David Cameron of England called its chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks “my rabbi” and the “rabbi” of all the citizens of that once Christian nation.




Globalization And Jewish Nationalism

By Brother Nathanael Kapner


The struggle for World Power unites two seemingly conflicting forces into full international engagement: Globalization and Jewish Nationalism.


Bolshevism may be extinct…whose goal was the obliteration of national distinctiveness…but Globalization has taken its seat.


Both are Jewish affairs driven by a supremacist will to place one and only one racial and religious national entity…while all others are obliterated…at the world’s head whose tentacles reach far beyond the borders of Israel.


It should come as no surprise then that David Cameron of England called its chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks “my rabbi” and the “rabbi” of all the citizens of that once Christian nation.


[Clip: “On behalf of the whole country, I want to say a very special thank you. When you were in Downing Street a few weeks ago, I introduced you to Prime Minister Netanyahu, and without thinking I described you as my Rabbi. It was a symbol of the impact that you’ve had on this country far beyond the Jewish community. Because over the past two decades you have been not just a leader for Jewish people, but for all of us.”]


All opposing powers…whether Christendom under the Monarchs; National Socialism under Hitler; Pan-Arabism under Nasser and its recovery under Assad; Pan-Africanism under Gadhafi; or Islamic Theocracy under Rouhani…enter into the crosshairs of Jewry’s martial arm, the US military.


America lost its sovereignty in 1913 when Jewry’s pawn Woodrow Wilson handed over the country’s independence to the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve Bank’s Vice Governor, the Jew Paul Warburg, who consolidated the Rothschild Empire in America.


And ever since, funding for two World Wars laying the ground for the creation of the Jewish state of Israel; the subjugation of Third World nations via its bastard child, the IMF; and the transfer of American jobs and wealth to China and India, has been operating nonstop.


Why should Americans be mesmerized by the contest between Yellen and Summers for chairmanship of the Fed?


Both are Jews set to replace another Jew, Ben Shalom Bernanke, who replaced yet another Jew, Alan Greenspan.


Yellen will get it. It’s already been decided. Women—whether Jewish or Gentile—are the new shills of Jewish hegemony where the locus of Jewish power converges at the Jewish-owned Fed.


With our jobs sent overseas, our economy ruined, yet our military bankrolled by Jewish fiat money, America’s sole remaining purpose is to send Gentile youth to die in wars for the expansion of Jewish Nationalism abroad.


Enter Globalization…of which all the levers that power its execution of international economic supremacy: FOREX, Letters of Credit, SWIFT…are in the hands of Jewry.


While the forces of Globalization blur all national distinctiveness, only Jewish Nationalism centered in Jerusalem emerges omnipotent.


When a skunk by any other name smells the same, the wise take warning.


Bolshevism may be dead. A greater threat to world peace has risen in its stead.


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    Najwazniejszy fragment:

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    Politically Incorrect Jewish News -- 8/1/13


    Politically Incorrect Jewish News -- 8/1/13
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner

    Here’s this headlines this week in Jewish news for all of you politically incorrect connoisseurs.

    In DC, it’s dead-on-arrival for those Mideast peace talks now on display at the US State Department’s kickoff dinner.

    For what better way to get off to a hopeless start than to have the Israeli Flag ‘center-stage’ towering over the ‘din din’ table!

    And that Jewish star remains center stage even when the Palestinian proxy is placed before the cameras.

    It’s a B-movie charade where the actors play their parts:

    The Palestinians need their budget shortfall bolstered by US dollars and the Israelis need their world opinion low-ratings propped up by a schmaltzed-up powwow.

    At the Wailing Wall, Jewish feminists may be barred again from praying ‘close up’ before the cracks and crevices of those ‘holy’ stones.

    When cordoned off last month for wearing men’s-only tallits and yarmulkes during their monthly prayer protests, Women Of The Wall’s head Anat Hoffman grumpily said, “It sucks.”

    But what’s really scuzzy is all that humping going on by the men in black copulating with the Kabbalistic feminist emanation of their strange god, the “shekinah.”

    Where could this all lead if women are given ‘equal’ prayer rights?

    Some Jewish feminist might get it into her head that the humping rabbis are a bunch of chauvinists and demand the ’shekinah’ be provided with special safeguards against the rabbis as an exploited female in the sky.

    Across America, the Boy Scouts face monumental loss of membership after opening the doors to openly homosexual youth.

    The Southern Baptist Convention has urged its 16 million members to cut ties with the once Christian-oriented scouts.

    But the Jewish-led ACLU, which litigates against dozens of Christian Boy Scout chapters for their censure of sodomy, remains unmoved.

    Why the ACLU never files charges against the Jewish Committee on Scouting for their self-segregating ‘packs’ isn’t hard to grasp.

    The Church is in Jewry’s crosshairs but the Synagogue gets a free pass.

    And in Italy, Jewish lawmaker Emanuele Fiano is up in arms over the magazine rack in the waiting room of country doctor Gianantonio Valli.

    Citing leaflets such as “The Auschwitz Lie” nestled among cooking magazines, Fiano pressured authorities to investigate whether the doctor’s ‘magazine rack’ is compatible with the country’s medical profession.

    But Valli’s clients disagree. “He’s an excellent doctor always willing to help,” said one satisfied patient.

    In other words, the doctor may question the ‘6 million’ myth but he can sure cure a common cold!

    And that’s the way it is.

    Join me next week for another edition of Politically Incorrect Jewish News.

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