crowd, of course, came after you and threw you into prison. However coming out of prison, it was immediately you struck up your role with Russia, which frankly is defining the crucial issues of the moment right now, in terms of the war-avoidance and so forth.

LAROUCHE: Consider what I was actually doing. I think at this time I can speak about things that I haven’t spoken about before. In 1978, I had been in touch with the same leadership group of the survivors of that group, who had worked with the OSS, and with other institutions. This group was an integral part of the President Reagan election team; it was his particular intelligence group. Now when he was elected President, the entire team came in, took their positions under his Presidency, with this team, which was actually representative in core by the original OSS, the veterans of the OSS, who were still in leading positions, and they served as the intelligence service at the behest of the President.

The President was then, while that was stewing on, someone shot the President! It was intended to be an assassination like the Kennedy assassination, or the brother of Kennedy who was about to be nominated, officially, as candidate for Democratic candidacy for President.

So he didn’t die! And because he didn’t die, the SDI stayed on. But I was the author of SDI, I was appointed by all these groups to be the spokesman and architect for the design of the SDI program. The reason I was attacked, with criminal charges and so forth, these were completely fraudulent! A whole trial had been going along, and the jury, on the close of the trial which was closed down with their statement that the charges against me and my associates were just bunk, completely bunk.

The FBI burned the records to support that! And drew up another trial, shutting down the judge in Massachusetts, whose rulings had been clear! They overruled the judge! Why did they do that? They wanted to get me out of political action. I’m still here! And I have the capabilities which I had, when I was given support under President Reagan, given support and I negotiated the relationship with Russia, then. I did it on behalf of the United States, on the intelligence services of the United States. That’s who I am! And those stupid jerks out there, who think they’re something, better take note of that: I outrank the whole bunch, at least in conscience and in qualifications! And that’s what I’m doing, right now.

KESHA ROGERS: That brings up a couple of questions and important things to put on the table, in terms of how the population thinks about the process which is unfolding now, and even our leadership from the standpoint of singular events. You know, they talk about Benghazi, or Muammar Qaddafi getting taken down, or Ukraine, or Russia, and these things are “independent events” in the eyes of the population. But what you have really been emphasizing is the role of the empire, that what’s happening in Ukraine isn’t just something that just started. This has been in the works for quite some time, in terms of the intention to destroy Russia.

And my question also gets to, how it is that you’re defining this process, because, you think about it, you just laid out a real perspective, that we’re looking at a 30-day period, that you can see all hell break loose, the extinction of mankind. And if people continue to function from the level that we can go on with business as usual, we can think about elections as usual, we’re in bad shape. And when you set this March question, that really brought something to mind, from the standpoint that, first of all, the Texas primary is in March, for instance. That’s the kickoff point for the whole determination of what’s going to happen with the upcoming election process? But at the same time, if we don’t do our jobs and get this President out, now, and actually stop this threat of thermonuclear war, there’s likely not to be a Texas primary or any other primary, likely not to be an election. And so, I want you to address that seriousness.

LAROUCHE: I am addressing that that seriousness. That’s just what I just said: I’m committed, I know what has to be done. I’m still qualified to make strategic judgments for the United States, in the absence of a President, I’m perfectly capable, in terms of my capabilities, of giving those kinds of directions on this kind of issue, and I also know how other people of great talent can be brought into playing their part in the same role. Those people exist, rather scarce in resource. But we have people in leadership positions in military and other roles in the United States; some of them have been out of office, but they’re still around. And we have the ability to pull together a team. I won’t be President, of course; I mean, that would be a silly idea at this point. But I still have the capability of being a President, as opposed to all putative rivals for my role in this thing! So, what I need, is to be an interim figure, to catalyze the bringing together of what can be, from the ranks of government and similar kinds of circles, experienced in government or experienced in things that government would want to grab anyway, we could pull together a team very quickly. The process of bringing peace would be immediate! The process of rebuilding the economy would be more difficult, but we could do it. We know how to do it.

Remember, we’ve got a special situation, now. What’s the heat here? The trans-Atlantic region, which is really the British Empire as such, the trans-Atlantic region is broken, it’s broken, it’s dead! The reason we’re going to war now, or toward war now, thermonuclear war, world war, is because the British Empire is doomed, now! They’re on the edge of a general collapse. They’re terrified by the collapse, they need to have the war, now! And damned fools are not paying attention to that fact, because they’re tacticians, they’re not strategic thinkers.

But we’ve pulled together a team of people in the United States who have the guts, to go out there and say, “throw this bum out of office! This bad joke has gone too far!”

We’ve had that joke before: George Bush Jr., the guy was an ape! Look, his record, he was a drug addict! When he was being recruited to military service in Texas as a young man, somebody stuck him into Texas Air National Guard, and the Texas Air Guard looked at this guy, and said, “we don’t want him around!” So they shipped him across to a neighboring state, where he was under supervision, for his drug addiction and similar afflictions, to keep him out of sight, so he wouldn’t embarrass his daddy! Who was a damned fool anyway: you should see the way he conducted his little air battles in the Pacific! He was a tragedy, he was a sickening tragedy. Prescott Bush didn’t produce any bright children; they all were mentally crippled. That’s why George H.W. Bush finally got to be President, and nobody wanted him around there, so they elected Clinton for two terms, to hope that Bush would never come back again!

But the problem was not these Bushes, these Bushes were just fools; they’re Bush league people, really, quite literally. But Prescott Bush was a different proposition. He was an evil, nasty bastard; he was part of the Wall Street gang, and he was entrusted by the British Empire in conducting the funding to get Adolf Hitler reinstated as the Chancellor’s replacement, and that’s what this is.

These are simple factual truths, and once you get through those, you begin to find that the atmosphere is quite different than you thought it was before.

OGDEN: And you remember the story of George H.W. Bush jumping out of that plane, when he was the pilot, before anybody else had a chance to even get on their parachutes, you realize that Prescott Bush bailed out Hitler, George H.W. Bush just bailed out.

LAROUCHE: [laughter] That’s a very good comparison.

OGDEN: And Dubya was just bail.

LAROUCHE: Well, you know, he got hit too many times by a tennis ball. Or his mother’s golf ball, you know his mother was in sort of that department.

SARE: On this question of the Constitution that you’re raising and Alexander Hamilton, I think that really is the key, in terms of the litmus test, or where you really see the insanity of the Republican Party, and why they’re serving — right now, the Republican members of Congress are actually the biggest protection racket Obama has in the Congress. And it’s because Americans do not understand what Alexander Hamilton did, and his genius in shaping the dynamic of the founding of our republic. And I think these questions, the public credit, the National Bank, the subject of manufactures, which all indicate an economic system based on what you have defined as the human being’s ability to forecast. That’s the key. And this is a very, very tiny minority of anyone who has an understanding of that.

LAROUCHE: Look at Hamilton, for example, Hamilton’s three special pieces of legislation. The United States, even despite the success in getting its Constitution enacted, the Constitution itself was not capable of keeping the United States alive. Because you had to deal with a bunch clowns who were participating in the formation of the government of the United States. Washington was a strategist in the true sense; he was one of the greatest strategists in modern history. When you look at his record from that little fight he had down there, near Pittsburgh, that he demonstrated himself to be a great commander. He was also a strategic thinker on other grounds: his work in surveying, in opening up the entire Allegheny region, and across the Allegheny, breaking into the Ohio River area, again, one of the greatest strategies in history!

He was now older, and he had bad result; so he had Alexander Hamilton which to rely. Hamilton took the Constitution, pointed out the principles motivating the Constitution as opposed to trying to pick turns, and this little measures, just like some cheap-shot member of Congress who’s got a gimmick, he wants his gimmick to be enacted! They’re all gimmick freaks, very few of them are really thinkers. They’re fools, they’re opportunists. They’re racketeers, career-minded people. They’re not patriots. Some of them may have a big stroke of patriotism, but they find themselves amid a bunch of criminals in terms of intention. So, they “go along to get along,” the slogan of the Senate! “Go along to get along!” right? That’s what they do! That’s the motto, stuck over the door: Go along to get along! What nonsense is that?

The point is, we no longer have serious government, because the British Empire managed to — how did they get rid of Hamilton? The British Empire assassinated Hamilton! The King assassinated Hamilton! One of the first major assassinations under the formation of the Presidency of the United States since then.

And so Hamilton’s conception was the Constitution! Now, Jefferson was a louse. Jefferson was really treasonous. And most of our Presidents since that time to the present have been treasonously inclined, or such slobs it didn’t make a difference! And many of them who had talent were assassinated, and all the assassinations were conducted by the British monarchy. Every one of them: They were conducted largely from financing which went through the New York City area, and these banks were all British-controlled banks.

Take Andrew Jackson: Andrew Jackson was a brainless idiot, he was a lout. He killed Indians, he slaughtered all other kinds of people. He had no brains. He really was not the President: He was the President in mouth, but not in mind. He had the nastiest mouth you wanted to get, the most drunken, stupid lout you could imagine. But Van Buren, the Wall Street man was in charge! And look at the mess he made of the U.S. economy — which was deliberate! He wrecked the U.S. economy. And we didn’t have a decent President who could live out a term until Lincoln.

And then the British monarchy assassinated Lincoln! And who did anything about it? So you’ve had great presidents, a few great ones in our history, despite this rabble. But not many with the guts and temperament and mind, to do the job. McKinley was a great President; Abraham Lincoln was a brilliant President! [Franklin] Roosevelt was a brilliant! And everybody else was second rate, even the good ones, when they compared to these Presidents.

We don’t have — the Presidency — our Constitution is meaningless today! The very fact that Obama is in there, makes the whole thing meaningless! We have an enemy! He’s not really important, he’s just a stooge, a stooge of the British Queen. And we’re putting up with that crap? You think that any American has any chance of surviving as long as that bum, that mere stooge, of the British Queen… what’s her policy? Her policy is crucial: Reduce the human population from approximately 7 billion people to less than 1! That’s her policy! That is the policy of the British system!

Guess why? The Green policy, is a British fraud. We have Greenies, they’ve lost their minds. They have green brains instead of pink ones. [laughter] We have to have some kind of medication to remove that green stuff out of the brains of many of our people, some of them who call themselves scientists.

This is the reality that we’re confronted by right now. What I’m saying is nothing beyond the reality that confronts us now. And the problem is that the people out there don’t yet understand that reality.

BILL ROBERTS: Well, I think that popular stupidity that says that these conflicts, these wars, these fires that are starting in different, they just sort of happen. That that belief is sort of prevalent in our population and I think it’s largely because the experience of the recent period has been these wars that the empire has run, and that Presidents that work to try to, like John F. Kennedy, who actually found when he began giving speeches about strategic cooperation with Russia on space, he found he actually got a very good response from the population, from the audiences that he was speaking to, that he hadn’t expected.

And I think about, you have a lot of former military commanders and so forth coming forward now, and talking a lot about how bad these wars will be. The fact that this is headed toward general war, the fact that this could be thermonuclear war, but yet, outside of what we are doing, and you are doing, Lyn, no one is pointing at the fact that this popular belief that these wars are just “happening,” as opposed to be initiated for the strategic purpose of destroying the Constitutional legacy and the humanity of nations on this planet, is not being addressed! And it goes hand in hand with this question of why the actual roots of what ran 9/11 has not been uncovered — I think the two go absolutely together. And we have to force a break on that: It has to be not just the objective question of the war and how bad that would be, but what is actually driving this process has to come from those who can do it, not the military but those who will actually intervene into it.

LAROUCHE: I would on the basis of President, I would move to have Rand Paul thrown out of office for what he did this weekend. Anyone who would do that kind of swindle, with a fraud against the former President, Clinton, is not fit to serve any high elected office in the United States. He should be thrown out of office, right now! And I’m looking at the weak points in his parents’, in his father’s mind, and saying is this really what was lurking behind Ron Paul’s mind, that his son should be such a clown, such a lout, such a disgusting creature as to do this thing?

Rand Paul had no comprehension of anything! He was acting on an impulse, a dirty impulse, a dirty sexual impulse, in himself, calling himself a pure man against this dirty President, right? And Clinton was sucked in — the Republican Party, operating under the British Empire, set up the whole attack on President Clinton! They did it. Clinton went down, and this woman — now this woman who’d been sucking the lower parts of men, from California into Washington, was now deployed by Al Gore, the damned idiot; Al Gore was no good, but Clinton could not have been President without Al Gore’s Vice Presidency — a practical thing. So it was Gore who set this creature — I mean, this woman had been sucking certain parts of the organs of gentlemen, older gentlemen, and she’d been doing that all the way from California up through the state of Washington and places like that, and across, because her mother was living in a certain place in Washington, and the mother was having an affair. So therefore, this woman was therefore in that region.

And under an arrangement put her into the White House basement. Clinton did not put her into the basement, Al Gore did! Vice President Al Gore! She was planted there, to suck. Why?

Well, I was in the middle of this whole thing: I was operating, from that point inside Russia. I was operating to try to pull off an arrangement between the Clinton administration and a Russian group inside Russia, who had a special meeting of the highest-ranking people in Russia at that time. And they had asked me to give a recommendation on what they should do.

We had the meeting, the participants in the meeting all agreed to what I had stated. Look this is the kind of proposal that you have to make to the United States now. And they said, “yes!” At that point, we could have solved a great number of problems, and Bill Clinton had a policy which he elaborated, based on my information to him, reporting to him, on the negotiations which I had just conducted with the leading Russian forces! That’s how things work; that’s reality.

And it’s the same thing now. Clinton is still the guy he was, but he was crushed, he was absolutely crushed. But who orchestrated that? It was the British intelligence service! which organized the leadership of the Republican Party, in effect an act of treason against the United States, from the Republican Party leadership! And that’s the Rand Paul testament! It’s the same party, the same party trend of those Republicans who set that up, why? Because what were they opposed to?

The Russian economy was in a period of collapse, total collapse, because of speculation that had been done by the British influence, and Wall Street. When Bill Clinton announced that his Presidency was going to propose a new policy to deal with this problem — this was in August, he said, “he’s right,” referring to me. “He’s right, this is what we’ve got to do.” So it was my policy for this suggestion that we do this now. This activated London to go after me, and go after him.

They pulled this sucking device, deposited her inside the White House. The sucking device was put there by Al Gore, and the President went down the stairs one day, because he was down there in the basement to operate; she came up and approached, and leaned down before him, plummeted before him, and Bill not wanting to do anything which I would have done, got trapped. The whole thing was a setup, organized by British intelligence with the cooperation of the leadership of the Republican Party. And for that reason, Rand Paul should be thrown out of his office now!

OGDEN: There was a press conference that was initiated by James Carville in the ’90s, where he documented exactly how this — he called it the “media food chain” — all of the scandals that were being thrown against Clinton at that time were being published initially in the tabloids in Britain. And then those were being picked up by second-rate newspapers inside the United States, and those were being picked up by the New York Times and otherwise, and cleaned up and made to look like reputable scandals.

LAROUCHE: And it was done by the British monarchy.

OGDEN: Exactly. And James Carville documented that that was how it was working. And actually, on the exact same day, EIR did a press conference, that presented the evidence that really, what the British were trying to do was position Clinton into a point where they would blackmail him into not being able to break off the special relationship with the British. That’s what they deathly afraid of.

LAROUCHE: That’s exactly it! That’s exactly it, that’s it today.

So what you have, is really treason, because the United States was being threatened by the British Empire again! And when the United States Presidency was doing something the British Empire didn’t like, or was about to do, they would commit assassinations and other kinds of special operations. And it was a top special operative of the British Empire, whose father had been a British intelligence agent also, and this was what set this thing up.

But the news does not report these truths. They report some gossip from some garbage pit, from which they’d been drinking hooch!

MICHAEL STEGER: And the response to Clinton’s call, echoing what you had referenced, Lyn, as the New Bretton Woods, which he had made at the Council on Foreign Relations at the time of the LTCM crisis and the Russia bond crisis, it’s similar to the British Empire’s response to what they saw in July and August of this past year, where the Glass-Steagall mobilization that had now spread across the country in 25 states, had now taken a major shift in Washington, D.C., shifted the entire response of this empire towards what you’re now referencing as an accelerating rate and tempo towards a drive for world war, a thermonuclear war.

And since that time in July and August of last year, we see hysteria from the Wall Street lobbyists whether it be at the National Conference of State Legislatures in August, you had the Syrian war attempt which was not simply about Syria, which was a drive for world war; then you had the government shutdown, you had the collapse of Obama around Obamacare, you had the legislation on the Saudis and the 28 pages, and then you had the increasing hysteria of Wall Street in December in Washington, D.C., to which Diane can testify, and then since the beginning of this year, there’s been an increasing sense of collapse internationally: You see it in Russia, you see it in Argentina, and so you see this kind of escalation.

And then, clearly the Ukraine situation has taken center stage, and so you see the same kind of reaction, but clearly not towards the President, because we don’t have someone like Bill Clinton in the White House right now. You see it now, though, in a similar response, because the situation is the same: Are we going to change the global economic system, or are we going toward global thermonuclear war and total shutdown? And you see that kind of escalation since that time in July and August.

And I thought it interesting what you were saying that we’ve got about a 30 window here, probably less, but you see that kind of acceleration happening as the reaction towards that Glass-Steagall resurgence in July.

LAROUCHE: The United States and the western European trans-Atlantic region are now facing, in the immediate future, the greatest collapse of economy in world history. Whereas, on the other hand, the trans-Atlantic system is totally bankrupted, by Wall Street and so forth kinds of operations. The Wall Street operation, which is really an extension of the British Empire, the Wall Street operation has similarly sucked the entire trans-Atlantic region, they just sucked the juice out of it, economically.

Now, they’ve reached the point that they have to go to the next step, which is the Queen’s policy. The Queen’s policy has been, ever since — openly — since the Copenhagen conference, to reduce the human population, by a Green policy, to reduce it from 7 billion people on the planet, to less than 1. This is what this whole issue is about!

This is the same thing as the original Zeussian policy, the same thing, famous in Classical Greek, the Zeus policy against Prometheus. The American Revolution was a Promethean revolution. The Roman Empire when faced with a population growth which it thought was adverse to its entire purposes, closed down the Roman Empire. The wealthy people of Rome went up to the vicinity of the northern part of the Adriatic, and they lived for a while in swamps. Then they formed Venice as the center of power. They got to the point, this thing was getting out control, what did they do? The Venetians themselves, which were direct descendants of these Roman characters, then, went through another great collapse.

And as a reaction to what the Venetians had done to themselves, in the darkest age of all dark ages, known so far, is they had been faced by the Golden Renaissance, a Renaissance which had been inspired by the news of the sacrifice of Jeanne d’Arc. And so, the entire Catholic leadership at that point, had changed its policy and through a mobilizing policy, had created what’s called the Golden Renaissance, which was typified by Nicholas of Cusa, who was probably the greatest scientist as well as the greatest intellect generally of that entire period.

And then in order to try to crush the Renaissance of that century, they went along with religious warfare, which went all the way through entire century, and then established the Dutch power in the 17th century. The Dutch power which was the butcher power in Europe throughout the 17th century, then, at the beginning of the 18th century brought the British Empire into existence. That is the Roman imperial tradition. And remember, when the British Empire announced its imperial purpose, it said that was the model they were using. That is the model of the British Empire, still today.

OGDEN: Well, I think this self-consciously Promethean personality is something that you’ve demonstrated throughout the course of your life. And what you’ve said here today about being committed, even if all of the other people who were directly involved in that commitment to Franklin Roosevelt have since died, remaining committed to that intention is something which this organization at its best represents. And I think that’s what the Policy Committee is having the opportunity to emulate through our work with you on a weekly basis.

So, if there’s anything else to add, I invite you to go ahead. But if not, thank you very much for joining us today, and that brings a conclusion to our discussion. Stay tuned, and join us next week.

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