The 4 Dangers Destroying Men Today

The 4 Dangers
Destroying Men Today

And 1 Surprising Way To Increase Your Confidence, Boost Your Career & Have Women Drooling Over You

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Dear Friend,

I have some bad news for you today…

I’m not sure if there’s a conspiracy behind it but these dangerous trends have been robbing you of the vitality, zest and success that you truly deserve…

Feeling confident and having success, as a male has never been more difficult… and today I’m going to show you why and deliver and ton of free information on how to take charge of your life and get to the top…while feeling healthier, stronger and much more confident…

One of the vital indicators of male health is sperm… our contribution to the survival of the human race… Unfortunately, male sperm counts have been dropping alarmingly in the last half-century.

The most comprehensive study about this was published in British Medical Journal in 1992. It contained a series of 61 studies in semen analysis involving 15,000 healthy men from 20 countries and 7 continents and excluded men from fertility clinics that might have low sperm counts.

Worldwide, between 1940 and 1990 the average number of sperm in a milliliter of male semen dropped more than 50%. The percentage of men with extremely low sperm count tripled in the last half century.

If this downward trend has continued since 1990, and there is substantial evidence that it has as you will soon discover, the average male that’s 30 years old today has less than 25% of the sperm count of the average male born in 1925!

So if you’re over 30 years old OR if you’re not waking up with an erection each morning (morning wood is another sign of male health), then you need to pay very close attention to this presentation.

And the at the end of this presentation you will realize that these 18 minutes you’ve invested in yourself might be the best spent 18 minutes of the entire year… Why? Because men who watch this video will become much more successful and those who don’t will remain victims. Fair enough?

Plenty of testosterone in Tebow.. In fact, testosterone is what makes alpha males excel at the highest level in sports, politics and finances. Now, if there are any women in the room please ask them to leave because of the very personal and intimate nature of this presentation… and please watch this now while it’s still up… and while it’s still free…

The research and clinical studies you’re about to discover cost over $400,000

The Living Research Institute has created this presentation to help men thrive in today’s demanding and polluted world. Our concern was based on feedback from current male customers who asked for help supporting their health, moods, strength, energy levels and assistance delaying the aging process.

This research presentation is published free of charge for the time being and you are encouraged to share it with your male friends and family…

Small fortunes have been spent on all the clinical studies and tests we’re about to go through… We’ve researched all this information for over one year now and interviewed doctors, health experts… as well as some of the richest men on Wall Street and some of the best athletes in the world…

We wanted to know what they knew and what they did that made the difference.. What was their secret?…Finally it all made sense…

Let’s get started by going back in time to our Neanderthal days…

According to Australian anthropologist Peter Mc Allister, Neanderthal males could outrun Usain Bolt and easily beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in arm-wrestling…Heck, we could hunt elephants, lions and wolves with rudimentary tools… We knew how to get what we wanted… even if that involved dragging women by their hair into our cave sometimes…

But it’s not just Neanderthal men that were very masculine…

* Roman legions completed more than one-and-a-half marathons a day carrying more than half their body weight in equipment.

* Athens employed 30,000 rowers who could all exceed the achievements of Olympic rowers.

* Australian aboriginals threw hardwood spears over 110 meters, over 10 meters longer than the current world record for javelin of 98.48 meters.
The truth is staring us in the face: we are just a weak shadow of our former selves…

But some people today still posses some of that survival instinct…that sheer will, motivation and drive… that brute strength… we can see these people excelling at the highest level in sports, in politics, in business… actors, investors, traders, etc. We are fascinated by them and call them “alpha males”.

What do these people have that we don’t? Is it their genes? Their skills? Their hormones? We’re about to find out…

There is a growing body of evidence to support the theory that low testosterone levels make men LESS self confident, LESS likely to take risks – and even LESS successful at work…

Testosterone, the big T or test as bodybuilders like to call it…. is a steroid hormone secreted by your testes and it’s the most important hormone for males.

A University of Cambridge study examined the testosterone levels of Wall Street traders, and found a strong link between their testosterone levels and how much money they made on a given day.

The study suggests that T levels dictate success, and success itself pushes up T levels even further! Scientists call this the ‘winner effect’.

When two athletes prepare to compete against one another, they will both experience rising testosterone levels. After the race though, the winner’s testosterone levels continue to climb but the loser’s falls! The winner gets a continued boost in confidence, which increases his chances of winning again.

As you age your testosterone levels drop and your estrogen levels rise. This causes a huge problems as explained in this report. Guys with high T-levels are bolder, more self-assured, and more likely to get the girl, finds a study in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.
In a recent experiment, researchers measured the testosterone levels of 76 men. Then the subjects were videotaped as they tried to get the attention of an attractive woman. At the end of the study, the female rated how much she clicked with each guy.

The results: Men with higher T levels were more likely to connect with the bombshell. They also took control of the conversation and overshadowed the other guys that were hitting on her.

Why? Testosterone makes you more assertive, which translates to having greater confidence—a trait that women are attracted to, says study coauthor Richard Slatcher, Ph.D., of Wayne State University.

But testosterone is about much more than making more money as an investor or being more successful with the opposite sex.

Testosterone is responsible for the increase in lean muscle tissue, increased libido, energy, bone formation, and immune function. The rush of new testosterone in puberty builds muscle and bone, deepens the voice, grows your beard, increases the size of your penis and revs up the sex drive.

Testosterone creates manliness and is what allows you to have an erection. It’s also the will power, physical strength and charisma hormone.

Malcolm Carruthers in his book The Testosterone Revolution shares his research concluding that “Men with higher levels of testosterone posses a higher degree of business motivation and sex drive than professionals with less”

Testosterone is such an important hormone that it protects us against cancer and heart disease… and high levels of it give you a natural high, making you feel happy, positive and confident.

Low testosterone levels are associated with loss of libido and erection problems, nervousness, depression, impaired memory, difficulties concentrating, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, fat around the stomach and loss of muscle and decreased athletic performance…

Low T levels can also cause you to decrease in height… and yes, they can decrease the size of your penis and testicles.

The sad part is that our testosterone levels slowly decline as we age.. The change is so gradual most doctors don’t talk about this “andropause”, similar to the female menopause..

The medical community doesn’t accept andropause and might actually treat you for depression with antidepressants instead of treating the root cause of the problem.

But the truth is that low testosterone levels can cause a midlife crisis… It all starts with an increase in waist size combined with lack of motivation and low energy. Add to this mix the absence of happiness and you have the perfect storm…

It’s not that you’re depressed because you’re not looking at the bright side of life, it’s simply because your body’s chemistry is deficient in this vital hormone.

In fact, most men have no idea about it and don’t even realize that such a little thing could make such a big difference and be responsible for the low energy, motivation and drive they start feeling once they hit their middle age…

By the time you hit 60 your testosterone levels are 1/3 of what you had in your 20s… and with the 4 dangerous trends you’re about to discover..our testosterone levels even in our 20s are the lowest they have ever been!

In fact, it’s not uncommon in today’s world to see 20 year olds with the testosterone levels of 80 year olds!

Why is that? Could it really be possible that our testosterone levels have been dropping ALL these years without us even realizing? Could that be why we are so miserable today?

Let’s speak about the 4 dangers robbing us of our testosterone…

The #1 dangerous trend that nobody talks about is cell phones..

A 2010 Interphone study published in Yahoo Health concluded, “People who chatted via cell for just 30 minutes a day for 10 years saw their risk of glioma (the type of brain tumor that killed Ted Kennedy) rise 40 percent”. But that’s not all!

According to Tim Ferriss in his book, The 4-Hour Body “more than a handful of studies showed significant decreases in serum testosterone in rats following even moderate exposure (30 minutes per day, 5 days a week, for 4 weeks) to 900 megahertz radio frequency electro-magnetic fields (EMF), which is what most GSM cell phones produce.”

Tim continues, “Of the dozens of studies that I found, most done in Europe, more than 70% concluded the same thing: cell phone radiation impairs sperm function.” Carrying a cell phone in your pocket (you know, near the family jewels) can dramatically reduce sperm count. In fact, Ferris tripled his own sperm count when he simply stopped carrying a cell phone in his pocket.

So please, just keep the phone away from big Jim and the Twins… … Strap it on your arm or carry it in a bag…


The #2 danger we have identified is our increasing stress levels…

80% of Americans stated that the economy is a significant cause of stress with 50% being increasingly stressed about their ability provide for their family’s basic needs…

But there’s more than financial stress and job stress… There’s also emotional stress and information stress.

We live in a constant state of information bombardment and permanent noise from every screen in the room – yes, including your cell phone… that our brains have trouble blocking.

This generates anxiety because of all thes estimuli competing for our attention and even guilt from all the unfinished tasks, goals and promises…

Stress is the root cause of over 80% of all disease… It contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes… it lowers your digestive function, immune system and of course, decreases your testosterone cannot feel confident and perform at your best when you are stressed…

Keep in mind that stress increases your level of cortisol, the death hormone, and decreases your testosterone. Testosterone rises while you sleep, particularly during your dreams… So make sure you get enough sleep…

Also, even 5 to 10 minutes of silence a day should help lower your stress, re-center and start fresh… call it a personal meditation if you like…


The 3rd dangerous trend is estrogen-promoting toxins, especially plastics!

This may sound unexpected… but strength and performance coach Charles Poloquin believes high levels of plastics can lower testosterone levels. Apparently people who drink out of plastic bottles a lot have high plastic level readings and lower testosterone levels.

Plastics are the #1 pollutant of the human species. They are everywhere… from plastic forks and knives, to plastic bottles… even the global water supply is contaminated by them. The foreign estrogens in plastics and pesticides act like “environmental hormones” and disrupt the natural hormones in both humans and wildlife! This is a serious environmental hazard!

Estrogen is typically a female hormone and high levels in males are responsible for excess fat and lower test levels… In fact, too many estrogens without the right level of testosterone to oppose them will most certainly result in cancer… according to some health experts such as David Wolfe…

The situation is so severe that the average level of estrogen in 54 year old males is higher than the level of estrogen in 59 year old women..and we’re losing our prostates from it…

The good news is that high test levels will automatically lower estrogen levels… and you will soon find out how to naturally increase your testosterone levels.

Meanwhile, please remember that heat makes plastics unstable… Therefore, do not microwave your food in plastic containers or let your water bottle stay out in the sun for long periods of time. Plastic will leak into your food and drinks.

Also, we suggest avoiding bottled water for the very same reason… Plastic bottles are blown from plastic tubes at very high temperatures and then immediately filled with water, without waiting for the plastic molecules to stabilize.


The 4th trend is and probably the most important is our diet and nutrition.

Let’s face it: We have given up on the real food we used to eat… compare our modern diet based on cereals and sugars with our ancestor’s diet…

Our primal ancestors ate the fattest animal they could hunt… There were no grains and sugars back then… It was all meat, green shoots and leaves, roots and maybe some fruit…

That’s not to say that we necessarily need to do the same… but did you know that people eating more fats have higher testosterone levels than those eating more carbohydrates?

Sugar is the root cause of our high levels of obesity, stroke, heart disease and cancer… It’s a poison that robs you of your nutrients and sends you early to your grave…

Fats on the other hand… especially healthy fats like avocados, nuts..and even saturated animal fats… are very well metabolized by our bodies and filled with nutrients. At least 60% of our brain is fat and all of our hormones are synthesized from fats…

Now we want to give you some practical diet and lifestyle advice to dramatically and safely increase your testosterone levels…
no matter your age…

Lose weight: just by eating more healthy fats and fewer sugars you will start losing weight and gain more testosterone. The increased testosterone is going to help you burn fat faster. Make nuts your midnight snacks and avocados your mid-day snack.
Work out and stick with tough exercises: Train hard and fast and stick to compound exercises like squats, bench presses, dead lifts, chin-ups, etc.. Stick to 5 sets of 5 repetitions for maximum T-boost.
Rest harder than you work out Avoiding burnout is critical to replenish your body’s restorative powers and avoid depleting your test levels. Don’t forget to get your 8 hours of sleep!
Stop binge drinking and go home after 3 glasses: Alcohol eats into your testosterone levels as well.
Have sex: at least once a week! Just having an erection increases your testosterone… Mornings are best because your T levels are highest when you wake up. So go out and get sexually stimulated… Doctor’s orders!
Stop eating so much soy and grapefruit: soy increases your estrogen and decreases your test and lowers your sperm count! Grapefruit, although touted as a miracle fat burner actually makes it hard for your liver to breakdown estrogen!
Stop eating so much soy and grapefruit: soy increases your estrogen and decreases your test and lowers your sperm count! Grapefruit, although touted as a miracle fat burner actually makes it hard for your liver to breakdown estrogen!
Stop eating so much soy and grapefruit: soy increases your estrogen and decreases your test and lowers your sperm count! Grapefruit, although touted as a miracle fat burner actually makes it hard for your liver to breakdown estrogen!
Eat cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, radishes, turnips, cabbage and Brussels sprouts to increase the amount of free circulating testosterone in the body: They also have the ability to stop the buildup of bad estrogen.
Supplement with the right vitamins and herbs: This is probably one of the easiest, fastest ways to boost your test levels.


Choosing the right testosterone boosting supplements is CRUCIAL for any man who wants to quickly restore his testosterone levels….  It’s like getting an unfair advantage over those who don’t.

But first… I strongly warn you AGAINST testosterone replacement therapy… – whether by injection, patches, cream, gel or oral form. Also stay away from performance enhancing drugs in the form of anabolic steroids.

They can seriously increase the risk of prostate cancer and man boobs… They increase the risk of stroke and liver toxicity… and they can make your testicles shrink and shut down the production of sperm…

Of course, each individual male reacts differently but the truth is that we were not designed to swallow hormones because they were never intended to go inside the digestive tract.

Our testosterone levels have been dropping 1.2% a year for the last 20 years. Decreased strength and increased body fat are one of the consequences.
I would also suggest you stay away from herbs that have not been proved to work… like Fadogia … or from herbs that are unbalanced and could cause secondary effects like Horny Goat Weed.

After all this research, there are only a handful of herbs that proved to be affective for thousands around the world and I recommend.

The #1 herb by far to boost testosterone levels is Tongkat Ali or Longjack for westerners…

Touted in Asia for its ability to increase PENIS SIZE, the Malaysian government began to closely research the herb.

In their studies, they discovered that Longjack increased testosterone levels and then IDENTIFIED the active chemicals responsible for the documented effects.

These “Eurypeptides and Glycosapins” have been CLINICALLY PROVEN to not only increase total and free TESTOSTERONE, but to also increase the human growth hormones HGH & IGF-1, while simultaneously decreasing cortisol, the death hormone.

In plain English Tongkat has the ability to make you hormonally younger… by making 3 to 4 times more testosterone available to you.

Tongkat Ali works amazingly well. It is the closest nature has ever come to creating the perfect aphrodisiac and is a giant among male sexual tonics.

Yet not all Tongkat Ali extracts are created equally…

Most herbal supplements use powdered Tongkat Ali root…. You would need to gulp those down by the bottle to get any measurable increase…

Other manufacturers advertise their extract as 50x strength… or even 200x strength… But their extracts are not standardized and are probably a waste of money because there’s no way to test and compare their claims…

Now, there is one extract that beats all others… It’s the most potent form of Tongkat Ali and it comes with clinical trials and standardized active substances in the form of  40% Glyco Saponins and 22% bioactive Eurypeptides …

It’s powerful stuff!  It’s been researched and produced by the Malaysian Government in a $3 million dollar state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with quality control and testing standards that exceed United States GMP standards.

It’s an amazing male rejuvenator and provides 5 main benefits

1. It boosts testosterone

In vitro LJ100 increases testosterone in mice by 480% and in human testicular cells by 440% (Dr. Johari Saad, PhD). Another clinical trial involved athletes using it in real world scenarios…  The group taking it experienced a 132% increase in free testosterone measured in saliva.

2. It inhibits SHBG

SHBG is the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin that blocks testosterone from moving freely inside your body and being available. 66% of patients in a clinical trial showed a decrease in SHBG after 3 weeks. Their free testosterone level also increased by 73% in 3 weeks. The additional testosterone improves energy and sexual function, increase metabolism, and helps reduce body fat.

3. It increases DHEA

DHEA is another popular of anabolic hormone similar to testosterone. In fact, DHEA is ultimately converted to testosterone and this extract increased DHEA by 47% after 3 weeks. (Dr. Ismail Tambi)

4. It increases IGF1

Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 is a natural anabolic growth factor.  It regulates cellular growth and development. Premature reduction in IGF-1 causes cell death.  IGF-1 stimulates muscle bulk and lean body mass, helps burn fat, promotes healthy blood sugar level, and decreases cholesterol.

5. It decreases cortisol

LJ100 helps modulate Cortisol levels. Cortisol, the stress and death hormone, regulates blood pressure, cardiovascular function, the body’s use of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Other powerful testosterone herbs include Tribulus Terrestris and Ginseng.

Tribulus has also been the victim of supplement industry deceit. You see, the traditional Tribulus Terrestris PLANT from China and India is almost useless.

In order for Tribulus to have any effect it needs to be Bulgarian Tribulus standardized for protodioscin.

Chinese and Indian Tribulus Terrestris are made from a different part of the plant and harvested at a different time of the year. These plants are standardized for saponins, which have powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects but do nothing to your testosterone levels.

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris contains the saponins but it’s also standardized for protodioscin, which is the actual compound that increases your free testosterone levels.

This is the active stuff that you want. Don’t be fooled by imitations!

Tribulus Terrestris has also been reported to increase libido, ejaculatory volume and semen count… It acts as an aphrodisiac and nitric oxide booster making it easier to achieve erections… Tribulus also bumps your free testosterone levels and provides benefits for your immune system.

You can order a high quality supplement that includes Tongkat Ali and Bulgarian Tribulus from Sacred Eden by clicking the yellow “Start Here” button below.

Ginseng is probably the most popular erection-enhancing herb known to western men… High doses provide raging hard-ons, extra stamina and huge boost in volume of ejaculate…

Long-term safety has been studied and it’s considered a superior tonic in Chinese medicine providing multiple benefits inside your body…

Allow me to properly introduce Sacred Eden’s #1 male rejuvenation product called “Advanced TestoBoost”

This herbal formulation contains a blend of the most effective natural remedies known to increase testosterone levels…

Ingredients include the highest quality extracts: Tongkat Ali LJ100 (do not be fooled by imitations), Tribulus Terrestris with 20% Protodioscin and Ginseng, standardized for 20% Ginsenosides…

The potent extracts are enhanced by a proprietary “Activation” blend including Long Pepper, Zinc and L-Arginine…

Long Pepper extract increases metabolism and provides benefits for the circulatory system… In fact, peperine speeds up absorption of the other ingredients in our formula and makes them more active in the blood.

Zinc deficiencies are associated with decreased testosterone production and lower testosterone levels so the Zinc in our formula is going to take care of that…

Finally,  L-Arginine is an amino acid that is known as a growth hormone releaser and a precursor of the vital substance nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is what allows blood to flood your penis and create an erection…  Arginine is also a powerful immune stimulant and wound-healing agent.

Advanced TestoBoost is the #1 scientifically-proven formulation for men who want to see dramatic results in their muscle mass, confidence and energy levels…

All you need to experience results is take 1 cap of Advanced TestoBoost twice a day. You will feel results in as little as 3 weeks. However, we do recommend a 6-month treatment period. Advanced TestoBoost is all natural and it’s impossible to overdose on it…

Imagine how your life will be like when you have the testosterone levels of your youth at your current age…

You’ll find that your mental and physical energy improve, your competitive drive increases as well as your muscle size and strength… Your metabolism, libido and erections will also increase… and your partner will notice it!

You will be free to have sex any time you want naturally… without having to rely on Cialis or God knows what other prescription drug…

And last but not least… you will feel good and become a winner once again… You will short-circuit the process that kept you stuck in a rut for so long…

You will feel stronger and your confidence will skyrocket… You will act decisively on your ideas…  You will be more dominant. You might get a raise… hey, maybe even that hot new co-worker…

You will be healthy again, sleep better at night and break free of depressive cycles of low energy, anxiety and bad moods….

Now, you may be thinking a supplement like this might cost a pretty penny… And it should, because this stuff matters… How much is your success and happiness worth to you?

Is it $100? $1,000? $100,000?  

How about $67? That’s super affordable for a high-quality, pharmaceutical grade, 30-day treatment…

However, you’re not going to be paying anywhere near $67 today…

Because you’ve been a guest on this presentation and because I want to lower the cost of your treatment… you’ll be able to order it for just $49.95. That’s $1.6 a day… a small price for your hormonal youth and less than the price of a good coffee.

This offer is available through Sacred Eden’s convenient auto-ship program where every month you receive a 30-day supply until you tell us to stop.

That means we will charge your card $49.95 every month and ship you a fresh month’s supply without you having to worry about running low.

Our 800 number is clearly displayed on & on every bottle and our support agents are available 7 days a week

You also get free shipping, which we normally offer only for orders over $60… yet today your order will be rushed free of charge…

Additionally, you can order a 3-month treatment or 6-month treatment and get further discounts.

Now, after a few quick weeks on Advanced TestoBoost you will feel happier… sleep better… be active during the day and perform your manly functions much better again if you get my meaning J

Here’s what Andrew, 59 yo, from Sydney had to say after 3 weeks on these herbal supplements: 
“I feel 20 years younger, I’ve got my edge back, not only in my personal life but in business too. I’m more assertive without being aggressive, and stuff just seems to get done when it never used to before. Being recently divorced this is the kick-start I needed. It’s great to be young again!”

Jim, 67 yo from Texas said,
“I thought my sex life was gone forever, but I was so wrong. I must admit I didn’t really think that I could gain control back, but I had no other options. I had nothing to lose, if you guys didn’t work out for me I was gonna hang my boots up forever. This really does work!”

The ball is in your court now… You have been provided with the latest research and the most effective herbal supplements in the world… stuff that will work to boost your testosterone without the negative side effects of hormone replacement therapy.

It’s a chance for you to get back the life you truly deserve. Screw the naysayers and the critics. You’re an alpha male! If you want something, you go and you get it!

Click the Yellow “Start Here” Button Under This Video To Order “Advanced TestoBoost”, the clinically tested formula that boosts testosterone levels without negative side effects.

There are two more things you need to know.

The first is that your purchase today is 100% guaranteed by Sacred Eden’s 90-Day Money Back Policy…  If you’re not happy with the results …or if you don’t like our product for any reason … it could even be the font we used for the ingredients list… we will gladly refund your money even if the bottle is empty!

The second thing you need to know is that we do run out of stock from time to time since we produce this product in small, controlled batches. Last time we sold out people had to wait for weeks… So if regaining your hormonal youth is appealing to you, please act quickly on this sensitive information…

Look below this page right now: Click the Yellow “Start Here” Button Under This Video To Order “Advanced TestoBoost”, the clinically tested formula that boosts testosterone levels without negative side effects.

Okay, you’re still here so that means you have some questions. Here are our most common answers:

Q: I’m only 25… Will this work for me?
A: Absolutely… It works for any male over 21.

Q: Is this really the best natural way to increase testosterone?
A: Yes… All of the extracts used in this product are of the highest quality…  Tongkat Ali is standardized for 40% Glyco Saponins and 22% Eurypeptides, Tribulus Terrestris for 20% Protodioscin and Ginseng for 20% Ginsenosides.

Q:  How should I use this product? How many pills a day?
A: All you need to do is take 2 pills a day, one in the morning, one in the evening. Older men who want a bigger surge in their testosterone levels and professional athletes are encouraged to double the dosage.

Q: Are there any negative side effects?

A: The toxicity tests performed on LJ100 prove that it’s safe enough to eat it by the cup. At 12 times the daily recommended dosage, Dr. Ismail Tambi saw no changes in full blood profile, renal function test, liver function test and various tumor markers, including PSA.

Q:  How do I know if I’m getting results?  
A: Most people are squeamish about needles and taking blood tests. But if you are not, you don’t need to take my word for it because you can find out for yourself…

Place your order for Advanced TestoBoost right now and then call your doctor or human performance specialist for a blood test. Ask for your levels of Estrogen, Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone. Use our product as indicated for a month and then go back for another test. Let us know how you did.

Q:  Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?
A: Yes, your investment today is 100% protected by our no questions asked 90-day money back guarantee.

Now, look below and Click the Yellow “Start Here” Button To Order “Advanced TestoBoost”, the clinically tested formula that boosts testosterone levels without negative side effects.

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